Red Carnation Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Red Carnation Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Red carnations are symbols of love and admiration. They can convey feelings of romance, commitment, and passion.

Because of their charm, these stunning red carnations are the most popular variety. They truly know how to turn heads. They’re often given to someone as a sign of your passionate love for them.

Similarly, people who plant red carnations in their garden are people who want to signify that they’re a passionate person.

What Does the Red Carnation Symbolize?

1. Love and Affection

Red Carnation

The red carnation is the most gorgeous and striking of all flowers. Like red roses, they can symbolize romantic love.

Carnations represent fascination since they are very appealing themselves, but red carnations are usually associated with love. The deep red of a flowering red carnation is the tone of red that’s very commonly seen as a passionate red.

The use of red carnations in the bridal bouquet is another instance in which carnations can symbolize love. They’d also make an excellent present for various occasions, such as anniversaries or wedding gifts.

You may, however, be gifted to anyone you care about as a token of friendship or familial devotion. So, if you receive a red carnation from a non-romantic partner, try not to over-think it! They might not have meant it to be a romantic proposition.

2. Fascination

Red Carnation

Red carnations are a sign of fascination and even obsession. This relates to the fact red is a passionate color.

For years, red carnations have been used in poems, songs, and paintings because of their captivating appearance. The red carnation is a way to signify that someone is a passionate and fascinating person.

If you have been given red carnations, it can mean that someone finds you to be genuinely fascinating.  They see you as a passionate, energetic, outgoing, and daring person.

Dream interpreters may tell you that dreaming about red carnations means you are fascinated by something in your life at the moment. You may be fascinated by a new love interest or simply feeling fascinated by a new hobby.

3. Distinction

Red Carnation

Red carnations are known for their ability to represent distinction. A distinctive garden is one that stands out and catches the eye. Similarly, a distinctive person will stand out in the crowd.

The redness of a flowering carnation is similar to that of a red dress. It turns heads as the woman walks in the room.

Being given red carnations may mean that someone believes to you be the belle of the ball. They think you stand out above all other ladies in their eyes.

Similarly, if you’re trying to decide which flowers to give someone, the red carnation is a good option, so long as you believe the person you’re giving the flowers to is distinctive. If you have that one loving person that is one of a kind and no one else is precisely like them, giving them red carnations would be wonderful.

4. Passion

Red Carnation

Red carnations are a symbol of passion. This links to the idea of red as the color of romantic (e.g. passionate) love.

Giving red carnations to someone reflects the giver’s passion for that person.

Flowers were utilized as a medium for communicating in Victorian times. Giving a red carnation back then was a polite and socially appropriate way to court a woman and let them know you were very eager to pursue a relationship.

If you see red carnations in your dreams, it could indicate that you are a passionate, hardworking person. This dream may appear to you at a time when you’re experiencing a spike in passion – whether that’s a hobby, business pursuit, or new love.

When to Give Red Carnations

Give red carnations to a romantic interest. Often, you give just one as a stem (much like a rose) at the beginning of a date or as a surprise to your spouse.

However, you can mix them in a bouquet with other colored carnations (especially white carnations) in order to dilute the sense that it’s romantic. In this case, they can be given to anyone as a pleasing gift that won’t have any more meanings beyond that!

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Red Carnation Spiritual Meaning

Not everyone believes in the spiritual significance of flowers. But people seeking meanings behind dreaming of certain flowers may seek out the spiritual meaning of their encounter.

Generally, in a spiritual sense, they are a good sign.

Red carnations are said to have bloomed after Christ’s death on the cross when Mary’s tears fell to the earth. This is how they came to be connected with motherly love. Hence, it is associated with immortal love (e.g. the love of a mother).

A dream of a red carnation is associated with passion, determination, and optimism. This is most likely connected to your romantic live.

However, if white carnations are combined with red carnations, it is considered a gift of gratitude rather than romance.

When Red Carnations Bloom

Carnations generally bloom in late Spring (usually May). However, this all depends on the seasonality of your area and, simply, the weather in any given year.

Make sure you regularly cut and deadhead your stems in order to ensure the blooms are colorful and last as long as possible. It’s possible that red carnations can bloom well into late spring. They will bloom at around the same time as roses and hydrangeas, so they are often found in springtime display gardens.


Red carnations are very popular and flowers due to their vibrant and appealing flowers. They are ideally given to people to symbolize your romantic love for them. If you want to give red carnations to someone but don’t want to signify romantic interest, it’s a good idea to mix them in a bouquet with white carnations, which neutralizes the romantic connotations.

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