Dragonfly in House: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Dragonflies are beautiful insects that will appear in your home when it has a message to share with you. They are a sign of future career advancement and good health.

Spiritualists believe that they will appear to let you know that your structures and routines are what is driving your successes and that you should keep up your positive habits.

They encourage you to embrace change, and tackle it head on. Do not be afraid of setbacks and make decisions that will help you advance your life.

Know that your home life can be harmonious and peaceful and take care to keep that energy in your home.

Dragonfly in House Meaning

Dragonfly in House Meaning

1. Harmonious family

Dragonflies thrive in harmonious and peaceful locations, and it is thought that a dragonfly will only enter a home that has a harmonious and balanced energy.

If you find a dragonfly in your home, it is a sign that your house is full of love and harmony.  Many cultures believe that dragonflies have keen senses and are incredibly intuitive and all knowing.

Because of this, it will only fly into the homes of those who live in harmony with one another.

Be proud of yourself, this means that you are living in a happy and peaceful home. You likely work as a team with your partner or family and find ways to work through fights or disagreements. Be sure to keep this up as it is very beneficial to live in a home that is harmonious.

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2. Career advancement

A dragonfly may enter your home to give you the heads up that you may experience career advancement in the near future.

You may have been considering applying for a new role or promotion, or perhaps you have been working extra hard at work. Whatever it may be, the dragonfly could be there to encourage you to take the leap and put yourself forward in your career.

Have confidence in yourself to apply for promotions or speak to your boss about a raise.

You may have been stuck with a problem or issue at work that has been causing you stress, particularly if you are self-employed.

If this is the case, the dragonfly is there to let you know you will have a breakthrough soon. Things will all come together, and your career will thrive. Keep working and know that you have the answers and determination within you to succeed.

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3. Good health and recovery from sickness

A dragonfly may enter your home if you have been battling a period of sickness. The dragonfly might be seen as a sign that you are on the road to recovery.

Whilst the recovery process may be draining or lengthy, take care of yourself along the journey. Trust that better days are coming soon, and you will feel better in no time.

Keep your health a priority once you have recovered and make the time to practice self-care and healthy habits.

If you are not sick or injured, it is possibly a sign that your good health will continue. You may have picked up some healthier habits and been feeling unmotivated to continue them.

Remember that you will reap the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle for years to come, and although you may not notice these benefits right away – they are there.

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4. Change

Dragonflies change colors as they mature and are therefore a symbol of changes. It can be difficult to know when to make big changes in your life and you may have been struggling to know when to make a decision.

A dragonfly may enter your home to let you know that now is the time to make any changes in your life. Be open and excited about possibilities and do not hinder your growth due to fear.

Know that whatever comes your way is the opportunity to grow and evolve as a person, and although change can be scary – it is also the only way we improve our lives.

Change does not have to mean something drastic, like quitting your job or moving countries. It can mean changing a perspective or outlook on a conversation, changing your relationship with exercise or even changing your local gym. Change is a great way to keep life exciting and makes way for positive growth.

5. Structure and routine

A dragonfly entering your home could be a sign that your routine is helping you create your dream life. You may have been called boring for having a planner that outlines your day and your goals.

The dragonfly will come to you to let you know that these habits, structures and routines are what will create disciple, success and motivation. Keep working on your plans and remember that whilst having structure in your life is important, it is also okay to let loose every now and again and have fun.

Finding a balance between routine and spontaneity is the key to living a happy and balanced life.

Make time for your friends and hobbies, whilst still ensuring you keep on top of your everyday tasks and commitments. Doing this will ensure you do not miss anything important whilst still living a fun and social life.


Dragonflies have very special symbolism and finding one in your home is a blessing. Do not chase it out, but instead consider its message and act accordingly. Make changes and be bold, keep working hard towards your goals and do not be afraid to apply for a promotion or make some changes in your life. Know that your home life and health are thriving and thanks to this energy you can continue to advance towards your goals and dreams.