Leo Moon Woman: 5 Traits it Gives You

Leo Moon Woman

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. As a result, women with their Moon in Leo want to shine their light to a point where people have no other option but to see it.

Besides being attention seekers, Leo moon women are also highly individualistic, creative, and emotionally intelligent leaders. She’s usually also got a lot of joy to give to the world.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

What does your Moon Sign Mean in Astrology?

The Moon in Astrology represents our emotions, our needs, the relationship with our mothers and what energy we need in order to feel safe.

It’s related to our inner child and how we expressed and received love during childhood.

It can also show subconscious traumas. All of this will be present in our adult lives, and that is why it’s so important to heal our deepest emotional wounds and understand what energy makes us feel comfortable.

Healing leads to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and relating to others in a better way.

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5 Leo Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. She Might be an Attention Seeker

Women with their Moon in Leo tend to be very extroverted. This is because of the need they have for attention and their need to show off.

Their confidence and enthusiasm make them want to show themselves to their world, show their talents and have others tell them how amazing they are. Through the contact with other people who can admire their uniqueness, these women feel satisfied.

During their childhood Leo Moon women needed to be the centre of attention, especially in their family or with their mothers. Their mothers made them feel very special, as if they were the queens of the world, or at least that’s what they needed from their mothers.

For example, during their childhood, they had the tendency to act capricious in order to be seen.

This is what they will look for during their adult life too. They will seek attention in order to feel loved and emotionally fulfilled.

Women with this Moon placement need to be careful because their need for affection can make them do anything.

They have to understand that by shining their own authentic light, they will be loved.

There is no need to try too hard. When it comes to relationships they are very loyal and they really need to receive attention from their partners. They might get jealous easily, but their pride will never let them show it.

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2. She Might be Individualistic

Leo Moon women can be pretty individualistic.This is because of their need for attention and their thought that they are the most amazing people in the world.

They don’t like to receive criticism from others, it makes them feel very angry. They want to be applauded and their constant search and need to shine can make them selfish when it comes to thinking about others and their needs.

Wanting to be the center of attention all the time makes them think only about themselves rather than also tapping into others. It is also this trait that can make them pretty dominant since they want everything to be done their way.

These women can be proud and get easily offended when things don’t go their way. They don’t like it when others criticize them.They just want to receive compliments. They want to be everyone’s favourite person and the best at everything they do. If someone criticizes them, they won’t tolerate it.

People have to accept these women just as they are.

A mature Leo Moon woman shouldbe sure of herself and has no reason to feel uncomfortable when other people triumph.

Nevertheless, it is hard for them to not be the main characters but they will learn that everyone is unique, and the light of another person doesn’t mean the absence of their own.

Although they can be very arrogant, they are very loyal friends and partners. It’s just that sometimes they carry too much emotionally!

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3. She’s Creative

Women with their Moon in Leo are very creative. Art is actually a great form of expression for them.

Due to their childish, joyful souls, women with this Moon placement come up with great ideas and canalise creativity very easily.

Their enthusiasm and need to show off helps them create art everywhere they go, or put their creative mind into work.

Expressing their feelings through the use of this creativity can be very healing for these women.

Leo Moon women are very talented in many aspects. However, their theatrical way of expressing themselves makes them very dramatic and able to express their emotions in a theatrical way.

If they are not feeling good, they will want people to know it.

They love showing their emotions and having a receptive public for their creative expressiveness. They have to be careful not to fall into the constant search of drama in their lives, which can be done in order to receive attention.

They prefer to live dramatically before being bored.

In terms of creativity, these women love to dress and decorate their home in eccentric ways that will show off, everything has to be filled with beauty.

Lastly, they have a lot of artistic potential that they are sometimes afraid to use. They might resist innovation. This can happen because they are afraid that if they try something new people won’t like it.

But they have to create from their hearts and let go of the need to simply impress others. Anything they create will be amazing, moving and trying or adding new things into what they do can make them even more inspiring and admirable.

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4. She’s a Leader

Leo Moon women are natural leaders. They transmit confidence, energy and power to everyone around them. Attention, admiration and appreciation is what they need in order to feel good.

This is why they enjoy leading others, capturing their followers’ attention.

Their creative, confident and empowered souls make them amazing leaders that everyone loves. They have the capacity to incentivize others with what they say and do.

If they have to, they will fight back with a lot of strength, defending themselves and those they love.

The amount of energy and self-confidence they possess makes it easy for them to achieve what they desire. They need a public in order to feel happy, and they are inspirational souls that crave sharing with others everything they have to offer.

Everyone admires these women and feel captivated by their affective, generous and warm way of leading.

Their generosity and loving nature makes them enjoy sharing with others in a kind way. These women are also seen as heroines. This is because they get out of their comfort zones and have the courage to take risks.

In the adventures they live, not only do they discover themselves, but they also do things that have a positive impact on their communities.

5. She’s Joyful

Lastly, women with Leo Moons are very joyful. They are full of enthusiasm. These women love any form of entertainment, such as sports, art and even playing.

Playing with children, due to their incredible imagination and childish spirit, makes them really happy. These women tend to be very positive, playful and caring. This is why everyone enjoys being around them.

Their joyful, confident and wild souls are contagious to others, making everyone have an amazing time if they are with them.

Leo Moon women love social gatherings because they can entertain their loved ones and be the centre of attention.

Since they were little, they filled the room with light when they walked in. No one can raise other people’s self-esteem as Leo Moon women can, they simply inspire those around them.

They are amazing hostesses that love making others feel comfortable when they go to their homes. They want to make people feel loved and taken into account. When they love someone, this Moon’s women are very demonstrative and warm.


Leo Moon women are very creative, enthusiastic and extroverted souls that shine their light to this world, standing out clearly from the rest of the crowd. It is important for these women to learn to live for themselves and show up authentically rather than doing things just to receive applause and other people’s approval. Once they do this, they can become the most amazing leaders, leading through their hearts with generosity and kindness.