Cancer Leo Cusp Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman

Here we have a very strangecusp that is very interesting for many reasons. If she is born from the 19th to the 23rd of July, then a woman was born on the Cancer Leo Cusp, also known as the “Cusp of Oscillation”, since these tempers tend to change and switch sides often.

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman Personality

These two signs are different in so many ways, yet, still can function if both sides can be moderate in their extremes.

As Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and Leo is Fixed, whatever she plans and starts doing, she has the deep need to finish it.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is a symbol of emotions, senses, intuition, and romance. On the other hand, Leo is ruled by the Sun, a symbol of our ego, our confidence, and our personality.

Since Cancer is a very moody person, that trait stays with this cusp, too.

Hence, the cancer leo cusp woman is a person who can go from being shy and joyless to enthusiastic and fearless, and back again in a short amount of time.

It can be very challenging for anyone next to her to keep up with these transitions. It is also difficult to indulge her.

However, these two opposites can function together, and make her a person who was born to be a boss or an activist who is fighting for noble causes.

This woman is truly a gentle empath who has a fierce drive to make an impact on others and create some favorable difference.

Cancer is a Water element, while Leo is a Fire one. This can be good when it comes to silencing Leo’s ego. Hence, this can be a good combination if learned how to oscillate between these differences.

Furthermore, Leo here is giving Cancer exactly what it needs – a little bit of Sun to make Cancer feel the warmth and regain the self-confidence.

On the other hand, if she does not find a partner that fully supports her, then she might take over a bit too much male role on her side.

She needs that guidance and firm hand, and if he is not the one, then she will take care of it. Hence, she might seem too rough on occasions, if feminine energy is not balanced.

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Cancer Leo Cusp Woman Strengths

1. She is Generous

She has that inner, natural instinct when it comes to helping and nurturing others. She is a true empath who can easily guide the ones in need in the right direction. She will do anything that is in her power to help the ones who are close to her and who she cares about.

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2. She is a Powerful Leader

When she sets on something, she does not let it go. Therefore, she can easily start any project and finish it. Also, she is an example for others of how things should be done. As such, she takes recognition and admiration of others. With the Moon and the Sun in her, she was really born to shine.

3. She is Creative

With the emotional deepness of Cancer and Leo’s sense of drama, she was truly born for the stage. Her creativeness is also seen when she uses her instinct in whatever she does. Whether it is the theater, museum, workshop, or podium, she will own it with her stance.

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Aries Taurus Cusp Woman Weaknesses

1. She is Overdramatic

Both signs here are highly expressive. On one hand, we have overly emotive Cancer and on the other hand, we have Leo who is all about drama and ego. When combined, we get the drama queen that she is. Hence, she is highly expressive and eager to become hypersensitive.

2. She does not know how to handle critics

Handling bad feedback is really not her thing. It is hard for her to address it properly, either with emotions or with ego – both are fragile spots for her. Sometimes she can get into highly defensive mode and say harsh things and over the line. Therefore, just try to sugarcoat it, or find a funny way to let her know that she is not doing something right.

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3. She can be confusing and very moody

Since she is a combination of two complete opposites, she also gives the vibe of a person who is very hard to comprehend. She can turn from a sad person to a highly euphoric in a second. Actually, her current emotional state gives the rhythm for those constant ups and downs. Not anyone can cope with that, since it is very difficult to handle her fluctuations.

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman Ideal Careers

1. Leading Manager, or Owner of a Company

Her leading abilities were given by the lights, the Moon, and the Sun. The lights are our guiding system since these are the only two that can be seen by the naked eye. She has the Moon and the Sun in herself to move forward and make decisions. Hence, she possesses everything that she needs for good leading and making difference in the world.

2. Actress or Performer

As we mentioned, she was born for the stage. She knows how to rule it, and she feels like herself there. Therefore, it seems like the spotlight was made only for her. Also, her attitude and the way she talks and walks drives attention, and she knows how to keep it. People are simply mesmerized by her!

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman Compatibility

1. Most compatible

The cancer leo cusp womanis most compatible with:

  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Since she can be quite moody and change quickly from a quiet to a talkative person, it would be good for her to have a grounded Earth sign by her side.

Also, they can be quite disciplinary and good guidance for her in the need for tranquil thoughts.

Water signs can easily understand the sensitive side that her Cancer has, and they can easily give all the support that her Leo needs.

However, too many emotions can seem like a crowded party, but with self-control, it can be managed.

2. Least Compatible

The cancer leo cusp womanis least compatible with:

  • Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius)
  • Earth signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Fire signs can be too self-centered to give enough attention that she needs in the first place.

However, one Fire sign stands up – Aries! Even though they can have some problems due to a lack of good communication, they still go along. Their relationship is full of tenderness and honest feelings.

Emotions are deeply rooted and so strong that they can solve anything.

Air signs love freedom and their goal is usually focused on larger groups and friends. However, she wants a family and everlasting love. Also, with her moodiness and bossy attitude, she can only be disappointed by the lack of presence of Air signs.

In addition, they may seem too confused when found in situations where she has her outbursts. They just would not know how to handle it.


When we sum it up, we can see that in order for her to succeed in life, she might need to focus more on balancing her emotions. She needs to learn how to control them, especially when they go into conflict.

Even though Cancer and Leo are such opposites, it seems that they bring the best in each other. With the right amount of each element, the balance can be perfect. Since both Cancer and Leo love and look for a committed and loving relationship, it shows that her final goal in life is forming a family. A family that will last, be filled with joy and coziness. She just needs to remember not to be too dependent on other people and try to find peace in herself by balancing her emotions and her wellbeing.