Virgo vs Aquarius Fight (Who Would Win?)

Virgo vs Aquarius Fight

Virgo is a practical and detail-oriented sign and naturally fits well with Aquarius. However, this compatibility comes with some caveats.

Virgo tends to be highly critical of other people’s shortcomings, which can lead to a lot of unnecessary tension between them.

Likewise, Aquarius’ open-mindedness can lead them to take on too much responsibility, which can cause relationship problems.

Note: This article outlines stereotypes of each zodiac only, so it represents a broad brush and is provided for entertainment purposes. To get a better understand of what astrology says about you personally, you’ll need to consult an astrologer and have your entire natal chart read.

Aquarius vs Virgo Personalities

Aquarius Personality and Fighting Style

Aquarius people love to learn new things and often read books or take art classes. They can be very creative and like to experiment with different foods, colors, and styles. They also tend to be very logical and curious, which makes them great problem solvers.

However, they can also be rebellious and non-conforming, making them difficult to deal with at times. They may have trouble understanding authority figures and often get into trouble when they are younger. As an air sign, they are inconsistent and sometimes argumentative.

One of the most common frustrations for Aquarius people is dealing with clingy or needy friends. They often attract these types of people because they are so friendly themselves.

Aquarius wants to be able to do their own thing without interference. If someone is constantly bugging them, they’ll eventually get fed up and either confront them or cut them out of their life.

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Virgo Personality and Fighting Style

The element of Virgo is earth. It is a sign characterized by a strong sense of responsibility and perfectionism. They are logical and thorough in their thinking and pay attention to every detail. This makes them excellent organizers and analysts.

On the negative side, they are often too critical of themselves and others and can have a hard time relaxing and enjoying life.

The virgin does not tolerate carelessness. We think of Virgos as a bunch of calm and reserved thinkers, but they also get upset over small things. They can be demanding and have a hard time letting go of things.

When Virgo is mad at you, they may not show it outright. But you will know it through their actions. They will start to nitpick everything you do and point out your flaws. They will also start to withdraw from you emotionally. And if you try to talk to them about what’s wrong, they will give you the silent treatment.

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Aquarius vs Virgo Fight: How They Argue

The elements air and earth in astrology are often seen as incompatible. There is an initial attraction between Aquarius and Virgo, but it quickly fizzles out.

Aquarius is a sign that likes to take risks and live life on the edge, while Virgo is a sign that prefers stability and security. There can be tension between these two signs if they don’t allow each other enough breathing room.

The Planet Mercury rules Virgo, while Uranus governs Aquarius. Mercury is associated with communication, and Uranus represents innovation and change. As a result, these two planets bring different energies to the relationship, which can either complement or clash with each other.

Virgos are extremely detail-oriented, and it’s not easy for them to work with people who are not as systematic as they are. They may feel frustrated and stressed when dealing with those who lack focus and organization.

The adventurous Aquarius may feel like Virgo is holding them back from reaching their goals. Finding a balance between these two headstrong personalities can be a struggle. But if they learn to work together, they can create a dynamic team to help each other grow and succeed.

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How to Handle Aquarius When They’re Angry

Even though Aquarius is all about fairness, they are also prone to sudden outbursts. This sign is not good at conveying their emotions, so their bottled-up feelings may rush out all at once when pushed to the limit.

If you want to make it right with Aquarius, try to avoid saying anything that could be perceived as judgmental, condescending, or otherwise critical.

Be open-minded and tolerant as possible; remember that Aquarius is a very independent sign. Give them the freedom to do their thing, and don’t take it personally if they want to spend time alone or with others.

Finally, if you do happen to cross them, apologize quickly and sincerely – they’re more likely to forgive than you might think. Aquarius believes in the power of second chances, and they will often give people a chance to redeem themselves.

How to Handle Virgo When They’re Angry

Virgo is likely to feel angry if someone else messes up their plans or doesn’t do what they expect them to do. They sometimes feel like they need to control everything and can get frustrated when things don’t go as planned.

When angry, Virgo will usually try to reason with that person and see if they can talk things out. If that doesn’t work, they may resort to passive-aggressive behavior. In extreme cases, Virgo may even lash out in anger.

Virgos like to have everything in its proper place, and they can get easily distressed when things are out of order. If you know your Virgo partner is having a particularly bad day, try to be extra understanding and patient with them.

Don’t push their buttons or try to get them worked up. Instead, let them know you’re there for them and offer encouragement.

Aquarius and Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility

Though not often considered a compatible pairing, Aquarius and Virgo can be quite a good match.

Aquarius is attracted to Virgo’s down-to-earth nature, and Virgo is attracted to Aquarius’ intellect and drive to improve the world. One fundamental difference between these two signs can cause major issues: their attitude toward money.

Virgo is strongly opposed to spending beyond their means, while an Aquarius typically has little issue with doing so. These two attitudes will almost certainly clash in any long-term relationship.

It is important for Virgo not to rush into anything when dating an Aquarius because they need time to figure out what they want.

If they learn to communicate effectively, they can have a beautiful friendship or romantic relationship. But if they let their differences get in the way, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Aquarius and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo enjoy witty banters and intellectual humor. This shared love of humor is one of the things that makes their friendship so special. They can make each other laugh even when no one else understands what they’re talking about.

However, they do have their differences. Aquarius is more spontaneous and carefree, while Virgo is more reserved and serious. But these differences can complement each other and strengthen their friendship.

They are drawn to each other’s company because they provide a space where others can be themselves without judgment. The two signs can become instant friends if they both value their individuality. They may not always agree with each other but they will respect each other’s views.


Virgo is a very complex sign because it has two different sides. The first side is the practical one concerned with efficiency and accuracy. The second side is more emotional and intuitive. When these two personalities come together, they can lead to conflict. Virgo may find that Aquarius is too reckless and impulsive, and Aquarius may have trouble understanding why someone would be so focused on rules and structure. They might even see their Virgo friends as boring or rigid. Both must learn to communicate better and work things out gently and compassionately.