Grasshopper Symbolism (7 Meanings) – Dreams & Spirit Animals

When the grasshopper appears in your life, it may be trying to tell you something. Just like it hops from one place to another, many people believe it’s trying to convince you to take a leap of faith. This leap of faith can be a double-edged sword: on one hand, it presents new opportunities; on the other hand, it presents uncertainty.

The grasshopper can also represent a change of direction. It’s telling you to change something in your life, whether it’s your personal or professional life.

Another meaning of the grasshopper is wisdom – you have the wisdom to overcome challenges and problems in life.

As a spirit and totem animal, the grasshopper encourages you to leap over the obstacles that you face. Everything is possible with this spirit animal, and you’re able to jump over problems with ease.

Below I explore 7 top meanings behind grasshopper symbolism.

Grasshopper Symbolism

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Grasshopper Symbolism and Meanings

Here are 7 examples of grasshopper symbolism.

1. Leap of Faith

Grasshoppers jump from one spot to another without really being too sure what awaits them after this leap. Sometimes, this might lead them to danger while in other cases, it allows them to get away from predators and survive.

When we think about this animal, we instantly think about their hopping and how they jump around seemingly effortlessly. That’s why they’ve become symbolic of taking a leap of faith, however uncomfortable it might be.

And also for us, taking a leap of faith is not always comfortable. We don’t know what’s around the corner, but the rewards might be huge. The grasshopper encourages you to take the leap of faith and take some risks in life.

2. Intuition

The grasshopper relies on various senses to move around and survive, but most of the time, they’ll also rely on their intuition. This animal has some strange ways of how it connects with nature and how it uses its senses. They use various parts of their body, such as its abdomen, antennae, and legs to sense the world around them.

But most of the time, they’re using their intuition as they hop from one place to another. This creature is a strong advocate of listening to your intuition and relying on it more often, rather than thinking too much and then doing nothing.

That’s why the grasshopper encourages you to listen to your inner voice more often. Sometimes, this inner voice might be wrong, but at least you’re doing something spontaneously without overthinking.

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3. Change of Direction

Most of the time, grasshoppers hop around without a real sense of direction. They’re capable of jumping very high – up to 20 times their body size. In their habitat, they will move around to find food, but sometimes, they will use their impressive jumping mechanism to get away from danger.

The grasshopper can show you the way when you want to shake things up in your life and change direction. This might be in your personal life or your professional life. The grasshopper is asking you to make some changes and change the direction you are going in.

4. Fertility

When grasshoppers migrate around their habitats, they will sometimes move alone. However, when they go through longer migrations, grasshoppers will move around in huge groups of thousands, millions, or even billions!

They’re able to reproduce very quickly when given the right conditions. They prefer warmer areas and an abundance of food, which is when they might lay eggs every few weeks or even days. This will spawn hundreds and thousands of new grasshoppers over a short period of time when the conditions are right.

Some species of grasshoppers are considered pests because of this capability to spawn quickly. They will feed on the crop of farmers, which can ruin years or months of work in just a few days or even hours.

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5. Vibrancy

Grasshoppers are vibrant animals. Very rarely they will stay still – except for rare moments where they’re hiding from predators or waiting for their prey to move. Most of the time though, they’ll keep moving around tirelessly.

Sometimes, they will move around without a real sense of direction. However, most of the time they will migrate towards warmer areas with an abundance of food. This might lead them to travel thousands of miles in just a short period of time. When they find their habitat, they will stay there and move around it.

6. Forward Thinking

Because of their ability to move quickly and to cover a lot of ground in short time spans, grasshoppers are seen as symbols of progression and moving forwards. As spirit animals, they encourage you to move forwards instead of dwelling on the past.

That’s why many people use the grasshopper spirit animal to achieve something new in their lives and try new things. This animal can inspire you to overcome doubts and take the leap of faith that’s sometimes needed to move yourself forward.

And to move forwards in your life and achieve greater things, you should always be looking to think forwards and be more positive. That’s what grasshopper symbolism is telling you to do, too.

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7. Wisdom

Grasshoppers are wise animals. This is closely connected to their age in this world – it is estimated that they’ve been around since 250 million years ago, making them one of the oldest species on Earth.

This means they have the wisdom and the knowledge of the world, which they have collected through their years of existence on Earth. Despite the fact that they’re quite vulnerable to predators, they were able to survive that long as a species. 

These animals can give you the wisdom that you need to step forwards. It’s an important part to do things with wisdom, which they have collected in millions of years of their existence.

Features of the Grasshopper as a Spirit Animal

We’ve already covered some aspects of the grasshopper spirit animal, but here are the main meanings of this spirit animal.

Grasshoppers as spirit animals encourage you to employ forward-thinking instead of dwelling on the past. The world is constantly changing and staying in one place won’t help you, just like grasshoppers have realized that in their existence. They help you overcome challenges and move forwards.

Another important meaning of this spirit animal is that they help you overcome obstacles in your life and jump over them. Those with the grasshopper spirit animal are not scared of obstacles and potential hurdles in their path forward and are not afraid to take on big challenges in their lives.

Those with the grasshopper spirit animal will rarely stay in one place – they’re vibrant people always looking to try out new things. This spirit animal encourages our adventurous spirit inside of us and enables us to try and see new things. It’s uncomfortable to move around at such a pace at first, but it enables you to experience new things.

But at the same time, the grasshopper spirit animal encourages you to have the patience to wait for your opportunity. It’s not wise to move forward when you feel vulnerable and not in the right condition, so it’s better to wait for the right moment instead of forcing it through.

Features of the Grasshopper as a Totem Animal

What does the grasshopper totem animal bring?

Those with the grasshopper totem animal are not afraid to move forward in life and are always trying new things. They will rarely remain stationary, which enables them to experience new things in life and achieve greater things. Even though obstacles will appear on the horizon, they don’t get scared of them.

In Chinese culture, the grasshopper totem animal symbolizes fertility and abundance. If you have this totem animal, then you’re someone who’s fertile but also interested in things that are found in abundance. Those things bring joy and pleasure to you, and you seek them out actively.

Grasshopper Dream Meanings

Have you recently dreamt about grasshoppers? Even though this dream is a bit rare, it’s possible to dream about these animals. And here’s what these dreams mean.

  • On a positive note, dreaming about a grasshopper means that you’re overcoming challenges in your life with ease, although even more of these challenges will be coming very soon, so it’s better to prepare yourself.
  • On a negative note, dreaming about a grasshopper might mean that you or your relative might be struggling with mental health. If that’s true in your case, it’s best to pay attention to your internal thoughts and intuition.
  • Dreaming about a grasshopper in grass means that you’ll soon be surrounded by love in life and that you’re just waiting for the right opportunity to find it.
  • Dreaming about a grasshopper in the sun means good things. It represents an upcoming period of positivity and prosperity, as well as abundance for you.



Grasshopper symbolism takes you forward and encourages you to employ a positive mentality. This spirit animal is important for those who are always on the lookout for new opportunities to move forward in life, and experience new things, see new places and stay vibrant.