Why Are Pisces So Hated? (5 Top Reasons)

Why Are Pisces So Hated

Pisces have the whole astrology community and the layman baffled by the array of their contradictions.

Their symbol represents a full circle of life by the two fishes swimming in a circle. The sign also symbolizes constant division and contradictions.

While Pisces can be wise, creative, selfless, and compassionate, they can also be unrealistic, confused, impractical, and delusional.

As you may have guessed, most Pisceans are nothing but complicated and confusing to the naked eye. People can’t keep up with the changing personality of a Piscean.

From these traits, the hate for this zodiac stems.

Check below to see if you fit into one of these negative Pisces stereotypes! (Remember: these are just stereotypes and don’t perfectly match any one individual person with a Pisces sun sign).

Reasons Pisces Are So Hated

1. The game plan is to escape

Named as the dreamers of the zodiac signs, Pisces go big on imagination. They love escaping reality and thinking about their next life and how things might be then. 

Generally, anything that doesn’t motivate them (which there aren’t many), makes them feel lazy – physically and emotionally.

They would rather escape the troubling situation and sit back till things get back to normal on their own than do something to make the situation right. 

Because a Pisces’s head is always in the clouds, the modern world can become exhausting and disinteresting to them.

Although they are a Mutable water sign, they don’t like keeping up with the fast-moving world. Again, it’s exhausting and kind of boring for them.

Their first instinct is always to evade when the tough ball gets rolling. Their strong desire to escape is often the reason why Pisces are so hated by other zodiac signs.

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2. Decision-making is not their thing

Pisceans are ruled by the planet Neptune, which is known to govern creativity and dreams. 

Pisceans are ethereal fish that loves to explore boundless imagination and escape reality. Consequently, Pisces struggles immensely to make a decision.

They prefer to go with the flow, rather than dwell on the pros and cons of different options to make a wise decision.

It is common for Pisces to overlook the basic responsibilities because they are overly empathetic and can’t make elementary decisions to save their lives. 

Pisceans can also be pessimists, which makes them even worst decision-makers. Especially when they are emotionally drained, they tend to overthink the worst possible outcomes of every possible thing in their life and around them.

It is very easy for someone to tap into a Piscean’s negativity, as it rarely goes away.

Hence, people hate the fact that Pisces are so flimsy when it comes to being certain and making a decision. 

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3. Overly sensitive and moody

Pisces have the best emotional relationships as compared to other zodiac signs. One of their strongest traits is their emotional intelligence.

They are forgiving, filled with wisdom, and blessed with high tolerance.

However, the things that make them loved by some also make them bothersome to others. 

Pisceans are born to rule emotions. They love people, and they long for people to love and understand them.

But once you get on their bad side, a Piscean will forgive but always hold a grudge. Moreover, anything you say can be taken by a Pisces differently to how you intended. 

Although Pisceans are generally tender-hearted people, they are always lying on edge.

The smallest of things can hurt their feelings. On top of that, their mood is like a whirlwind.

Their emotions can overcome their entire personality in a matter of seconds. Their moodiness and lack of emotional control rub people the wrong way 

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4. They live in a bubble

With a strong craving for relationships, support, and love in their lives, Pisceans still prefer to live in their bubble.

They tend to get lost in their thoughts and imaginations. When something does not go their way, they leave the situation as is.

Because Pisceans think that over time everything will become normal, and it doesn’t matter if they do something or not. In shorts, a Piscean will save themselves from all the trouble. 

Their creative space is everything to them. Alone, Pisces can be most functional. They get drained very quickly and therefore need their alone time to decompress and recharge. 

Simultaneously, they want to be with their loved ones too. With so much going on in their brains, Pisceans never seem to find the right balance between alone time and social time. 

Sometimes, they don’t have the energy to do anything with anyone. All they can think about is alone time. People find Pisces to be obtuse and flaky as they can zone out at any moment, leaving everything behind. 

5. Multifaceted, quite literally

They have so many sides to them, that they get confused themselves.

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac cycle. It is believed that the amalgamation of every zodiac is squeezed into Pisces. They possess something from every zodiac, which is why it is tough for them to keep up with every facet of their personality.

 Along with carrying the traits, Pisces also bear the karmic burden of 11 astrological signs. It is one of the reasons they are so spiritual and intuitive. 

As everything affects them in eleven folds, a single misfortune can pull them back several steps.

They tend to struggle in everything they do because of their multifaceted trait. They get loyalty from Taurus, emotions from a Cancer, practicality from a Capricorn, moodiness from a Scorpio, and much more.

On paper, Pisceans may look like perfect people, but in reality, they display confusing traits. All of this adds to the list of reasons Pisces are so hated. 

Which Zodiac Signs Hate Pisces The Most

Zodiac signs that are rational, less empathetic with a lower emotional quota don’t seem to get along with Pisces.

Signs that are the least compatible with Pisces are Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius).

Leos are a powerhouse, they don’t appreciate people who come across as weak, as well as Leos, can’t fathom the fact that a sign can be so deeply emotional. Similarly, Aries are driven to achieve and succeed.

By contrast, Pisces are extremely laid back and go with the flow.

Geminis think that Pisces are needy and require too much commitment. Aquarius also believes that Pisces is all over the place and their need for reassurance never ends.

All things considered, zodiac signs that are not as emotional or contradictory always have a bone to pick with Pisceans.  

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along With Pisces

No one can understand you better than your own clan. For the same reasons, fellow water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) get along with Pisces.

They have a knack to understand emotions and value creativity together. For different reasons, earth signs like Taurus and Virgo can also make a good team with Pisces. 

Cancer is an emotional sign like Pisces. They both share the love for a deep emotional bond. Another sign that shares great compatibility with Pisces is Scorpio.

In a way, Pisces and Scorpio can build a relationship with great communication skills. As water is meant to nurture the earth, practical signs like Taurus and Virgo find Pisces refreshing and loyal, which they value the most among other virtuous things. 


Highly emotional creatures with a streak of creativity, Pisces are often misunderstood by the people around them. Pisceans often keep their thoughts to themselves and tend to escape reality as much as possible.

They are incredible folks with a gentle, wise, caring, and intellectual side to them.

But they are trapped by their own conflicting thoughts and processes. There are just too many contradictions that confuse the other zodiac signs, and that is purely why Pisces are so hated.  

Note that the above negative stereotypes are stereotypes only. Not all Pisces people are like this – consult your personal natal chart for a more detailed understanding of your astrological future.