5 ways Leos are Smart (Or Are They?)

5 ways Leos are Smart

Leos are smart simply because they know their worth! They are always trying to improve themselves to become the best person they can. They work hard for it and take pride in their evolution without any modesty.

Their self-confidence makes people attracted to them and gives a feeling that people can trust them.

For them life is a stage and they are the main star. No matter what others think, they

will live intensely, do everything with passion and have fun. They represent the inner child that we all have inside us but that adult life sometimes suffocates and forgets about.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

How Leos are Smart

1. They are generous and supportive

It is a very common stereotype to say that Leos think they are better than everyone else. This may be true, but they still try to build people up whenever they can.

If you’re the type who has low self-esteem, have a Leo friend close to you. They will always praise you and point out your qualities.

But they are always extremely honest and they will never tell lies just to please. It’s true that they do this because they want to be loved and valued too, but who doesn’t like to feel loved and valued, right?

They have a giant heart! They love to help people, whether they know them or not. They understand that generosity is one of the most beautiful traits anyone can have, and not being generous would be like a character deviation (and they want to be the best person possible).

They like to feel useful, but they have a hard time asking for help or receiving favors. They do not accept that others can be better than them, nor do they assume their fragility (which is normal for any human being).

Their relationship with money is just one: spend it in order to feel good! They live in style and don’t like to save money. In their minds money serves to provide good things for them and for others so they are note a cheapskate.

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2. Passion is what moves Leos!

Leo is ruled by the Sun, our major star that makes it possible for us to live. Like the sun, people are naturally drawn to Leos because they have such a strong natural energy and do everything with a lot of passion.

It’s beautiful to see Leos just living. Everything they do is with a lot of love and they give themselves body and soul to what they love. Their determination is thrilling and even in the simplest things they give their best. In astrology, Leo is associated with the heart precisely because of this passion.

They are very creative people and show themselves without fear of making mistakes. They also show intense affection and are the kind that aren’t afraid to look corny (remember, they have indestructible self-esteem!).

They are the type capable of making public displays of affection, passionately kissing the loved one in front of a crowd or even throwing roses on the bed.

Living life passionately like Leos is a very beautiful thing. When we have passion for anything, we are able to face the whole world for it. Nothing is able to stop a person who loves what they do.

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3. They Allow themselves to feel pleasure (without guilt)

Leo is the sign that represents the 5th house in astrology. It is associated, among other things, with the pleasures of life, hobbies, amusements, passions. Leos really like to enjoy life, have fun, be with those they love, and enjoy good things.

They are very intense, so when it’s to have fun they have the most fun, when it’s to love they love completely!

It is quite obvious to them that once they fulfill their responsibilities they are free to live life.

Many people feel bad about resting but these are not Leos. If on the one hand they enjoy the rest without guilt, on the other they are also super focused on work when it has to be because they are very responsible.

Fire signs have this very clear within them: life is one, and you can’t waste time pretending not to like what you like or trying to be someone else. Leo represents our inner child, who is not afraid of what others think, and just wants to be happy, no matter what.

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4. They Have Very High Self Esteem

If there’s one thing Leo knows, it’s to value themselves. Of course, they like compliments, because in their view it is not easy to be as good as they are!

But people say they do everything they can to show up. That’s not quite true.

Generally, the most needy people like to show themselves, want to be valued and to be the center of attention. What Leos have is self-esteem. And that naturally gets people’s attention.

They have a magnetism that attracts everyone to them, and after that it’s easy for them to show who they are with all his pride and vanity.

They take every chance they get to show themselves completely, always as if they were in a show.

Although they love themselves very much they don’t put others down. They are sincere when they praise others because they are very honest and cannot fake anything.

Vanity can be a problem for Leos. They must value themselves after all if we don’t love ourselves who will?

But Leos need to understand that like any person in the world they have things to improve in their lives. There is no one perfect since perfection is relative and no one is better than anyone else.

5. The best leaders in the zodiac!

Their self-confidence and determination inspire others.This makes them amazing at leadership.

In addition, as we mentioned before, Leos can perceive the qualities of others and then delegate functions according to each one’s specialties. This makes people very loyal to them as they are always generous and optimistic at work.

They are the kind of leaders who love to teach others how to do things. They have a lot of patience to teach. What makes them such good leaders is that they know how to captivate everyone around them, just like a true king!

Leos do more than bosses, they inspire others! They are not motivated by fear but by inspiration.

Plus, they’re really fun leaders, the kind that go out together for a drink at the bar on bad days. But that doesn’t mean they are soft at work. They work hard and are very strict with themselves and others. It’s no surprise that Leos are often well-suited to lead others.


Leos don’t fake false modesty as they know their value and don’t let anyone say otherwise. They just need to be careful not to become exhibitionists and just talk about themselves because no one can stand that.

Their biggest quality is their generosity and passion. When they like someone they do everything they can to help the person. They have a huge heart and feel great helping others.

They are very protective of those they love, really like a Lion with his cubs! In addition they do everything with a lot of passion and determination.

They are fair and their self-confidence is to be envied! Despite this, Leo pride can get in their way as they find it difficult to ask for help or to admit that they are wrong. They always need to remember to listen to others, after all it’s not just their opinion that matters.