Brown and Grizzly Bear Symbolism (Dreams & Spirit Animals)

Bears are large and powerful animals. They represent strength, protection, bravery, and empowerment. Both brown and grizzly bears are loyal mothers, fierce protectors, and strong warriors.

Bears symbolize a connectedness with the earth, and a protective, strong energy.

In many Indigenous American cultures, seeing a bear in your dreams symbolizes that good fortune is coming your way. They are widely considered to be a good omen.

Brown and Grizzly Bear Symbolism

What do Brown and Grizzly Bears Symbolize?

1. Strength

Grizzly Bears have been worshipped for many years as a powerful and strong totem animal.

The brown and grizzly bears particularly show strength and courage. Bears have an extraordinary level of physical strength, but also mental strength. Bears trust their instincts and stay true to themselves.

If you have seen a brown or grizzly bear in your dreams it could be a reminder to stay true to a decision you are making.

You may need to be strong to overcome an obstacle in your way. You may also need to reach out to someone who needs some strength.

2. Protection

Brown Bears are often on totem poles as a symbol for protection. Bears are very protective of their cubs and are known for their fierce determination to keep their cubs safe.

This is where the term ‘mama bear’ comes from.

A bear is known to symbolize the powers of protection upon yourself and those around you. If you see a brown or grizzly bear in your dreams it could be a sign that you need to reach out and offer some protection and guidance to those around you.

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3. Solitude

Bears spend much of their time alone. But, they don’t mind. A brown or grizzly bear is a symbol of solitude.

They symbolize taking it easy and taking a step back. In order to fully be your best you must ensure you have moments of solitude.

If you see a lone brown or grizzly bear in your dreams, perhaps it is time to be one with yourself. You may be feeling overwhelmed and some alone time could do you a world of good.

4. Balance

Brown bears are known to symbolize balance. The brown bear symbolizes harmony and integrity in the world.

The brown bear is wise and uses its wisdom carefully. But where it is wise, it is also mighty and strong. This balance allows the brown bear to be a grounded and fierce animal.

If you see a brown bear in your dream, it might be a sign that you are out of balance. Are you focussing too much on one aspect of your life? Perhaps you are neglecting a hobby or relationship.

5. Loyalty

Brown Bears are loyal not only to their cubs, but to themselves. Bears are known to be a symbol of loyalty. This ties in with protection and strength.

Bears will do anything to protect their cubs. If the brown or grizzly bear is your spirit animal you are likely very loyal to those you love.

This loyalty is one of the key characteristics of bears. Ensure that you extend that loyalty to yourself, if you are seeing a bear in your dreams it could mean that you are not being true to your own morals and values.

6. Sensitivity

A grizzly bear is known to symbolize over-sensitivity to things. Grizzly bears are highly sensitive animals.

They are known to have quite a temper; however this is partially due to their hyper-sensitivity to noises, smells and people.

For a human, seeing a grizzly bear could mean you are overreacting, feeling hyper emotional or sensitive to things that might normally not bother you. If you see grizzly bears in your dream you could be struggling with feeling sensitive to events in your life.

This could mean it may be worthwhile reflecting on what it is that is making you feel that way, and what you can do to fix it.

What Does it Mean if a Grizzly Bear is your Spirit Animal?

Brown and grizzly bears are in touch with the earth and seasons and cycle of nature. If you have a bear as your spirit animal, you are likely very grounded and family oriented.

It is likely that you are in touch with yourself, the earth and those around you. You are protective of your family and loved ones. You provide emotional and physical comfort and strength to those around you.

Brown and grizzly bear spirit animals are there to provide you with strength when you feel weak or helpless. The bear reminds us that we should stay true to ourselves and persevere through the problem no matter how big or small.

What does it mean if you see a Brown or Grizzly Bear in your Dreams?

It is generally considered a good omen to see a bear in your dreams. However, there are some behaviours to look out for.

  1. Attack – if a bear is attacking you in your dream it is considered to be a reflection of yourself. This allows you to gain an insight into your pent-up anger.
  2. Chasing you – if a bear is chasing you in your dreams it is considered to be a sign that you are running away from problems you need to tackle head on.
  3. Wandering – if a bear is aimlessly wandering in your dreams this could be a warning about a rivalry to come.
  4. Standing on hind legs – if a bear is standing up on its two hind legs it is considered to be a message that it is time to stand up for yourself.

Brown and Grizzly Bears have been key totems and symbols for generations. They symbolise strength, protection, loyalty, balance, solitude and sensitivity. If you have a bear as your spirit or totem animal you should be proud. These characteristics show a strong and caring leader.

Seeing a bear in your dreams is often considered a good omen, it could be a sign that you need to take action in your life, and perhaps put yourself first or offer your strength and guidance to a loved one.



Overall, the meaning of brown and grizzly bears is usually warm and comforting. They’re both strong, powerful, and caring. They look out for their tribe and have a great deal of inner strength. They are self-reliant and are comfortable in their own company. They’re an excellent spirit animal for strong, powerful, independent people!