Shark Spirit Animal and Symbolism – The Predator with Teeth!

With the shark spirit animal, you can harness the power that it symbolizes and transfer it to your daily life. This animal is believed to be the “king” of the sea, so it commands authority and respect from other animals.

It’s also an animal that won’t easily back down out of a fight. Because of that, it indicates determination and strength of will and also physical strength. The shark spirit animal is also telling you that there are opportunities around you, you just need to explore them and sharpen your senses.

Also if you wonder what the shark tooth can represent to you, we’ll explain in a bit more detail. Generally, a shark tooth acts as your protector when you wear it. This meaning comes from an old story from the Hawaiian culture we’ll explore here.

Shark Spirit Animal and Symbolism

> This article is from our A-Z series on sea creature symbolism


Shark Symbolism

1. Power

The shark is one of the most feared animals in the world. Sometimes, they’ve gained their reputation as this animal that will attack humans and kill them. Perhaps this is a bit harsh because not all shark species will attack a human being on its own – unless it feels threatened or when they’re in groups.

Sharks date back to more than 400 million years[1], which signifies just how formidable this animal can be. It’s rarely beaten in combat, because of its sharp teeth and ferocious nature. Normally, sharks stay in large schools so they are social animals, and this is when they have the most power.

Because of that, they’re able to control their territory and own it. This signifies their power and their ability to both protect themselves and attack other animals.

Another sea creature that symbolizes power is the orca.

2. Authority

You can call on the shark symbolism when you need to use it for some authority. Generally, sharks are the most formidable animal in the ocean. Rarely, they’ll get attacked by other species (except for humans, of course – which is why they’re endangered in some areas).

But in the ocean, there are not many animals that are prepared to challenge a shark’s authority on its territory. That’s why it’s a powerful symbol of authority.

3. Determination

Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. This goes to show their power of determination and their strong character. It’s said that each shark has its own distinct character, too.

Normally, we connect the shark to the feeling of power and determination. And you can use this determination to transform your weakness into a strength of yours. Also, it encourages you to never back down and concede in a fight. That’s not normally meant in a physical sense, although it can be also translated to that.

4. Leadership

Leadership is also one of the main qualities we usually assign to sharks. The male sharks, especially, tend to take care of their families as they protect them against any potential predators.

However, the male is normally a lone wanderer. He will mostly roam the ocean and travel hundreds of miles per day to catch their prey. Some other shark species, however, have a strong social hierarchy as they normally tend to stay in groups with a designated leader. You can call on the shark spirit animal for some leadership.

5. Family Safety

As already mentioned, the male sharks like to take care of their families, and they act as guardians for both their children and for their entire families. So they like to make sure their families are safe first and foremost before they set out on their own.

Some shark species will spend most of their time sedentary, especially when they’re in large groups. Normally, these animals are quite social, too, as they have a sense of social hierarchy.

6. Confidence

The shark spirit animal teaches you to be confident and transform your fears into your strengths. This symbolism of sharks can especially be great if you’re someone who struggles with confidence in your life.

Sharks are considered the “alpha male” in the ocean, because of their imposing figure, but also because they never doubt their decisions. Instead of dwelling on every choice, they have clear goals they want to achieve and nothing will stop them from doing that.

7. Intelligence

You might be surprised to read that, but sharks are some of the most intelligent animals you’ll find anywhere in the world. Several scientists have confirmed that. And for most of the time, you’ll notice their intelligence through their behavior.

Each shark has its own character and its own set of behaviors. This is not normally seen in all animal species, but quite rarely and only in the more intelligent ones, too.

Another sea creature that symbolizes intelligence is the dolphin.

8. Independence

Despite the fact that sharks are quite social animals, they also learn how to be independent at an early age. This is especially typical for males, who like to mostly wander around on their own. They’ll be away from their group for several days if not longer when they desire to.

So the shark symbolism can also teach you how to be more independent and be more confident in your decisions rather than relying on others too much.

Another animal that symbolizes independence is the polar bear.

Shark Tooth Symbolism

Now, the shark tooth has a special meaning, so it’s worth mentioning it separately.

Historically, the shark tooth played an important role especially in Hawaiian culture, where sharks are commonly present.

According to an old Hawaiian myth about a warrior, the warrior wore a shark tooth while in a battle against a sea of god. The shark tooth gave the warrior courage and protection in order to beat the god of sea and emerge victorious, against the odds.

Since then, the shark tooth is meant to have protective powers for those who wear it. Today, many believe wearing a shark tooth can prevent shark attacks from happening, so you might see it commonly in the Hawaiian culture.

However, thousands of years ago, shark teeth were used by our ancestors to create weapons and tools. It was seen as a symbol of survival that enabled these people to craft goods in order to survive themselves. Ultimately, these tools helped them beat other species around them and emerge victorious in order to undergo constant evolution.

Another potential shark tooth symbolism is anciency. Normally, a shark tooth will last around 10.000 years before it becomes a fossil, so when you see shark teeth sold, it’s not necessary that a shark was harmed in the process – most shark teeth are found in the sea or on the shore.

Shark Spirit Animal

The shark spirit animal has some important lessons for those who follow it.

It helps you overcome your challenges by allowing you to be determined and confident in your decisions. You shouldn’t doubt your decisions daily, which makes you more confident when you accept them in your head.

Additionally, the shark spirit animal reminds you that there are opportunities all around you and that you can also create them yourself. You can do that by exploring the world and discovering your real emotions, and then use them to shape the world as you want it to be.

People with the shark as their spirit animal are also very driven and determined in the pursuit of their goals. Nothing will stop them from achieving what they want, which is sometimes good, but it can also act as a lesson at times.

Shark Dream Meanings

Sharks are imposing animals that some people find scary, so it’s normal to find them in your dreams. However, the shark in your dreams is trying to tell you something you don’t know yet.

  • If you’re dreaming that you’re the shark, it means that you’re displaying the qualities of sharks in your life. This means you’re determined and that you command authority where you are.
  • Seeing a shark represents another greedy person in your life that’s trying to take something away from you.
  • Being attacked by a shark in the swimming pool means that someone close to you might contract a disease soon.
  • Being attacked by a shark, in general, symbolizes a current event in your life that has traumatized you. Most likely, this will come from your workplace or school, so identify it and try and get over it.
  • If a shark is circling around you in your dreams, it means that you feel cornered in your life and nowhere to go. It means that you’re feeling anxious about a certain situation in your life, too.
  • If a shark swallows you in your dreams, it means that you feel hopeless about your situation and that you should develop a way to fight back against your current life situation.


The shark is considered the king of the ocean. It commands authority and respect from other animals, and it’s especially a formidable animal if it travels in groups. Many people are scared of sharks, but having the shark as your spirit animal can bring some positive meanings to you. You can use the shark symbolism to develop confidence and become a more powerful person.