Violet Color Meaning and Symbolism (Delicacy & Creativity)

violet color meaning

Violet combines the calm nature of blue and the ferocious nature of red. This mix of hot and cold tends to evoke spiritualism and creativity.

As with most colors, the color meaning of violet largely depends on the context in which it is used. This is due to the fact that color interpretations are inherently cultural rather than natural.

What Does Violet Color Symbolize?

1. Delicate

The color violet can symbolize delicacy. This may be because (despite the fact it’s rare in nature), there are several delicate flowers that have violet petals.

Indeed, there is even a flower called the Violet whose petals are quite petite. Other violet-colored flowers like lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are also considered delicate.

2. Preciousness

Since the color violet is so rare in nature, it is considered a very precious color.

In this world, precious things are often rare and that is the entire point. If the precious things won’t be rare then they will not have any value.

Thus, you might find that previous, delicate, and beautiful women in books and films are given the name Violet to draw reference to their internal nature.

3. Balance

The color violet combines the calm nature of blue and the fierce nature of red.

It can therefore be viewed as a symbol of balance between the calm and crazy energies of the world.

This balance means that violet can often be seen as both passionate and calming, depending on the subjective interpretation of the viewer.

4. Royalty and Nobility

In ancient times, violet was directly associated with royalty as people from the upper class used to wear violet clothing.

Violet was a dye that was very rare because it was hard to access and expensive. So, royals decided it was a color for them alone!

In fact, during Elizabeth I’s reign, violet was reserved for the royal family alone by law. The so-called Sumptuary Laws forbid anyone that’s not a part of the royal family to wear purple clothing.

5. Power

Violet is also associated with power. In many Western cultures, violet-colored cloaks were used by royals like kings and queens.

Clearly, the association between violet and color also harks back to the fact that, in the middle ages, lower-class people didn’t have access to purple dies. Only the royal family and their entourage would wear purple.

Given that only powerful people would wear purple, it culturally became understood as the color of power. Today, many hundreds of years later, we still tend to associate the color violet with power.

6. Warning

If you see violet color in nature, it can also be a sign of warning. It is a bright color and many brightly colored animals are often poisonous.

Sometimes, Mother Nature sends very subtle warning signs about potential danger. Violet-purple on an animal may be a sign of poison. For example, the Spanish Shawl’s violet skin signifies to potential predators that it may kill them.

This can be explained through evolution: predators learned not to eat purple shawls, and as a result purple-colored shawls thrived while the non-purple ones died out.

7. Imagination

As a color that sits on the precipice between hot and cool colors, violet is a color that can be interpreted very subjectively.

The subjectivity in interpreting this color means that it’s a color whose meaning is open to your imagination.

Thus, you will often see violet being used by spiritual people as a background on their website or in their meditation rooms. Similarly, tarot cards often have a violet background.

8. Spirituality

Like ‘imagination’ another way we can interpret violet is ‘spiritual’. We regularly see it associated with spiritual practices because it seems like such a deep, mystical, and subjective color.

Being spiritual is beyond the worshipping of God. In fact, violet is more commonly used by new age and witchcraft spiritualists than by the traditional religions.

Simply do an image search for the title “witchcraft” to see just how much purple and spirituality are intertwined in the images.

9. Creativity

Violet is the color for creativity and it encourages you to be more creative and think out of the box.

This, again, refers back to the idea that violet is such a subjective color to interpret on the precipice of cool and hot.

Thus, when people are asked what their favorite color is, people who are creative are more likely to cite violet as their favorite color than people who are less creative and more traditional.

10. Attention

Since violet is so unique and rare in nature, it immediately catches attention when you see it. That is why it also symbolizes attention.

Thus, many show gardens often have a wide range of violet-colored flowers to draw attention and show off the majesty and grandeur of the garden. The idea is to draw attention to the beauty of the colors.

Brands with Violet Colors

  • Hallmark – Violet is often considered a feminine color which is consistent with the femininity of the Hallmark brand. 
  • Cadbury – The purple of Cadbury chocolates creates associations between the chocolate and partaking in an indulgence.
  • The Willy Wonka Candy Company – Willy Wonka is a brand that tries to create a magical experience, much like the color violet.

What Does It Mean to Dream in Violet?

Violet is a color that can symbolize creativity and spiritual growth. It has the energy of red and the integrity of blue.

Many people believe that it balances our mind and body and helps us look for meaning in life.

Violet in your dreams usually means, therefore, that you are moving closer to the spiritual side of you. It can be interpreted as a message to keep pursuing your own spiritual path and keep an open mind.


Violet is quite rare in nature and that is why it instantly catches the eye when you see it. As a result, it has a lot of meanings and significance in our cultures. In films, brand logos, advertising, and books, violet can represent royalty, creativity, nobility, power, warning, imagination, and a lot of other things.

All you have to do is observe things carefully and understand the meaning behind them.