Aries Moon Woman: 5 Traits it Gives You

Aries Moon Woman

A woman with an Aries Moon is a strong, independent woman that is willing to fight for anything she desires.

This woman’s independence and inner fire comes from the fact that Aries is ruled by Mars. It is a fire sign full of warrior energy that needs to take initiative and fight for what it wants.

Personality traits of an Aries moon woman include her hyperactivity, her fighting spirit, her passion, and her fierce independence. We’ll explore each of these in this article.

Note that these are broad brush observations only that may not reflect a holistic reading of your chart – for accurate readings of your natal chart, you’ll need to consult a certified astrologer.

What your Moon Sign Represents

The Moon in Astrology represents our emotions, our needs, the relationship with our mothers and what energy we need in order to feel safe.

It’s related to our inner child and how we expressed and received love during our childhood. It can also show subconscious traumas.

All of this will be present in our adult lives, and that is why it’s so important to heal our deepest emotional wounds and understand what energy makes us feel comfortable. Healing leads to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and a capacity to relate to others in a better way.

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Aries Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. She’s Very Active

Aries Moon women need movement. Since Aries is a fire sign, these women are constantly looking for action, starting new projects, practising a sport or simply filling themselves with things to do.

This is what they need in order to feel safe.Movement and action.

However, doing things non-stop can be a defence mechanism used to avoid staying calm and still.

Staying still makes Aries Moon women feel anxious and uncomfortable, this is why they prefer to move all the emotions stuck in their bodies.

It is not comfortable for them to stay in a passive state when it comes to connecting with their feelings, but movement is still a healthy way to release difficult emotions.

Aries Moon women are very impatient and restless, which is why they get easily irritated.

However, when they get temperamental, it lasts a short while and they quickly forget about it.

It is important to understand the amazing gift these women have: the gift of having the will to take initiative to achieve their desires.

Movement is important for these women, they need a home free from unnecessary clutter where they can move around.

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2. She’s a Warrior

Women with their Moon in Aries are innate warriors. They tend to fight a lot. This is often connected to their contentious relationship with their mother, and in their adult life they believe that fighting and constantly arguing is a way of showing and receiving love.

This is because they believe that being honest, vulnerable and not holding anything in implies opening up to others.

If their childhood was filled with fighting and conflict, then this is the energy they will look for later in life due to it being the energy they were used to receiving in their comfort zone.

Many Aries moon women’s mothers were warriors themselves. So, either they will end up like their mothers, or they will go to the opposite extreme, avoiding conflict at all costs but unconsciously attracting people who get mad at insignificant things or tell them what they have to do.

Aries Moon women often need to have something to fight for, and they are not afraid to fight for what they want and desire.

Not only do they like fighting, but also winning.

It is their confidence and strength that allows them to be firm with what they want and that allows them to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The strength they possess provides them with a huge capacity to overcome any obstacle or difficulty standing in their way and in the way of what they want.

For this reason, these women are extremely admired.

However, if this energy is only used to fight others and being inconsiderate with their emotions, then it can make people around them uncomfortable. Women with their Moon in Aries argue and get very angry with those they love the most, because they sometimes think that is how to express love.

Once they learn that they can be vulnerable with their loved ones without the need for conflict, their relationships will be much healthier.

Most importantly, it is this warrior energy that gives Aries Moon women the power to overcome any challenges and difficulties that appear during their lives, making these women very strong.

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3. She’s Passionate

Women with their Moon in Aries are very brave. They get easily passionate about things and are quick to act on them.

These women are not afraid of taking risks and this is why they tend to be very impulsive. They react in fast, spontaneous and direct ways.

Due to their need for constant movement, they lack patience and throw themselves into projects without thinking.

After all, Aries is a pioneer sign that starts things.

They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and how it may affect those around them.They simply jump into projects and ideas without giving it much thought, if any at all.

This is the reason why they are sometimes considered pretty inconsiderate.

Being so self-centred and individualistic makes them not want to listen to others when it comes to starting something new.

If they take the time to slow down and listen to others, they might develop more empathy and find how valuable and enriching other people’s perspectives can be.

Anyways, it is their passion that needs to be expressed and that motivates them to take action, and it is their enthusiasm that makes them such impulsive souls.. It is important for them to find ways in which they can express their passions, because if they don’t, they can get anxious, irritated and even dominant.

4. She’s Honest

Another trait of Aries Moon women is their honesty. They know what they want and go straight for it, staying true to themselves and fulfilling their authentic desires.

It is impossible for them to hide their emotions due to their direct nature, and they are not afraid at all to show others how they feel.

This allows these women to not fall into people pleasing but rather doing what they truly want to do.

They are not afraid of being honest and direct with others, they will say exactly what they think and what they mean.

However, if they don’t practise taking into account people’s feelings, they might be too direct, hurting others due to their impulsiveness and lack of thinking before speaking. If they are feeling bad, they might get rude and aggressive.

Honesty is a very valuable trait when used with consciousness, allowing Aries Moon women to express themselves in a firm, confident and admirable way while staying authentic and true to themselves and others.

5. She’s Independent

Lastly, women with their Moon in Aries need independence and freedom. They have many goals and projects that they want to jump right into, and in order to achieve them, they don’t want anyone standing in their way.

They don’t need anyone due to their self-sufficiency and innate strength. Their independence is one of the traits that makes them natural leaders, capable of leading themselves through their own paths without needing anyone and capable of leading others too.

The only authority they respect is their own, no one else has power over their decisions and actions. These women need freedom and euphoria.

Satisfaction is also achieved by going on adventures and expressing their passions. If these women are taking their courage to the extreme of recklessness, it is a sign that their Moon is afflicted.

Aries Moon women need freedom, they need to lead and conquer in order to feel emotionally satisfied.

When it comes to having children, they will have to think about it twice. This is because they value their independence a lot, and having a child implies losing some autonomy.

However, they can feel attracted by the challenge of having children. If they do, they will raise them with the same independence and autonomy they enjoy.


Aries Moon Women are brave, independent and honest. It’s their warrior souls that give them the strength and power to take action, start projects and fight for what they want until they get it. They are gifted with the ability to start things and to be successful in whatever they take action towards. In order to get the best out of their Moon, these women need to let go of their attachment to conflict and anger. They need to learn to relax and understand that being a warrior doesn’t necessarily imply fighting with people, but rather being courageous and fighting for a good cause, such as their dreams or helping others.