Why are Cancers so Annoying? (5 Reasons)

Why are Cancers so Annoying

Cancers are the usual do-gooders which really annoys a lot of people.

They are sentimental, thoughtful, and have one of the best memories in the zodiac. But their great memory means they’ll never forget the things you wish everyone would just move on from!

They’re also really clingy, moody, and overly sensitive. So, spending time with a Cancer can be too much to handle.

5 Reasons Cancers are so Annoying

1. They are clingy

One major downside of this sign is their tendency to be clingy or needy. An anxious Cancer has an incessant fear of being abandoned.

They will make you the center of the universe and would expect the same. Crabs want to feel secure and cherished or they will retreat into their protective shells.

It’s important to understand that Cancers want a solid relationship. If you are not in it for the long haul, don’t lead them on.

The claws come out when they sense your apprehension. If you are not 100% honest about your feelings, they will seek reassurance every single day. Head to the exit door before things get serious.

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2. They are moody

The true friends of Cancers usually walk on eggshells, avoiding everything that could upset them. Because their good side is too warm, soft, and comfy, you never want to unleash their dark side.

Cancer is guided by the earth’s only natural satellite, the moon. If you are lucky enough to have this sign in your life, you know that dealing with their moods requires a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology.

They can be sweet and cuddly one second, and then irritating and defiant the next. The warm embrace could turn into a wet blanket real quick.

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3. They are overly sensitive

Cancer folks are the most emotional of the zodiac and, as we all know, most people are not very good with handling a Cancerian’s emotions.

Their hypersensitivity and tendency to make decisions from an emotional standpoint can spell trouble in their relationships.

Cancers are easily touched, moved, and hurt. The smallest things affect them. Anything too impersonal leaves them cold. Because they are not great at arguing, they often resort to sulking and giving the dreaded silent treatment.

This is not a tactic to manipulate you; they just don’t want to blurt out hurtful words that they’d rather hide and not answer your calls.

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4. They can be possessive

Innately protective of those around them, Cancers are great at building up a nurturing environment for their loved ones and even for people they barely knew.

People are drawn to Cancers the way newborn pups would seek their mothers.

But motherhood is generally an all-consuming task.

An exhausted Cancer can be suffocating. Their compassion and emotional sensitivity border on possessiveness.

Their tendency for “smother-love” can be intense. It’s a term in psychology, referring to a parent-child relationship in which the parent is overprotective, resulting in the child’s dependence and failure to achieve normal psychological development.

Whether it came from a place of love or wanting to be in control, there is no place for possessiveness in a healthy relationship.

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5. They can be demanding

Cancer marks the start of the summer season. Summer signs have a gift for bringing joy and light to the world.But there’s a caveat: as the first water sign of the year, Cancers are also the most emotionally demanding.

The more you ignore their needs, the more they will demand. What they require from people is fairly simple, but it all depends if you are a reliable Scorpio or a detached Aquarius.

They want understanding, security, and appreciation. You need to be there when they need you and wipe their tears when life feels like a struggle. If you are not ready for that level of involvement, then Cancer is not for you.

Which Zodiac Signs Find Cancers Most Annoying? (Incompatibility)

1. Aries

The ram sees the crab as an emotional wobbly mess. Aries people are known for their sharp tongues which can easily wound the vulnerable Cancer.

When the lunar sign is hurt, she tends to brood and avoid confrontations. This irritates Aries who never passes up an opportunity to go mano a mano.

Aries folks are ambitious and independent while many Cancerians find it difficult to move out of their traditional homes. Not because they don’t have the means to live alone but because they are suckers for the comfort and reassurance of the familiar.

2. Leo

The king of the jungle needs constant admiration which a Cancer can readily provide.

The Leo can add zest to the Cancer’s life. While there’s an ebb and flow to every relationship, life between the two is usually a rollercoaster ride.

Leos are hyperactive and their rocket-powered energy and enthusiasm can exhaust their partners.

Water and fire, on paper, are ill-matched. But it’s not uncommon for the emotional Cancer to fall for the passionate Leo. I guess the heart wants what it wants.

3. Aquarius

Cancers feel things very deeply and are home-oriented. Aquarius, on the other hand, is logical and tend to forge its own path.

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius is known to be stubborn and not one to go with the flow.

In astrology, two zodiac signs that are five signs apart are called inconjunct (also called quincunx aspect). These signs don’t go along well.

But while they are prone to disagreements, all is not lost here. Both of them value commitment and stability. They should understand how each other works and find a balance between their differences.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Cancer don’t quite get each other. Sagittarius is aloof by nature and Cancer tends to be clingy. Cancer’s worst fear of being left behind is only heightened by the flighty Sag.

While a Cancerian would feel anxious about a conversation they had a decade ago, a Sagittarian won’t lose sleep over a biopsy test. Fearless, revolutionary, and profoundly optimistic—the archer can bring excitement to the crab’s unadventurous life.

If they put in the effort to communicate, the Sagittarius can teach the Cancer about letting go while the Sagittarius can learn how to get more in touch with their emotions.

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along with Cancers? (Compatibility)

1. Pisces

Think of Johnny Cash (Pisces) and June Carter (Cancer), this match is the peanut butter and jelly of the zodiac. The two water signs are both compassionate and sensitive. They can probably read each other’s minds.

Both signs need constant attention and affection, which is something they can happily provide for each other. Though they may lead different lifestyles, their emotional bond is unbeatable.

2. Scorpio

This celestial pairing makes for a smooth-sailing relationship, as both signs are willing to roll up their sleeves in order to make the relationship work.

Scorpio knows how to navigate the crab’s mood swings. The Cancerian is attracted to Scorpio’s passion and intensity.

They complement each other well since both of them are home-oriented and love spending time together.

3. Virgo

People born under the Virgo sign are focused and determined. They won’t hesitate to build a lovely home for Cancer. Virgos can give the security that Cancers long for. Both are financially smart so it is uncommon for these signs to go broke.

Slightly introverted, Cancerians are everyone’s friend but only allow a few people to get really close to them.

Virgos operate at the same frequency, but it is because of their highly suspicious nature. Overall, Virgo and Cancer are considered to be a compatible psychic match.

4. Taurus

There are people who tend to live on the edge, but Taurus and Cancer would rather play it safe. The two feminine signs are all about security and stability. In love, they take it slow.

While both are extremely nurturing and dedicated, they express themselves differently. Taurus can be stubborn and often hide their emotions, while Cancers can be overly expressive of their feelings.

Despite some occasional emotional meltdown, this match simply works! They prefer each other’s company instead of socializing in large groups. Both have a friendly, kind, and compassionate nature that keeps their relationship afloat.


Cancer is the sign of domesticity. An emotional connection is ideal for the crab, whether it’s through art, sports, or flirty text messages. A permanent partner will bring out the best in them. Win their trust and you hit the jackpot. You will have the most affectionate, caring, and loyal person on your team.