Lizard in your House: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Finding a lizard in your house is believed to be a sign that you will be going through a period of rebirth and renewal. You will understand things about yourself and come into your own.

You may need to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals and dreams, however it is important to remember that this will all help you become a better version of yourself.

You need to look after yourself and create a healthy sleeping pattern. Know that you are safe from any harm and will survive any period you are going through. You may even be being visited from an old friend who has since passed away.

Lizard in House Meaning

Lizard in House Meaning

1. Rebirth

If a lizard enters your home, it is a symbol of rebirth. If you believe this, then you may be going through a period of great transformation and renewal and will come out the other side stronger.

If you have been feeling like you are not getting anywhere despite working hard, or as if you have lost sight of your goals and aspirations, the lizard is there to let you know your reward is coming.

You will find that your goals become within reach, and your values will realign in accordance with what is truly important to you.

You may feel renewed or inspired, and it is important to keep this momentum going. Continue working towards bettering yourself and allow yourself time to be thankful for this rebirth.

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2. Presence of an old friend

If a lizard is in your house, it may symbolize the presence of the spirit of an old friend or family member who passed away.

In Mediterranean cultures seeing a lizard in your home following a funeral or anniversary date of a loved ones passing is a treasured sign. It signifies that you are being visited by that loved one. It is a sign that you are not alone, and that despite them no longer being physically with you they will remain with you in spirit.

Many believe the lizard is there to assure you that your loved one is at peace, and all is well. You do not need to worry or feel sad for their passing because they are content and looking down on you. This could also be a message from a loved one who passed away a long time ago, but senses you need reminding that they are still present.

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3. Sacrifice

If you are seeing a lizard in your home, it is possibly a sign that you need to make some sacrifices in order to get through this period in your life.

When a lizard is in a dangerous or stressful situation it will drop its tail in order to survive. This sacrifice is significant, as it symbolizes the need to sometimes sacrifice things in order to survive them.

Align your actions to your goals and make changes where necessary. It may be that you are trying to save money but not getting anywhere – you may need to sacrifice social events that are costly or shopping for unnecessary items in order to reach your goals.

You may need to even sacrifice a relationship. Perhaps you have a partner who has different beliefs or values than you and find that they are causing you to doubt yourself or your goals.

 Sometimes people are not a good match, and it is important that you are selfish in your decision making when considering your future.

4. Safe from harm

Lizards have excellent eyesight and are able to see predators and harm before it happens. If a lizard enters your home, it could be encouraging you to revaluate things you may have seen as an inconvenience.

Perhaps you missed the bus or had a flat tire. These things may have been irritating in the moment however could have been saving you from potential harm in the future.

Know that everything happens for a reason, and these reasons are not always obvious. If the lizard is in your home, it wants you to know that you escaped harms way and are safe.

Try to view any mishaps or inconveniences in life as intentional. Rather than feeling frustrated or agitated, consider the possibility that it was meant to happen that way.

Being ten minutes late for work may be annoying at the time, however it may have happened to keep you out of harms way. Be open to disruptions in your life and try not to get frustrated over inconveniences.

5. Insomnia

If you have been having difficulty falling asleep or having a good quality of sleep, you may find lizards in your home. The lizards will likely leave once your insomnia is over.

It is important to prioritize a healthy sleeping pattern and you need to ensure that you are sleeping routinely to maximize your output during the day, as well as your health.

Try switching devices off an hour before bed and leaving work in the office rather than taking stress home with you. Consider cutting back on caffeine or other stimulants in the afternoon and create a bedtime routine that you enjoy.

Things like reading, yoga, meditation or journalling before bed all create a sense of calm. Make your bedroom a sanctuary and change your sheets and keep it clean.

Avoid bringing computers or work into the bedroom and keep it strictly for sleep.

Many people find benefits in white noise or other sleep sounds and utilize lavender essential oils or pillow sprays to further relax them. Find the routine that works for you and try to be consistent in your sleep and wake up times.


A lizard will visit you with a message and it is important to decipher and apply that message. Learn to let go of things that no longer serve you and come to terms with your decisions. Take care of yourself and embrace any periods of change or rebirth. Know that you are safe from danger and you will be able to get through anything.