Black Rabbit Symbolism (Dreams & Spirit Animals)

A black rabbit often comes with negative connotations. Many people associate a black rabbit with fear, cowardice, disappointment, witchcraft, and silence.

Some of these symbolic meanings are not necessarily bad, for instance the silence could be needed to clear thoughts. Often times though, they are considered a bad omen, who bring bad luck and many relationship issues.

Black Rabbit Symbolism

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Black Rabbit Symbolism (5 Meanings)

1. Fear

It is often believed that to see a black rabbit in a dream is a symbol that you are fearful of something.

Most commonly this manifests itself as a fear of intimacy. Another common interpretation of this symbol is the fear to speak up.

If you are seeing a black rabbit in your dream, try to work out what it is you are fearful of. It may be a sign that you are currently being confronted with a fear or vulnerability which you need to work through. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to instil the help of a professional or a loved one to help you work through the fear.

2. Witchcraft

Black rabbits have been associated with Witchcraft for centuries. It was often considered to a mythical creature with magical abilities.

Celtic folklore believed that black rabbits could shapeshift and turn into a warrior.

Nordic traditions also believed that they accompanied witches on their journeys.

Scottish tradition believed that witches shapeshifted into rabbits to travel undetected. They believed that the black rabbit symbolized the dark magic of witchcraft.

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3. Silence

Black rabbits symbolize silence. This could be a good thing; in that you find a sense of peace and calm by sitting in the silence and stillness.

If that is the case, then the black rabbit is a symbol of silence as a tool for calm and mindfulness.

However, the silence could be a sign that it is time to take action and speak up. By being fearful and cowardly, the rabbit will often stay silent on things that are causing them stress or concern.

If you see a rabbit in your dream, remember to voice your worries to your partner, boss or friends rather than sit in silence.

4. Cowardice

Black rabbits have been considered a cowardly animal for a long time. The reason for this is due to their meek and skittish behaviour.

By symbolising cowardice, the rabbit perpetuates the idea that they are merely a fearful and helpless animal.

If you see a rabbit in your dreams, ensure that you are brave and true to yourself. Remaining quiet and fearful benefits no one and will only cause further anxiety.

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5. Helplessness

A black rabbit often symbolizes the feeling of helplessness. If you see this rabbit in your dreams, it could be a sign that you are feeling very stressed, or even depressed.

It may be a reminder of family or work troubles.

Black rabbits are considered skittish and naturally scared. The combination of these traits result in what is often considered to be a small and helpless creature.

If you do see a rabbit in your dream, or identify with one as a spirit animal, try to make sure you find some confidence and speak up. Don’t let yourself blend in and disappear in the background.

Black Rabbit Dream Meaning

Seeing a black rabbit in your dream has many symbolic meanings. It could mean that you are fearful or anxious about something.

Perhaps you have been informed of some secret information that would hurt someone you know. The black rabbits need for silence and insistent fear would mean that the information would remain bottled up inside of you, projecting as a dream visual.

Seeing a  rabbit in your dreams is also commonly linked to relationship troubles. This is because issues like intimacy and financial stress are often things you keep to yourself. That stress can manifest itself into anxiety.

If you are seeing a rabbit in your dream, take some time to journal to get your thoughts on paper. From there you can work out what it may be that is causing you to feel helpless or fearful. You may need to get some assistance from a loved one to take action to fix your situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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What does it Mean if you have a Black Rabbit as your Spirit Animal?

Black rabbits are not only symbolic of negative feelings or emotions. Black, as a colour is symbolic of silence and stillness.

This silence could be peaceful and calming. If you have a black rabbit as your spirit animal perhaps you are someone who finds peace in silence and enjoys alone time. Or perhaps you need to break the silence and you are being held back by fear.

As a black rabbit, you need to ensure that you do not allow fear and cowardice to hold you back. Many of the feelings of helplessness and disappointment that are symbolic with the rabbit could be helped by not being so afraid to act.

If you are someone who wants to sit in silence and stillness, perhaps consider speaking up about things that are bothering you or causing you stress and discomfort. If you do this, you may find that many of your troubles can be solved.

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Interpreting Dream Visions

Before I finish, I want to highlight the fact that this information is very subjective. Seeing an animal in dreams could have one of multiple different meanings (or none at all!).

No one can tell you which meaning is the correct or incorrect one for you in your life.

One thing I like to do is reflect on each possible meaning. I’ll have a think about which one is a message I need in my life right now.

That doesn’t mean to pick and choose the one meaning or interpretation that you want. Rather, it’s to be open to the message that’s the most important one for you to hear right now. Often, this can be a hard truth that the universe is asking you to confront.



Black rabbits are considered generally to be a bad omen. They symbolize fear, cowardice, silence, witchcraft and helplessness. If you see a  rabbit in a dream, it is likely for a reason. You may need to face a fear or vulnerability head on. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

You may just enjoy silence and find peace and comfort in stillness. This is less likely due to the rabbit’s skittish behaviour. Make sure that you take time to journal, reflect and communicate if the rabbit is your spirit animal.