Tiger Symbolism in Dreams & Life (Instinct & Confidence)

The main tiger symbolism is instinct. And if you’re looking to tap into your fighting spirit and awaken your sense of adventure, there might not be a better spirit animal to have than the tiger!

Tigers rarely lose out in their habitat, though. They’re symbolic of confidence and strength (personal and physical). And because they’re so ferocious in their pursuits, they’re often branded as aggressive animals that rely heavily on their raw instincts and feelings – without a filter.

If you have the tiger spirit animal, it teaches you to trust your instincts more and show off the part you’re trying to hide more. Also, it encourages you to be more confident in what you do and follow your passion.

We’ll explore more tiger symbolic meanings and the meaning of this spirit animal, as well as some other interesting symbolisms connected to this animal. Remember, each meaning is subjective – the tiger might mean something different to you than it does to me.

Tiger Symbolism in Dreams

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Tiger Symbolism

Below is a quick summary of the top things a tiger can symbolize:

#Tiger SymbolismMeaning
1.InstinctTigers are instinctive animals. A dream about a tiger might be telling you to trust in your instincts.
2.ConfidenceTigers symbolize confidence because they are the kings of their domain. Your dream might be telling you to be more confident in yourself.
3.StrengthAs some of the strongest animals in the jungle, tigers can be enormous symbols of strength. As your spirit animal, they can bring you strength when it’s needed.
4.AggressionAs instinctively aggressive animals, a tiger might be telling you to be more assertive in asking for what you want.
5.FerocityIf a tiger is stalking you in your dream, it may be a sign to protect yourself from a ferocious force in your life or mind.
6.CourageA tiger spirit animal can bring you courage when you need it most.

The tiger has some incredibly powerful meanings, so let’s tap more into each one in a bit more detail.

1. Instinct

One of the primary meanings of the tiger is that of instinct. Tigers have very strong instincts. Most of the time, those instincts are telling them to attack their prey, although they also use them to detect potential dangers in their habitat.

Their killer instinct is what makes them such a formidable opponent in nature, though. They’re one of the most proficient predators in the wild, as they are considered to be apex hunters. This means they have no real natural enemies, although some species might attack them if they are larger in size than the tiger.

If you listen to the tiger spirit animal, it will tell you that you should trust your instincts more, and stop doubting your decisions. Sometimes, making quick and instinctive decisions might be for the best.

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2. Confidence

The tiger is confident in its abilities and its strength, which means it rarely loses out in various fights against other animals. They’re predators and they rarely get preyed on. This portrays that they’re too strong for their competitors sometimes, but also it has a true belief in its own abilities to survive.

The tiger spirit animal is thought to be the ultimate spirit animal if you want more confidence. It can show you the way in your life, especially when you need to trust your decisions more and have more confidence in your strength and your abilities.

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3. Strength

Similar to the leopard, he tiger symbolism of strength applies in two ways: mental and physical strength. Physically, tigers can’t be challenged because they have strong paws and are extremely agile. Almost no other species can top the tiger in this context.

But it’s their mental strength that makes them even stronger. They’re determined to complete the job they set out to do, as they are known as one of the most ruthless predators in the wild. Having the willpower of a tiger means that you’re completely focused on your task and that you’re not steered away by potential problems or hiccups along the way.

4. Aggression

Normally, aggression is seen as a negative trait. And tigers are naturally aggressive because they have strong instincts against other animals. But it’s just part of their nature and something that you simply cannot change.

Their brains are wired to attack anyone that comes close, even those animals that might seem to be a bit more challenging. A tiger will also normally attack a human being, especially if it feels threatened.

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5. Ferocity

Tigers attack with ferocity and will not give the prey a big chance to survive. Only a few animals have the ability to escape a tiger’s attack – and it’s normally those animals that are too quick for the tiger. Again, it’s another negative symbolism but one that shows the instinctive side of the tigers.

6. Courage

Tigers are courageous and are not easily deterred by anything that might come their way. This courage allows them to survive comfortably, but also to overcome other potential competitors in their habitat.

Male tigers, especially, have to be courageous in order to compete with other males for territory but also for breeding. The tiger spirit animal teaches you courage in order to go and achieve what you set out to do.

Tiger Eyes Symbolism

What do tiger eyes symbolize?

The tiger eyes symbolism represents courage, strength, and fearlessness. Tigers have this intense look in their eyes that represents their ability to achieve what they want with courage. They are not likely to be stopped by any external means.

If you look a tiger in its eyes, you’ll see that these eyes portray a strong character and have a determined look. Have you ever seen a tiger with a scared look in its eyes?

There’s also an amethyst called the tiger’s eye. It’s a special gemstone that looks just like the eye of the tiger, and it’s one of the most sought-after gemstones in all history. It was first found in China, and it played a significant role for the Chinese. Today, it carries a great deal of value due to the virtues it brings to its owner:

  • power
  • courage
  • fearlessness
  • determination

This eye is also known as the “all-seeing-all-knowing eye”. It carries the wisdom of the centuries past because it’s one of the most ancient gemstones out there. Even Egyptians used this stone and added it to the statues of their gods. It was meant to protect these gods from the Sun and the Rays.

Today, this gemstone is just as revered as it once was. It is meant to bring together Sun and Earth, teaching its owner to find the balance between positive and negative, and between right and wrong.

White Tiger Symbolism

What about the white tiger, what does it symbolize?

Well, the white color is normally connected to the virtues of rarity, and white tigers are especially rare. Even though standard tiger species are becoming rarer and rarer, it’s especially true for white tigers. They stand out from the rest of the tigers with their ice-cold appearance and blue eyes, making them symbolic of cold, too.

However, white tigers still mostly carry similar symbolic meanings to the normal tigers. They’re still symbolic of:

  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Fearlessness
  • Fierceness
  • Instinct

In Buddhism, the white tiger is one of the protective figures that are meant to protect the Dharma and mankind. It works together with the Dragon to provide safety for mankind, and it guides it to make better decisions and to survive.

Tiger Spirit Animal

The tiger spirit animal is known to be one of the strongest spirit animals in the world. Here’s what it can bring to you.

Firstly, the tiger spirit animal teaches you to listen to your instincts more and stop relying on your thinking too much. Sometimes, it’s better to make quick decisions when you are inclined to overthink, which can lead to better results. Just like tigers have strong instincts, especially predatory instincts.

If you have the tiger spirit animal, then you’re likely to be strong-willed and confident in your abilities. You’re not afraid to express your true thoughts and your thinking, and you’re always chasing the goals you find worthy.

The tiger spirit animal is also powerful if you want to discover the hidden part of yourself. Almost everyone has a hidden part of themselves, which is the part we hide from others – it’s the primal part that tells us to listen to our instincts rather than think too much.

Tiger Totem Animal

If you have the tiger totem animal, then you’re someone who’s confident in themselves and not afraid to follow your goals.

It also helps you to stay determined if things go wrong, and when you need to overcome challenges in your life.

The tiger totem animal is among the strongest and most powerful totem animals out there.

Tigers in Dreams

What does a tiger in your dreams mean?

  • If you see a tiger in your dreams, then you’re probably hiding your true emotions and somewhat ashamed of your instincts. You should trust the instincts more and not be afraid to show this hidden part of yourself at times.
  • If you’re in peace with the tiger in your dreams, it means you’re satisfied with your life and that you’re in a good position.
  • If a tiger attacks you in your dreams though, it means that you’re avoiding something important, or postponing an important decision by thinking too much about it.

Related Animal Symbolism:

If you dream about tiger skin or fur in your dream, it may represent mental mastery and self-actualization.

Final Thoughts

Tiger symbolism in dreams and spirit animals tells you to listen to your instincts more, and stay strong-willed when things are going against you. Tigers are wonderful creatures that are sadly getting more and more endangered each year. They’re kings of their habitats though, and they are a symbol of confidence because they don’t have many natural enemies that are ready to challenge them.