Aquarius vs Sagittarius Fight (How to Handle It)

Aquarius vs Sagittarius Fight

When Sagittarius and Aquarius fight, both are not afraid to use their sharp against each other. These signs can be quite scathing when they are angry, and they can quickly escalate a disagreement into a full-blown fight. The Aquarius will seek justice at all costs while the Sagittarius will often say things they regret.

The elements of fire and air in astrology make for a blissful pairing. Or so we thought. Aquarius and Sagittarius may seem like they have a lot in common. Both signs are known for being independent, cerebral, and idealistic.

However, in some ways, they have very different approaches to life and it is not uncommon for them to be at odds with one another.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Fight: Personalities

SignThe Water BearerCentaur/Archer
ElementAir (Intellectual & Communicative)Fire (Spontaneous & Brash)
TriplicityFixed (Hardworking, Brave, Independent)Mutable (Flexible & Adaptable)
Ruling PlanetUranus (Rebellious & Innovative)Jupiter (Growth & Fortune)

Aquarius Personality and Fighting Style

An Aquarius may withdraw from an argument altogether, or they may unleash a stream of harsh words that they later regret.

Aquarius is an air sign, and as such, represents the intellectual principle. Those born under this sign are known for their inventive minds and progressive ideas. They are often ahead of their time, and their vision extends beyond the here and now.

Often depicted as peace-loving hippies who wear flowers in their hair, they can also be detached and unemotional. But when they are upset, they can be surprisingly reactive.

These people are not afraid to swim against the current so their ideas can sometimes be controversial. Eccentric and quirky, Aquarian’s uniqueness is often seen as a strength. But it can also make them seem weird to others.

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Sagittarius Personality and Fighting Style

Just as an archer takes aim and then releases their arrow toward their target, so too does Sagittarius fire off their words with pinpoint accuracy. They don’t believe in beating around the bush – when Sagittarius has something to say, they will say it directly.

Those born under this astrological influence are known for their fiery temperaments. Sagittarians are natural debaters and love to engage in intellectual banter.

They’re also quick-witted and resourceful, so don’t underestimate their ability to make a convincing argument.

While the no-nonsense approach of the Sagittarius can be refreshing, it can also be a bit overwhelming for those who are expecting some tact. They’re not afraid to use personal experiences or embarrassing moments to make their case. So be prepared for anything and everything when you’re going up against this sign.

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Sagittarius vs Aquarius Fight: How They Argue

The water-bearer likes to take a logical approach and analyze all the options before making a decision, while the archer prefers to go with their gut.

Sagittarius is not an aggressive sign, but they are articulate and persuasive. Their argument style is usually more about convincing others of their point of view rather than winning an argument for the sake of it.

One issue that these two signs often argue about is money. Aquarius is very thrifty and may see Sagittarius as being too wasteful. Sagittarius, on the other hand, may feel that Aquarius is too tight-fisted and isn’t willing to spend money on things that they enjoy.

Another area where these two signs may clash is in their social lives. Aquarius likes to stick to small groups of close friends, while Sagittarius enjoys being out and about meeting new people.

But as long as both parties are willing to respect each other’s independence, they should be able to navigate any disagreements that come up. In general, Aquarius and Sagittarius get along best when they give each other space to breathe. These two signs will often need a change of scenery to be happy.

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How to Handle Aquarius When They’re Angry

If you find yourself in an argument with an Aquarius, the best course of action is to try to reason with them. Be logical when explaining your position, and be prepared to back up your points with evidence.

This air sign respects others who can stand up for themselves, so don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

They may become easily defensive and withdraw if their independence is threatened. Try to be patient and understanding with an Aquarius partner, as they may need time to process their feelings before they can openly communicate. It is also important to be respectful of their need for space and to avoid being too pushy or demanding.

Finally, don’t be afraid to compromise. Aquarians value fairness above all else, so if you can meet them halfway on an issue, they will likely be more open to listening to your side of the story.

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How to Handle Sagittarius When They’re Angry

This zodiac sign can be very passionate about its beliefs, so getting into a shouting match is probably not going to get you anywhere.

This is because Sagittarius genuinely believes in what they are saying and wants others to see things from their perspective. Instead, try to reason with them and see if you can have a productive conversation.

When it comes to their feelings, Sagittarius natives are not as passionate and intense as Leo and Aries. But their impulsive nature can lead them to start fires without even realizing it. Sagittarius can be hotheaded and quick to anger, but they’re also just as quick to forgive and forget.

In many ways, then, arguing with a Sagittarius can be an enlightening experience – even if you don’t always agree with them. Just ride out the storm and wait for the next good moment.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Love Relationship Compatibility

A romantic relationship between the archer and the water bearer is full of adventure and excitement. These two signs are drawn to each other because of their independence and freedom-loving nature.

Sagittarius is also known for being a very positive person, and this can rub off on Aquarius when they are around each other. The lovers also share a love of knowledge and intellectual pursuits, and this is something that brings them together.

They are both always looking to learn new things and explore new places, which makes them a great match. This shared sense of curiosity can help to keep their relationship fresh and exciting.

One thing to watch out for with this pairing, however, is that both signs can be headstrong. If they don’t learn to compromise, this can lead to some major arguments. But if they take the time to work together, they’ll make an unstoppable and unbeatable team.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

There is no denying that Aquarius and Sagittarius are compatible as friends. They share a lot of similarities that make them attracted to each other.

They are both very social creatures who enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds and learning new things from them.

Sagittarius are natural explorers. Their outgoing nature makes them great at networking and making friends. On the contrary, Aquarius is known for their quirky sense of humor and love of all things weird and wonderful. They are great at coming up with original solutions to problems.

Aquarius and Sagittarius understand each other better than anyone else. They know how to make each other laugh, and they appreciate each other’s quirks. This friendship is built to last, through good times and bad.


When Aquarius and Sagittarius get into a fight, it is often up to the fair-minded Aquarius to seek peace while the Sagittarius’s fire element gets it all hot and bothered. Sagittarians are passionate and eloquent, but they can also be overly confident and blunt. Aquarians are not easily influenced by emotions, making it difficult for them to connect with others on a deep level. When they are misunderstood, they will either become aloof or critical of the other person.