Dolphin Symbolism (7 Top Meanings) – Dreams & Spirit Animals

Dolphin symbolism centers around intelligence, playfulness, communication, and peace. In this article, we delve deeper into the symbolism of dolphins and what their hidden meanings are.

Dolphins are truly magnificent creatures. Many consider them to be the second most intelligent life form behind humans and some even have the belief that they are actually more intelligent than us and we just don’t have the technology to quantify their intelligence yet.

They have a carefree nature and act selflessly to protect their community. Dolphins seem to have a high level of intuition and co-exist between species with apparent ease. This leads many to believe that dolphins have a strong spiritual impact on this world.

Dolphin Symbolism

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Dolphin Symbolism

As dolphins have a high level of intelligence, humans are naturally drawn to them out of intrigue and respect. It’s not just their intelligence that draws us to them though, below we will explore the meanings of dolphin symbolism.

1. Intelligence

In terms of the brain to body ratios, dolphins are amongst the most intelligent creatures on our planet. Many believe that were it not for the development of the Homosapien (humans) brain, dolphins would actually be considered the most intelligent creature on the planet.

Dolphins are so intelligent yet so misunderstood at the same time that there have even been rumors circulating over the years that they could potentially be alien and not from this earth at all!

Without getting into that topic too deeply, there is no denying that dolphins possess high levels of intelligence and are symbolic of the potential for intelligence, especially across species.

Another sea creature that symbolizes intelligence is the shark.

2. Communication

A dolphin’s ability to use sonar waves as a form of communication and navigation is highly impressive.

Dolphins whistle, click, and release burst pulses (packets of sound) to communicate with each other and their communication seems to be so advanced that they can actually work in sync with one another with remarkable accuracy and cohesion.

Science is yet to uncover just how dolphins communicate but they are symbolic of the power of communication. Humans can often be guilty of neglecting our ability to communicate and this can range from ignoring/misinterpreting people, talking too much when it is not needed, or at times not communicating at all.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools on earth and dolphins are symbolic of what you can achieve when utilizing it properly.

3. Understanding

Dolphins combine both their strong ability for communication and high levels of intelligence to better understand the environment around them. This leads to dolphins having a greater understanding of the world.

They make use of echolocation to explore the environment around them in amazing detail and can even use this skill to “eavesdrop” on other dolphins’ echolocation and capture their information. This remarkable ability demonstrates a high level of understanding and ingenuity.

You’ll also find that dolphins will be playful around humans and appear to function well with a range of species yet will always identify a predator and stand their ground rather than fleeing and displaying any sign of weakness.

4. Playfulness

Dolphins are highly sociable creatures and their curiosity and neutral attitude towards humans is what leads us to have a fondness for them. Dolphins are very playful creatures and will often appear to those who need to rediscover their childlike playful nature.

It can be easy to get caught up in the rigors and stress that comes with adulthood but dolphins can act as a symbol that you should still embrace your playful and curious nature. This can especially be true for families with young children.

5. Peace

Dolphins are symbolic of peace and harmony. It’s easy to see how friendly they are with the human race and many cultures believe that they act as sea guides for humans but their peaceful nature goes much deeper than this.

They live in harmony with a range of species at sea and their combination of curiosity, intelligence, and playful nature means that they are the perfect symbol for peace.

Their gentle nature is also a reminder that we should look to improve the environment around us by treating everyone in a friendly and caring way.

Another sea creature that symbolizes peace is the seahorse.

6. Community

Dolphins live in very active and social communities They are selfless and will also work together to protect injured dolphins, mothers, and children from predators. They can even use sonar to detect predators from a distance and send a warning signal to the group.

They are not only sociable within their own group but have a strong reliance on intuition and therefore trust other species with absolute ease (unless they are aware of a predator posing a risk). Their intuition and protective nature are symbolic of the need to protect your community and build a level of trust and togetherness.

7. Fearlessness

Dolphins are symbolic of fearlessness and inner strength. When confronted by predators such as a shark, a dolphin will not attempt to flee but will stand its ground and challenge the shark head-on.

There are countless stories that involve dolphins saving humans from potential life-threatening shark attacks, steering them clear of dangerous weather at sea and even bringing people ashore to save them from drowning.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Meaning

The dolphin as a spirit animal is typically for those that need help with communication or guidance. Dolphins are masters of communication and can do so with amazing understanding. If you’ve ever seen a live dolphin show before, you will see how in-tune and in sync the dolphins are with one another.

A dolphin as a spirit animal can also act as a guide for your ‘inner child’. Their playful and joyful nature can be an indication and guide for you to take life less seriously at times by having fun, laughing, and ultimately relaxing.

Dolphins and Omens

Dolphins have a strong association with omens for different cultures and regions around the world. Sailors and Native Americans consider dolphins to be a good omen and refer to them as the guides of the ocean.

Dolphins circling a boat and interacting with the people on board is said to be a good omen and their presence will act as protection. Their presence can be either an indication of weather ahead or also for nearby shores.

The Native Americans see the dolphin as a savior as they are said to bring drowning sailors to shore. Some tribes also see them as transformed humans who look over tribes as a guide and guardian.

Alternatively, some see the dolphin as a bad omen. Killing a dolphin can bring bad luck for life and eating a dolphin can similarly bring you bad luck.

Dolphin Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dolphin can have deep-rooted meanings into how you can and should perceive the world. Dolphins tap into their ‘sixth sense’ through echolocation and can visualize and communicate using this in a way that humans cannot perceive.

Dreaming of a dolphin can be a sign that you need to become more attuned with your senses and look for deeper meanings in your everyday life as you could either be missing an opportunity or might be presented with one in the near future.

It can also be a sign that you need to tap into your mental capacities more. Dolphins are highly intelligent and make full use of their abilities. Their appearance and a dream could indicate that you need to make the most of your own personal abilities which include mental capacities and unique skill sets.

Finally, dreaming of a dolphin can indicate good luck and fortune is about to come your way. Dolphins are said to be a protector and guide for humans and are good luck omens when encountered at sea.

If they are coming to you in your dreams then this could be a good indication that you are on the correct path in life and have the dolphin spirit animal guiding you for luck.

Final Thoughts

Dolphins are truly wonderful creatures and having one as your spirit animal could easily indicate that you have a good, playful nature, are fearless in the face of danger whilst looking to protect your loved ones, and most noteworthy, have a high level of intelligence that allows you to communicate well and excel in life.

Drawing meaning from dolphins will mainly indicate positive traits and characteristics that when applied to your own life, could easily enhance it for the better.