Cricket in the House: 5 Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism

Finding a cricket in your home is sometimes seen as a symbol of great fortune and change in your life.

The cricket is considered to be a positive omen, and if it has chosen to enter your home it is important to honour its message and not cause it any harm.

You may be entering one of the best periods of your life, and you need to allow yourself new opportunities and adventures. Be open and excited about work promotions or opportunities and know that good things are coming to you, and you deserve them.

You may be feeling stuck in making a decision and the cricket is there to urge you to speak up and let your desires be known. You may have been neglecting your spirituality and need to reconnect with your beliefs to help you make a big decision.

Take the time to really think about your values and beliefs and connect with yourself and your spiritual beliefs to make your decisions.

Cricket in House Meaning

Cricket in House Meaning

1. Fortune

Crickets are a sign of good luck and fortune, and when the appear in your home it is to share this good fortune with you.

If you remove a cricket from your home, you are also removing your luck and fortune with it. The cricket brings with it a positive Fung Shui and in turn make your home a prosperous area. If the cricket is in your main living areas, this is a sign that your luck and fortune will come soon.

If the cricket is in your basement or attic, it may be a sign that you have missed an opportunity of good fortune in your past.

The most important thing is to not kill or chase out the cricket from your home, as this will instead bring you bad luck.

Chinese culture highly regards the cricket as a sign of wealth and prosperity and finding a cricket in your home in China is a very lucky and exciting sign. Take the time to express gratitude to the insect and prepare yourself for an exciting future.

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2. You will experience the best time in your life

The cricket will appear in your home to prepare you for the transition into one of the most exciting times in your life.

You may have been working very hard towards a goal or new step and have been waiting for some results from this. The cricket will appear to let you know that the best period of your life is coming and to prepare for this change.

Honor the cricket’s message and allow yourself to feel relief that your hard work has been acknowledged.

Prepare for any exciting changes and feel grateful and proud of all your hard work. Live fully in this time and do what feels right for you in each moment. Practice gratitude each day and keep up your hard work, know that this period of success is also a lesson that your hard work does not go unnoticed and will bring you reward.

Fully open yourself to any new opportunities or adventures and say yes to more things. Let yourself have fun and feel free and be excited about changes or breakthroughs, do not let self-doubt or worry hold you back from your greatest success.

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3. Seek spiritual guidance

You may have been feeling lost of confused with a decision or path in your life. Maybe you are at a crossroads with your career or cannot decide whether to make a big move that could shake up your life and make things uncomfortable.

When the cricket appears in your home it is a sign to seek spiritual guidance. Spend time with yourself and trust in your intuition that you will choose the right path. Prey, meditate, spend time in nature – do whatever serves you and your spirituality and know that you will find the truth and the best option.

Do not forget about your spiritual beliefs in a time of stress, the cricket is there to remind you to trust in your beliefs to make the best choice for you.

Honor those beliefs and be true to yourself and your practice. Open your mind and heart to your spiritual beliefs and trust that the universe will guide you to exactly where you need to be.

4. Speak up

Crickets are amazing creatures, in that even if you cannot see them, you will always hear their song. The cricket may appear in your home to give you the push to speak up.

You may have been feeling anxious about speaking your true feelings, but the cricket wants you to know that things cannot get better unless you speak your truth.

Rejection is not something to be feared, and each set back we face in life is just a step closer to the path we are destined for. Treat rejection as a lesson, that this was not the path you were destined to take and know that you can take on that rejection to push you into your next pursuit.

If you are unhappy, you need to speak up. You have to fight for yourself and be firm in your happiness and safety. Be honest and open and do not fear people’s response.

You are your own biggest advocate, and you may have been sitting silently for too long. Practice speaking your mind more and watch opportunities come to you abundantly.

5. A promotion is coming

The cricket appearing in your home, particularly in a home office or study area is a sign that you or someone in your family will get a promotion or career opportunity soon.

If you have a family member who is feeling stuck or concerned about their career prospects, gently take the cricket into their room to focus the energy there.

Be open to changes at work or different job offers, keep an open mind and allow new things to come your way.


The cricket is a positive omen and should be valued as such. Take the time to consider each of these meanings and work out what the cricket may be trying to tell you. Remember that you are in charge of your life, and you need to make an effort to ensure your own happiness and success. Be open to changes and embrace opportunity.