5 ways Cancers are Smart (Their Intelligence Explained)

5 ways Cancers are Smart

Cancer does not have the logical-mathematical intelligence that is the most known type of intelligence. Instead, they have something that is difficult for many people: emotional intelligence.

They are sensitive and are always in touch with their feelings. Cancers are smart because they have emotional intelligence.

This makes them very good at putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. They welcome, listen and are always ready to help anyone out!

It is a sign capable of making connections very easily, as it will hardly judge anyone.

Cancers are those friends you trust and you know will never use something you said against them.

They are ruled by the moon, so they are super intuitive and use it daily in their lives.

In a society that values ​​only the rational, Cancers know how to silence the mind and listen to the heart, so they live faithfully to themselves, and not to what others say is right.

Cancers represent the loving care that only a few people are able to give to each other these days.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

How Are Cancers are Smart?

1. They make deep connection with others

With cancers, it’s all about feelings. It is perhaps the most emotional water sign in the zodiac.

They are not superficial.They feel everything very intensely. When they like someone, they make it very clear and do everything for the person.

They understand what others feel because they are very intuitive and have an easy time getting people to open up to them. Thus, they end up creating great strong bonds of friendship and love, for life.

They know how to advise people in order to keep groups together, reducing differences and valuing everyone’s potential with their respectful words. They are excellent advisors because they love to observe people’s behavior.

You can always count on Cancerians, who are very loyal and never forget what you do for them as they have a very good memory.

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2. They think a lot before making a move

Cancer’s symbol is a crab, and Cancerians have a lot of the traits of a crab! They have a hard shell on the outside and appear to be indestructible but on the inside they are soft and emotional.

They are also terrified of getting hurt, which makes their protective instincts very strong.

Therefore, before doing anything or making a decision they are cautious and think a lot. They only act when they have analyzed all the possibilities and are absolutely sure that it will work.

As they hate making mistakes, they prefer to take longer to act, so it is less likely that something will go wrong or that they will get hurt.

It is also true that because of this they take a long time to act and sometimes lose the timing of the situation but they do it just to reduce the risk of getting frustrated.

Cancer just needs to learn not to wait for the perfect situation to act. Thinking before acting is a very smart thing to do.

However, Cancerians do this out of fear and insecurity most of the time. They need to work on these issues or it can become their vulnerability.

3. They listen to their intuition

Yes, our rational mind is essential in our life, but it has a limited view of reality.It is often influenced by our limiting beliefs and external situations. Intuition is a form of unconscious knowledge.

It is produced through previous experiences that we have already lived and arises without the mind consciously processing that information. So a person can make a decision just by feeling that it is right and getting a positive response.

As it is a sign ruled by the moon, they are very intuitive and emotional people.

Everything for cancers involves their feelings. Whenever they need to make a decision, they think several times beforehand. They stay silent and listen to what their intuition says.

They are faithful to what they feel and to their truth and do not get carried away by what others think.

Their intuition is so strong that sometimes they get scared and prefer to hide it within themselves and not use it. They need to learn to deal with it as it is part of who they are.

They can use their intuition to help those they love as they know exactly how others feel. Because of this they also know how to accurately tell when someone is lying.

Don’t try to deceive Cancerians as they can almost smell lies. They get hurt easily and then it’s hard to win them back again.

4. They are amazing at art

Their ability to be in touch with feelings has numerous benefits, and one of them is the ability to create new things out of emotions. They have great imagination which helps them to be great artists, poets, writers.

Despite being excellent listeners, they have a hard time talking about how they feel, so one way to deal with all this is to turn it into art! They are able to write, paint, dance, sing or write music to let go of their feelings. It is part of their healing process.

A very simple example is writing about feelings. When we write and then read, we often gain more clarity about the situation and can see many different sides to it.

In addition, we free up space in our mind for other things because it is as if the problem is no longer disturbing our mind.

Cancerians teach us not to neglect what we feel. The worst way to deal with something is to ignore it. It may feel comfortable not touching wounds, but in the long run it only causes damage.

Everything we feel eventually comes out, such as through illness for example.

Sometimes we just need to look more at feelings to try to understand and transform that into something less painful, and art is one of the countless ways to do that.

5. Cancers are good at finding safety

Everything cancer does is based on feeling safe. They are always looking for comfort and as this is very important to them, they always want to do the same for those they love.

Cancers seek comfort primarily through their home and food. Food is extremely important to them as it is a way of showing their affection.

They’re that friend who is super prepared for any unforeseen event and who will always have something ready for you to eat. Whether in the bag or in the car, food is never lacking with Cancerians!

They are also very welcoming. They have a very strong maternal instinct and always want to take care of those they love. They love having people in their home because it’s something that fulfills them.

They’re the kind of friend who will always check on you to know if you’re okay or if you need something. Always wants to know if you eat well and if you arrived home well after a party.

Cancers remind us that it’s ok to let someone else take care of us and be vulnerable. Okay, sometimes they can cross the line and be a little suffocating, but they don’t do it on purpose.


Cancers aren’t traditionally intelligent, but cancers are smart.  We learn from Cancerians to take care of each other more and to show affection to those we love. They know how to deal with their feelings and with others too as they have a very great emotional intelligence! They can become excellent psychologists or social workers because they are always ready to help.

They worry too much and this can be a big challenge in their lives. Everything in life is about balance, and if they can learn how to deal with their fear of getting hurt they can achieve even more. After all, life is unpredictable, even when we think we have everything under control, unforeseen events happen, so we shouldn’t wait for the best conditions to act.

Often their intelligence comes in the form of music and art. Many successful Cancers are singers, writers and poets.