Cancer Moon Woman: 5 Traits it Gives You

Cancer Moon Woman

Women with a Cancer Moon are maternal and sensitive, making them deep and nurturing souls.

Cancer is a water sign, meaning you’re motivated by your emotions. As the moon represents your internal emotions, you’ve got a strong concentration of emotional intelligence in your chart.

Common personality traits of women with a cancer moon include empathy, temperamentality, and maternal instinct.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

What the Moon Sign Means in Astrology

The Moon in Astrology represents our emotions, our needs, the relationship with our mothers and what energy we need in order to feel safe.

It’s related to our inner child and how we expressed and received love during our childhood. It can also show subconscious traumas. All of this will be present in our adult lives, and that is why it’s so important to heal our deepest emotional wounds and understand what energy makes us feel comfortable.

Healing leads to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and to relating with others in a better way.

Cancer Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. She’s Sensitive

Cancer Moon women are extremely sensitive. This is because Cancer is a water sign. They feel their emotions in a very profound and intense way.

It is not hard at all for these women to feel their emotions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

They absorb a lot of information from their environment, feeling everything others around them are feeling.

This can be very overwhelming and that is why it’s so important for Cancer Moon women to cleanse themselves energetically very often. It’s their sensitivity that makes them likely to develop psychic abilities.

These women live deeply connected to their hearts instead of their minds, they don’t care about rationalising or controlling their emotions. They simply feel a lot and are easily affected by things that others might not find important at all.

However, if this Moon is afflicted, it could make the native way too emotionally unstable.

Due to this intensely emotional nature, it is beneficial for these women to establish relationships with earth signs. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn partners or friends will provide them with the stability and security they need.

They will also supply firmness, protection and strength. These signs will help compensate this Moon’s changing humour and will happily accept its maternal cares. Cancer Moon women are very emotionally affected by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the puerperium, even more than other women.

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2. She’s Temperamental

Due to the emotional overflow women with Cancer Moons have to deal with, their mood changes a lot.

They are just like the Moon.They go through many phases and are always changing.

These women have the ability to flow with their emotions and whatever these may bring, making them very temperamental beings.

Their mood depends on a variety of things, but their sensitivity to every single little thing does lead to them feeling overwhelmed and getting into a bad mood as a result.

Their moodiness is also a defence mechanism used to protect themselves from their strong emotions and from absorbing other people’s energy.

Cancer Moon women hide in their shells as a way to protect their energy and not allow people to absorb it until they feel good enough again. They will also take out their claws if it is necessary to protect themselves or their loved ones.

If something makes Cancer Moons feel sad or angry, they won’t cry in front of others, they will get into a bad mood and ask everyone to get out of their way.

Still, even if their humour changes a lot, these women are very serene most of the time.

3. She’s Maternal

Cancer and the Moon are known as the Mothers of the zodiac due to their ability to nourish and protect others. This is exactly what women with this Moon do.

They want to feel protected and nourished.

These two things, protection and nourishment, are what they need from others in order to feel loved, and these are also the things they offer in their adult lives in order to express their love towards others.

These women follow the typical archetype of the loving, caring, sensitive and nourishing “mother”.

Cancer Moon women have a strong desire to make others feel safe and comfortable.

They enjoy providing their loved ones with everything they need in order to feel nourished.

The bond these women have with their mothers is very strong. Their maternal figure showed love through making them feel safe and warm, and this is what women with a Cancer Moon will need and crave later in life.

These women were very permeable to what their mothers felt during their childhood, even if they didn’t notice it. It is because of this deep desire of maternity that Cancer Moon women are so good at helping and being there for others.

Even if they are amazing at taking care of others, sometimes the idea of having children can make them doubtful because they themselves don’t want to get out of the role of the child that is protected and loved.

They believe that maternity has to respond to the archetypal idea of it, which involves giving their everything or nothing at all.

4. She’s a Home Body

Another trait Cancer Moon women have is that they are very home-loving. They feel safe at home, in their own place, where they can be alone or with their closest loved ones.

They tend to prefer being with friends and family rather than meeting new people.

When these women get too overwhelmed due to their sensitivity, they need to hide from the world, and to do so, they escape home, the place they feel the most protected.

Cancer Moon women protect their friends and family at all costs, they would do anything for them and can become very aggressive if someone hurts their loved ones. They really do have a strong bond with their family, this is why safety, peace and harmony at home are the most important things for these women to feel good.

Whatever happens at home affects them a lot emotionally.They need to have a safe place because it is very hard for them to get out into the world, which they see as violent, scary and dangerous.

For example, they are afraid of getting out into the world just to find that people won’t love them in the same way they were unconditionally loved at home.

It is important for them to learn that relationships in real life aren’t usually unconditional and require effort and growth from both parties.

5. She’s Empathetic

Cancer Moon women’s sensitivity leads them to being very empathetic. They can feel the energy around them and they can also feel others’ emotions. This makes them very permeable and likely to absorb the energy of their surroundings.

This capacity to feel such subtle energies makes them very intuitive and able to perceive what others are feeling.

Although this can make them pretty vulnerable, it is also a gift that allows these women to help others and understand exactly what they need.

It is this empathy and compassion that helps them connect deeply with others, creating strong bonds and gaining people’s trust easily. They can instantly detect what those around them are feeling and notice even the slightest change in their energy or behaviour.

Even if they are deeply sensitive, perceptive and permeable to what happens around them, they can show up as cold. They do this in order to protect themselves because once they connect with someone, it’s hard for them to separate from what the other person is feeling.


Cancer Moon women are very sensitive and protective souls that are always there to embrace others in a healing, warm hug. They are always present when people need help, and it’s their sensitive and empathetic nature that makes them so special. It is important for them to learn to be there for themselves too. They can be their own safe place and it will always be healthy for them to take time to rest and release the overwhelming baggage of emotions they carry. Spending time alone and with close loved ones is one of the most important things these women can do in order to find well-being.