Grasshopper in House: Spiritual Meanings

Finding a grasshopper in your home is generally seen as a positive sign. Grasshoppers symbolize taking a leap of faith or making a career change. They inspire you to push past any fear or limiting beliefs and trust that you have made the right decision.

Grasshoppers in the house encourage emotional healing and working through any difficult feelings and traumas, find peace in your emotions and do not let them control you. Look after yourself and prioritize rest and rejuvenation. Take the time to practice self-care and embrace the freedom that self-love brings.

Grasshopper in House meaning

Grasshopper in House Meaning

1. Career change

If a grasshopper enters your home, it may be there to give you the much-needed push to change careers.

Grasshoppers symbolize change and progression, and it is likely that you have stayed in your role for an extended period and are feeling drained and unappreciated. Spread your wings and explore other opportunities without fear.

Be open to different positions and different career paths and work out what your dream career may be.

This will involve trial and error so do not be discouraged if you do not get the perfect fit the first time. Be adventurous and consider all of your options. Try and work out what qualities you like the most about yourself, and then see what type of role those would suit.

It may be that you have convinced yourself you need to work an office job when you are best suited to nursing or firefighting. Allow yourself to make mistakes and take the time to find what brings you joy rather than drains your energy.

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2. Emotional healing

A grasshopper is symbolically a sound healer, and as such symbolizes empathy and emotional healing. Expect a visit from a loved one soon coming to you for advice or a listening ear.

Be a shoulder to cry on for that person and help them through whatever it is they are facing. Prepare yourself for some painful emotions when processing this information and know that this emotional blockage needs to be dealt with.

Suppressing your emotions will cause a blockage and when you least expect it those emotions will come out at a seemingly unrelated time.

Whilst your friend’s story may be different to your own, it will likely cause an emotional upheaval in your life.

Do not suppress these emotions again, instead take the time to allow them to express themselves. Work through any painful feelings and get in tune with your feelings and emotional energy.

Open yourself up emotionally to your loved one and allow them to be vulnerable with you, know that by helping them through their feelings you will also be helping yourself.

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3. Leap of faith

If a grasshopper is in your house, it is asking you to take a leap of faith. There is possibly something in your life that you have been holding back from due to fear of judgement or failure.

The grasshopper can appear to encourage you to just go for it. Do not fear what may happen if you do not succeed, instead put yourself out there wholeheartedly.

Grasshoppers are only able to jump forward, they cannot go backwards or sideways. If the grasshopper is appearing to you, it is to let you know you have been staying in the same place or going backwards instead of moving forwards and progressing your life.

You need to trust in yourself and the universe that you are making the right decision. Move forward with your life and get past whatever is stopping you. This will have a domino effect and help you overcome future obstacles in your life.

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4. Rejuvenation

A grasshopper could appear in your bathroom or shower to let you know you urgently need some rest and rejuvenation. It is easy in the modern age to neglect yourself for work, family or other commitments.

However, burn out is a very real thing and has a lasting impact on the quality of your work and relationships. Taking regular time out to rejuvenate and care for yourself will enable you to do all the things you love and are important to you without feeling drained.

Make sure that when you finish with work you mentally clock out, any problems that you left will still be there for you in the morning. Move your body, shower, eat nourishing meals and most importantly get enough sleep each night.

Try prioritizing your tasks and scheduling in your self-care in you day, so that you can keep on top of everything.

Know that you are not helping anyone by neglecting yourself and taking care of yourself will make you a better colleague, parent, friend and partner.

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5. Self-love

A grasshopper in your home can be a symbol that you have embraced the feeling of freedom and are on your personal journey towards self-love.

You may have been doing some emotional work and cut out negative thoughts or presences from your life. Maybe you have come to terms with who you are and processed any limiting beliefs or self-doubt.

Whatever it is, the grasshopper could be there to encourage you to keep going. Follow the beat of your own drum and be who you are. Be proud of yourself and know that the journey towards self-love is a long and fulfilling one.

Find freedom in knowing that you are on your path to becoming your happiest self, and others will absorb your positive energy and be inspired as well. Knowing that you are kind, happy and healthy and loving yourself for who you are is something that should be celebrated.


Grasshoppers are symbolic of taking care of yourself and loving who you are. They are a sign to embrace emotional healing and take a leap of faith. Work on who you want to be and make positive changes to get there. Treat yourself kindly and take time out to care for your needs and wants. Know that loving yourself and being open to change will help you build your dream life.