Jellyfish Symbolism (7 Meanings) – Dreams & Spirit Animals

Jellyfish symbolism (for dreams and as spirit animals) includes:

  • Instinct
  • Simplicity
  • Flow
  • Survival
  • Pain
  • Movement
  • Hidden Strength

Jellyfish are truly intriguing creatures. They have no facial features or points of intimacy, and are essentially made up of primarily water (95% to be precise). While humans are also made up of a high percentage of H2O, it’s fair to say that water is the last thing that you’d associate with our species.

Some people believe jellyfish serve no purpose on the earth whilst others are completely fascinated by the way they glide through the oceans perfectly at one with nature and mother earth. As the jellyfish is such a mysterious and intriguing creature (especially given its simplicity), there is ultimately some interest in what they might symbolize in dreams or as spirit animals.

Jellyfish Symbolism

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Jellyfish Symbolism

You might find a jellyfish to be very hard to relate to, they have no characteristics that are closely related to that of a human and therefore you might even be wondering whether or not a jellyfish can even be symbolic?

The truth is that these creatures are often misunderstood and they have more symbolisms that humans can relate to than what you might initially have thought. Below, we cover some of these more surprising meanings.

1. Instinct

Jellyfish do not have a thought process for decisions and their movements are very much based on instinct. While they passively hunt for food with their tentacles being used as a line, they spring into action as soon as something comes into contact with them and the sensation for food is triggered.

While certain animals have far greater instincts, the shark for example can smell blood in the water from ⅓ mile away and trace it back to the source, jellyfish rely on the most basic of instinct and do so impressively to survive.

2. Simplicity

Jellyfish are simple, yet deadly effective. If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish you’ll find that it was unsuspecting and without warning. For this reason, many believe that these are the times when jellyfish show themselves to you as your spirit animal.

It could be symbolic of a need to simplify your life or yourself as a person. Jellyfish are one of the most simplistic forms of life on earth. While there are microscopic creatures and living cells that are more basic in design, the jellyfish is one of the largest known creatures that function without a brain, eyes, bones, heart, and other vital organs.

They are symbolic for living as simply as possible but also exist to show us just how unique we are as humans and not to take it for granted. We have vastly more opportunity to us as a result of an evolved state but jellyfish are symbolic of still surviving through the simplest of methods.

3. Flow

Jellyfish go with the flow and are guided by the wind, ocean, and mother nature. They do not try to determine their own course in life but instead leave this decision to nature. They are symbolic of life’s ebbs and flows and will ride with the current instead of trying to resist it.

We can learn from jellyfish and go with the flow of life rather than trying to always resist it. Change, for example, is something that humans are known to struggle with and find change to be hard. We must, however, learn to accept change and to ultimately accept that it is the flow of life.

By accepting the flow, you will exert less energy trying to fight against life’s currents, feel less stressed, less anxious, and will radiate a much calmer aurora.

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4. Survival

Jellyfish, despite all odds being stacked against them, are very adept at survival as their translucent body allows them to blend into their environment whilst stinging tentacles help them to catch unsuspecting prey.

While jellyfish may seem like they are one of the worst creatures in terms of survival characteristics, their simplicity is actually a benefit that helps them to not only survive but also thrive. They are symbolic for not judging something based on appearance alone.

Jellyfish can also survive in a range of conditions. They go with the current and as a result, jellyfish end up in every ocean and climate around the world. There is even a jellyfish that is thought to be immortal and can revert to a more primitive state of an organism in order to respawn as genetically identical jellyfish.

5. Pain

Jellyfish can be symbolic of pain and this pain is usually unintentional. As they drift through the ocean stinging potential prey with their tentacles, this is usually done through trial and error. Jellyfish do not hunt and therefore they inflict pain by chance for whatever happens to cross their path.

This can be related to humans causing other pain even when it is not intentional or even known. If a jellyfish presents itself to you then this could be a time to reflect as you could be causing those around you pain without any direct intention.

6. Movement

Jellyfish are never stationary, we’ve mentioned they move with the flow of the oceans current, however, to take further symbolic meaning from this, a jellyfish never remains stationary during its life.

Jellyfish are always moving and we too should always be moving forwards in life. Time is something you can never get back and many of the world’s most successful and fulfilled individuals move through life with a drive, passion, and willingness to never just stand still and let life happen to them.

Another sea creature that symbolizes movement is the seal.

7. Hidden Strength

Jellyfish are an underestimated creature that many consider being pointless in the ecosystem. This is however usually based on their outward appearance (which is admittedly underwhelming) and doesn’t take into consideration their hidden abilities.

Jellyfish are passive yet have deadly and poisonous tentacles that only appear innocent in nature to those that are uninformed. Jellyfish are therefore symbolic of hidden strength and abilities.

Regardless of how someone appears on the outside, you should always consider that they (or yourself) will have hidden strengths that are just not visible to the naked eye.

Jellyfish Spirit Animal Meaning

Having the jellyfish as your spirit animal can have a few clear meanings.

Firstly, it means that you live your life based on intuition and put your faith in the hands of nature. If you stop trying to resist things in life and choose to go with the flow instead then new pathways will open up for you immediately.

Flow can also be an indication that you need to stay relaxed. Those that have the jellyfish appear as their spirit animal will tend to be more relaxed or have a need to relax and allow things to happen to them passively (trusting in nature) rather than trying to force something through an aggressive means.

It could also be a sign that you need to simplify your life and remove some of the more complicated aspects. Those that have the jellyfish as their spirit animal typically enjoy the simpler things in life and it’s important to not become overburdened by everyday distractions.

Finally, a jellyfish appearing as your spirit animal could be a sign that you need to rely on inner strength and hidden abilities. Jellyfish appear vulnerable and defenseless on the outside, yet contain poisonous tentacles that can even kill a human (for a select few species of jellyfish).

You might be in a situation where you are underestimated or feel vulnerable and the jellyfish being symbolic of hidden strength is a sign that you should rely on inner strength and hidden abilities.


Final Thoughts

Jellyfish have no heart, eyes, brain, emotions, or logic. They are purely instinctive creatures that have adapted incredibly well to life on earth. Jellyfish are at one with nature and allow nature to guide their path, which they follow naturally.

Jellyfish are symbolic of flow, survival, instinct, movement, and simplicity. They teach us that we don’t need to resist life and instead should let it guide us naturally.

If a jellyfish presents itself to you as a spirit animal, this could be a sign that you need to strip back your life to bare essentials for simplicity and follow your instinct more. Have a belief that nature will guide you along the correct path and let go of the complexities of life that you are clinging to.