Aquarius vs Scorpio Fight (It’s a Power Struggle!)

Aquarius vs Scorpio Fight

Aquarius and Scorpio have a love-hate relationship. Many things can cause a Scorpio and Aquarius fight. For one, they are both stubborn, independent, and determined. They are unwilling to compromise if the issue involves their beliefs.

Additionally, Scorpio is a water sign and Aquarius is an air sign, so they may have different ways of looking at things and approaching problems.

When they fight, they will both want to be right and have the last word. This can quickly turn into a power struggle, with both partners trying to control and manipulate the other.

Scorpio vs Aquarius Fight: Personalities

SignThe Water BearerScorpion
ElementAir (Intellectual & Communicative)Water (Sensitive & Intuitive)
TriplicityFixed (Hardworking, Brave, Independent)Fixed (Hardworking, Brave, Independent)
Ruling PlanetUranus (Rebellious & Innovative)Pluto (Transformation & Taboo) and Mars (Energy & Action)

Aquarius Personality and Fighting Style

Aquarius values their independence and autonomy. They don’t like being told what to do or how to think. They will fight back if they feel you’re restricting their freedom and will stand up fir their rights.

As an intellectual, they love talking about ideas, but they are also introverts, who need plenty of alone time to recharge. People born under Aquarius thrive on novelty and variety. Routine and repetition bore them.

Although not an easily angered sign, there are a few things that deeply annoy these Aquarius souls. They are all about freedom; therefore, they don’t like being tied down by other people’s expectations or having their behavior dictated to them by social norms.

The water-bearer is polite and fair-minded but is not a pushover. If you’re being mean, then expect a sharp retort back. If you are disrespectful and don’t care about anyone but yourself, don’t ask to be included in their friends’ list.

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Scorpio Personality and Fighting Style

Scorpio and Aquarius have different communication styles. Scorpio is more direct and blunt during an argument, while Aquarius is more indirect and elusive.

Scorpio craves security and loyalty. Here already, we see conflict with the freedom-loving Aquarius. Scorpios need a partner they can rely on and who will take care of them. Scorpios are very sensitive people. They don’t like being criticized, ignored, or talked about behind their backs.

Scorpios are also known for being passionate, so it’s easy to make them angry. They are observant, inquisitive, and manipulative. They hate liars but are extremely secretive on their own.

Being dishonest or disrespectful is a surefire way to get on their bad side—as is ignoring them when they’re trying to talk to you about something important.

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Aquarius and Scorpio Fight: How They Argue

As both Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, they can be hard-headed and neither are willing to back down or apologize. They may need some time to calm down and cool off before they can resolve their differences.

Scorpio is an obstinate sign, and when they fight, they will do so with great intensity. They can be quite cruel and cutting with their words. Striking where it hurts the most, they always go for the jugular.

Aquarius people are more detached and objective, but they can also be quite cold when they are angry.

Those with Scorpio sun signs don’t like being lied to or manipulated. They want the people they love to be upfront and honest with them at all times. So when an Aquarius gets onto a Scorpio’s nerves, it’s usually because they’ve been too flaky or unreliable, like canceling plans at the last minute without giving any explanation.

To Scorpio’s eyes, Aquarius is too passive-aggressive. They always say one thing but mean another, making it hard to trust them because you never know when they’re being sincere or not. They also tend to criticize without offering viable solutions to a problem. Simply put, they can sometimes be hypocritical and self-absorbed.

For Aquarius, Scorpios are constantly trying to be in control. Scorpios can be suffocating when in a relationship. This pushes the freedom-loving Aquarius away. The water bearer would rather be alone than deal with people who don’t respect their boundaries.

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How to Handle Aquarius When They’re Angry

When Aquarius is angry, they may become more withdrawn and aloof than usual.

They may also become more critical and sarcastic. It is important to give them space to cool down, but you should also be prepared to listen to their complaints and try to understand their perspective.

Once they have calmed down, they will be more open to rational discussion and compromise.

Being one of the three air signs (the other two are Gemini and Libra), Aquarians are born with a gift of gab. They are master debaters, who can comprehend and communicate quickly.

It’s not that they’re into arguing but they can be opinionated. Don’t try to change their mind about something unless you’re willing to have a discussion.

How to Handle Scorpio When They’re Angry

Scorpios are known for being passionate and intense. When they’re mad at you, they won’t let it go easily. Start by being empathetic and try to understand where the anger is coming from.

If it stems from a problem or situation, then try to calmly discuss the problem with Scorpio. It’s important to be respectful and understanding, but firm in your resolve.

In most cases, arguing can do more harm than good. If all else fails, just walk away and ignore them until they’ve calmed down a bit. Scorpios get jealous easily and they tend to lash out when they feel like their partner is not paying them enough attention. It’s important not to betray them or you’ll lose their trust forever.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility

Two fixed signs can be compatible if they have several of the same values and principles.

Scorpio is quite different from other fixed signs in its intense love for power. However, they express an unyielding nature typical of other fixed signs. Aquarius expresses their fixed personality intellectually. They can be quite dogmatic and fanatical in their views.

These two signs often butt heads because of these differences. As a water sign, Scorpio is very emotional and intuitive. They are also very sexual, and they crave intimacy and connection. Aquarius is an air sign, and they are very intellectual and detached.

As a couple, they would usually fight because Scorpio craves closeness and intimacy, while Aquarius wants space and freedom. Scorpio’s intense and often jealous nature clashes with Aquarius’ more free-spirited and independent attitude.

This is not an ideal pairing, especially for couples who can’t handle conflicts well. But if they can put their differences aside and focus on what they have in common (like their passion for abstract ideas or their love of art), then they might just be able to make their relationship work after all.

Aquarius and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio are both great at keeping secrets. They don’t like talking about other people’s business, so they have that in common right off the bat.

And because they’re both so interested in the world around them, they have lots of things to talk about when they get together—there’s no awkward silence between them!

Scorpios are intense people though, and sometimes their intensity can be a bit much for an Aquarius to handle. Both signs are fixed in their ways and can be inflexible, so they must learn to compromise. Once they do, they can be a great source of support for each other.


Aquarius and Scorpio have different approaches to life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get along. All it takes is some understanding on both sides. Communication is key to avoiding disagreements. If there is an issue, the two should sit down and calmly talk it out.  An Aquarius who keeps their word and remains consistent would probably get along just fine with a Scorpio! To keep Aquarius’ attention, Scorpio needs to let go of some of their traditional and rigid views. They may be able to connect on a deeper level if they are both open-minded and willing to try new things.