Blue Orchid Flower Meaning & Symbolism (Uniqueness & Hope)

The beautiful blue orchid is considered by many to be symbolic of rarity and being one of a kind. It also signifies abundance in luxury, wealth, peace, and eternal hope. 

If you see a blue orchid out in the wild, consider yourself lucky as these alluring flowers are not a common sight. The richly colored blue orchid has deep and meaningful significance and has been considered a treasured gift for centuries. 

Depending on its context the blue orchid has a plethora of different deeper meanings, each of which represents elements of positivity.

Blue Orchid Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

Blue Orchid Meaning & Symbolism

1. Rarity and Uniqueness

Blue orchids are exotic flowers, their uncommonness in nature makes them a symbol of rarity and unique individuality. 

Orchids are considered symbols of love, but blue orchids which are hard to find symbolize an unusually deep and meaningful form of love; one that is one of a kind and just as rare and beautiful as the orchid.

Blue Orchids are widely known as one of the rarest flowers on earth.

This is why during the Victorian era blue orchids were given as gifts to lovers as it was believed that the rareness of the flower signified the depth of the emotions that the couple felt for each other. 

If you feel a particularly strong sense of connection with blue orchids it could mean that you are a unique individual who stands out from the crowd, much like the blue orchid itself and you see your personality mirrored in the flower.

Seeing blue orchids in your dreams could be a sign to stay true to your sense of individuality and to not let doubts that you are abnormal cloud your mind. 

Blue orchid bouquets make thoughtful gifts for the people in your life that you think have a unique personality and are different from the ordinary person.

For these people, blue orchid bouquets act as a token of appreciation for their dedication to go against the flow and not let the crowd dictate or influence their opinions. 

2. Strength

The bold blue orchid signifies emotional and spiritual strength.

Blue orchids symbolize strength in the face of adversity. Dreaming about blue orchids is an indication that your spiritual essence is resilient and trying its best to ensure that you stay true to your morals and values. 

If you have been gifted blue orchids, then it is a message that you are considered to be an emotionally strong person who is independent and able to stand for themselves. 

The powerful yet subtle color of the orchids is a testament to a natural kind of strength, if you know someone who embodies these traits then gifting them a bouquet of blue orchids is an apt token of appreciation. 

3. Peace and Tranquillity

The pleasant and soothing color of blue orchids symbolizes peace, serenity, and tranquillity.

The subtle nature of the blue orchid represents nature in all its tranquil glory. Being in the presence of blue orchids automatically makes one calm.

If you tend to overthink or feel overwhelmed by your surroundings, then strategically placing blue orchids around your workplace or home could help calm you down and ground you to reality. 

Blue orchids symbolize peace so if you want to reconcile with someone or suggest that you have well-meaning intentions towards them then gifting a bouquet of blue orchids could be helpful.

If you keep seeing blue orchids reappearing in your dreams then it could mean that you are subconsciously seeking something peaceful and relaxing. It can be your brain’s way of telling you to let go of stress and to focus on remaining fresh and calm.

4. Luxury and Opulence

Blue orchids are symbols of luxury and opulence.

These rare flowers are considered symbols of luxury, this can be attributed to the fact that they are not commonly found. Blue orchids naturally only grow in exotic tropical locations that are not easy to reach. This signifies the riches and wealth required to have access to the orchids.

To English folk during the Victorian era, blue orchids were a representation of wealth and hence they were gifted to people in order to show off and flaunt the gifter’s own affluence. 

Previously, the Japanese considered these flowers to be valuable gifts for the likes of royalty. This further added to the blue orchids’ significance as a symbol of wealth.

Another meaning of these flowers when gifted is that the person receiving the blue orchid bouquet is a wealthy and rich person who deserves only the best of the best. Hence making blue orchids a symbol of flattery as well.

5. Eternal Hope 

Blue orchids symbolize eternal hope and inspire you not to give up on your dreams or in the face of hardship.

The blue orchid is hard to find and its appearance in your life against all odds is an indicator that you should not lose hope and keep striving towards what your aims and goals. 

A bouquet of blue orchids signifies positive and looking forward to the future in anticipation.

If a friend has been struggling recently with staying consistent in their efforts, then gifting them a bouquet of blue orchids is a thoughtful gesture to let them know not to give up or quit.

Another interpretation of a blue orchid bouquet is as a token of encouragement to people who are starting a new chapter in their lives such as moving abroad to a different country or switching career paths. 

These flowers signify that while hardships come and go, hope is eternal and the one thing that you should not let go of. 


Blue orchids symbolize a variety of positive elements, if you are fortunate enough to have these rare flowers become a part of your life at some time then it is an indication for you to not give up on your aspirations.

These flowers indicate that there could be good luck and fortune just around the corner. This fortune is most likely to be on the form of luxury as blue orchids are highly symbolic of luxury and wealth.