Virgo Moon Woman: 5 Traits it Gives You

Virgo Moon Woman

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. Women with this Moon are practical and helpful souls that are always there for others, even to offer a critic.

The Moon in Astrology represents our emotions, our needs, the relationship with our mothers and what energy we need in order to feel safe.

It’s related to our inner child and how we expressed and received love during our childhood.

It can also show subconscious traumas. All of this will be present in our adult lives, and that is why it’s so important to heal our deepest emotional wounds and understand what energy makes us feel comfortable.

Healing leads to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and to relating with others in a better way.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

5 Virgo Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. You’re Service-Oriented

Virgo Moon women are very helpful. They love helping those around them and feeling they are useful.

They also enjoy performing actions that serve a purpose and that imply being dedicated to people who will be grateful for their effort and intelligence.

Virgo Moon women are loyal, trustworthy friends and partners. They are always there for others.

When someone is going through a hard time emotionally, these women will offer a practical disconnection.

It is their practical nature that allows them to help others communicate and discuss their problems without fearing emotional work. Everyone admires how good and helpful they are when it comes to analyzing feelings.

But the fact that they are always there for others makes it pretty hard for them to establish boundaries. They are afraid of saying no because it makes them feel guilty to do so.

However, it is good for them to establish healthy boundaries while helping those who need it.

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2. You’re Self-Critical

Women with their Moon in Virgo are very obsessive, critical, and even perfectionists.

This can make them very hard on themselves and they are very likely to criticize others and the faults they see on their own selves.

They are constantly seeking for perfection, and this at the same time leads to them noticing everything others, or themselves, do wrong.

Criticism is actually a gift, but it is up to each Virgo Moon woman if they use it in a constructive or harmful way.

If someone is looking for an honest opinion, they will go to these women. It’s their capacity to focus on details that makes them such perfectionists and amazing observers.

However, at times, they might be too critical, to an extent where they can’t let things and people be as they simply are.

Criticism can come from a place of fear of being inferior to others if these women don’t strengthen their self-esteem.

Although they are critics themselves, they tend to get easily offended when others criticize them.

Their admirable quality is that even if theyjudge others, they have the capacity to also judge their own actions, which makes them very reflexive souls.

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3. You Set Strict Rules

Due to it being an Earth sign, Virgo is a very self-contained sign. Women with their Moon on this placement, are usually very mentallyrigid.

This is because during their childhood they were supposed to act the way their parents, especially their mothers, wanted them to, and they were put under a lot of pressure and strict rules.

They had to follow a lot of standards of perfection imposed on them that required them to always put others first and avoid any sort of overflow of emotions.

Their mothers were usually emotionally overwhelmed, and this is why these women had to develop their rational side in order to understand what was happening.

They had to take care of themselves since they didn’t receive that much attention from their maternal figure.

Being self-contained and self-regulating makes them feel safe. It can be great when it comes to taking things slowly and when it comes to self control and learning to think after reacting.

However, it can also lead them to repressed emotions that will then show up as health issues if not healed and dealt with.

They have to learn to express themselves, find a way to do it, even if it is uncomfortable.

Sometimes their need to be “perfect” makes it hard for them to accept and communicate complex emotions. They are afraid of expressing themselves since they fear losing control or being seen as too intense.

This quality they possess tends to be confused with a detached and cold personality. It is true that they might lack emotional flexibility, which is something important for them to learn.

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4. You’re Very Practical

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, women with this Moon are very intelligent. Virgo is an earth sign, which attributes it with the trait of practical thinking.

These women are very good at finding clear, practical solutions to problems, which makes them great at helping others.

It is also this trait that allows them to be so organized and methodical when it comes to their actions and thinking.

Order, health and hygiene are very important things for these women.

They prefer to deal with their emotions through finding solutions rather than flowing with what they are feeling and letting their emotions control them.

People like the way it’s so easy for them to set priorities and organise chaos. They are very strict when it comes to little details, which makes them very hard working and good at what they do.

However, insignificant things might get them too irritated, making their perfectionism pretty fastidious.

Their hyper-analytical way of being can be great for some things but there comes a point where they have to take action instead of getting stuck in their perfectionist minds.

This tendency to analyze everything is especially present when it comes to affective and emotional matters.

This Moon turns to the mind when in crisis, fear or when they want to show love to someone. It can be great for the “better alone than in bad company” mantality, but they have to understand that it is okay to show love when the heart feels it, no matter what the mind says.

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5. They’re Humble

Due to their critical nature, women with Virgo Moons are surprisingly very humble.

They are reserved, modest souls with a deep desire to serve others. They don’t consider themselves better than anyone, or their work better than anyone else’s.

They also don’t believe that anyone is better than them.They see things in an objective way, understanding the faults each individual has.

However, they may fall into disliking everything they do and comparing themselves to others because they don’t feel perfect enough.

Understanding their worthiness doesn’t come from perfection will be an important lesson for them.

They are always there for others and never recriminate or expect something in return when they offer help. There is no need for them to brag about the things they do or call people’s attention.

Virgo Moon women are humble souls committed to personal improvement and the development of their emotional awareness.

Everyone loves their innocence and simplicity.

Their modesty can make them really shy, and sometimes it can cause an inferiority complex. This is why it’s so important for these women to work on their self-esteem.

Since they were little they had the habit of observing their surroundings and adapting to situations without doing anything that would “bother” others.

They simply stayed quiet and calm. However, it can be dangerous to adapt to certain situations or relationships that are harmful.


Virgo Moon women are the most helping and practical women. They use their mental capacity and their intellect for the good of everyone around them and it is their humbleness that makes others admire them so much.

They just need to learn to not get stuck by the thought of perfectionism. Not letting others control their life, learning to say no and connecting to those strong emotions they repress so badly, will help them heal and will help them offer every gift they have in a much healthier way. The less they criticise themselves, the more their lives will flow. That is when they will be able to help others from a place of warmth and kindness.