What do Rocks & Stones Symbolize? (Wisdom & Stability)

rock symbolism

Rocks are a very important part of the earth. You can find them in pretty much every landscape across the globe. Rocks can symbolize wisdom, strength, stability, patience, and time.

While there are many different ways that rocks are used by man and by nature, their core essence and symbolism stay the same. Their symbolism comes from the fact they’re dense, impenetrable, and ancient.

What do Rocks Symbolize?

rock symbolism

1. Wisdom

Rocks like everything on our planet are a beacon for energy. As time passes these rocks feel the energy of everything that they touch.

They symbolize wisdom because they collect all the energy from the world around them.

There are rocks on our planet that date back to the very beginning of time. Just like the human brain absorbs wisdom and knowledge, as do rocks. If only they could talk, could you imagine all the things we might learn?

If you wish to expand your wisdom now may be a good time to find an old rock and meditate with it. Absorb its energy into yourself and allow your mind to expand.

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2. Strength

spiritual meaning of stones

Many old buildings, castles, and homes were built with rocks and with good purpose. Rocks symbolize strength and are perfect for creating a solid foundation.

Regardless of the passing of time, rocks remain unchanging and strong. Look at the pyramids for example or Stonehenge, they have stood the test of time and will keep standing long after we are gone.

If you are feeling somewhat weak or need to gather strength for an upcoming challenge, try to focus on the energy that a rock has. Chanel your thoughts and manifest the strength of the rocks around you.

3. Stability

what do rocks symbolize

A rock’s stability comes from its connection to the earth. When channeling the energy of a rock, not only can it make you feel stable, but it can ground you to the earth as well.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that they come from within the earth and its soil. Rocks are stable and unmoving, no matter how much the wind blows it cannot move a mountain.

Focusing on the energy of rocks can give you a grounded feeling and can also help improve your inner stability and peace.

4. Patience

Some of the tallest and biggest natural structures in this world are made up of rocks. Many have tried to climb them and failed. Rocks symbolize patience, because of the patience required to endure such a journey.

They are the perfect symbol to remind us that any accomplishment takes time and needs for us to be patient, hard-working, and dedicated to completing our goals. Like most great journeys in life, the road can be like a jagged mountainside.

It is important to remember that the journey is what makes life interesting and not the end goal.

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5. Time

There are rocks that exist that are older than the existence of humans themselves and are a reminder of just how fleeting our time is.

Now while this sounds quite morbid, it all depends on how you choose to look at things. They are a great reminder that our time is limited, so we need to make the most of it!

Remember to be thankful for each day we breathe new air, feel the sunlight on our skin, spend time developing relationships, and live each day to the fullest.

What does it Mean when you Dream of a Rock?

Dreaming about rocks can have multiple different meanings. The only way to know the true meaning to you is to meditate, journal, and reflect. Below are some potential rock dream meanings that may or may not be right in your situation:

  • If you were walking on rocky ground it can denote that things in your life are unstable at the moment. This can be a sign from the universe that you may need to do more planning before taking further steps on your journey.
  • To dream of holding rocks can denote that you will face blockages on your path in the near future.
  • To dream of climbing steep rocks can denote that you will face struggles before you reach your goals. It can also be a sign that your ambition may be blinding you from obvious obstacles that you are overlooking. It can be a sign to take a step back and reevaluate the path you are on.
  • To dream of being hit by a rock could denote that someone in your life is intentionally trying to stop you from achieving your dreams. It could be a good time to rethink your relationships and cut off anyone who is trying to stop you from becoming your best self.
  • To dream of yourself throwing a rock at someone can denote that you may be feeling jealousy in your waking life. Now could be the time when you should evaluate these feelings, where they may be coming from, and why you feel this way.
  • To dream of being stuck underneath a rock could denote that your struggles are more mental than physical at the moment. It is a sign from the universe that you need to ground yourself through meditation and let go of the things that are pulling you down.


While dreaming of rocks can denote struggles and some not-so-nice things, the symbolism of them in everyday life is actually quite amazing. They are a reminder of our growing wisdom, strength, stability, and patience.

They are also a reminder that without a strong foundation, almost anything can be brought down. It is important to look for the lesson within that statement and remember to ground yourself just like a rock in order to live with stability.

Why not try to use the energy of a rock next time you meditate. Rocks can provide a grounding force that can be otherwise hard to feel on your own. Really focus on the energy that the rock provides, focus on the time it has spent on this earth, and focus on opening yourself up to it.

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