Purple Carnation Meaning & Symbolism (Calmness & Creativity)

Purple Carnation Meaning & Symbolism

The purple carnation is often associated with success and wealth. They also convey sentiments of adoration and tradition.

Purple is half-blue, half-red, and human perception of the color is that it is midway between blue’s tranquillity and red’s intensity.

People commonly use purple carnations in decorative gardens and to create a meditative space.

When giving them to others, they’re quite a neutral flower. They don’t evoke romance like red flowers, nor do they highlight innocence like white flowers. They’re therefore a very versatile gift that can be given to friends, family, and partners.

What does the Purple Carnation Symbolize?

1. Calmness and Introspection

Purple Carnation

A garden of purple carnations has a calming and soothing effect on our minds, allowing us to enter a state of introspection and reflection.

Purple is a color that evokes unknown depths, much like the deep blue of the sea. This depth draws us into a state of deep thoughtfulness. Entering a garden of purple carnations can allow us to enter a state of insight that’s perfect for meditating.

Thus, purple carnations symbolize a peaceful and harmonious balance of consciousness.

If you desire to evoke a calm environment in your living space then stragically placed purple carnations around the place should ease and soothe your mind. These flowers make for a good gift for those who are easily plagued by anxieties as it will help them remain calm in the face of adversity.

2. Royalty

Purple Carnation

Purple has traditionally been linked with riches and monarchy due to purple dye’s rarity and high cost. Hence the purple carnation is still to this day a symbol of royalty.

Purple was worn by the governing classes and kings and queens of antiquity, and Queen Elizabeth even barred anybody outside the royal family from wearing it through what was known as the sumptuary laws.

You may come across purple carnations in royal gardens, palace grounds, or even in eloquent gardens of people trying to portray wealth and class.

3. Creativity

Purple Carnation

As a symbol of originality and creativity, the color purple encourages us to share our deepest feelings through art and self-expression.

We can embrace this effect of purple in our landscaping by integrating purple carnations into our gardens.

Through purples, we can get into a mindset where we are ready to engage in creative pursuits. The purple carnation has a surreal effect on a lot of people. Its blue tones are responsible for the spiritual awareness it evokes.

Purple carnations can in essence foster harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

If you are someone who struggles to tap into your creativity, then placing a vase of purple carnations around you might boost your creative tendencies.

They foster inventiveness by awakening our feelings while raising the quietness necessary to make spontaneous, insightful interpretations.

It’s no surprise, then, that purple carnations so often appeal to musicians, authors, poets, and painters.

4. Open-Mindedness

Purple Carnation

The purple carnation is believed to be able to help you to keep an open mind and see things from a range of different perspectives.

As with the previous points, this is because the color purple is supposed to have interesting impacts on your mind.

Purple carnations encourage acceptance and understanding. Therefore, you might see purple carnations in gardens designed to celebrate diversity and equality.

A purple flower is similarly associated with philosophers because the purple color promotes open-minded thinking.

Purple flowers can be gifted to someone who is open-minded in order to show appreciation of their tolerance and broadminded thinking. Additionally, they could be gifted in order to encourage open-mindedness in someone.

If you experience regular dreams that depict a specific individual surrounded by or holding purple carnations it could indicate that you perceive them as an openminded individual who you can openly express yourself around without fear of judgement or undeserved criticism.

5. Compassion

Purple Carnation

Purple is associated with compassion and sympathy. The purple carnation is therefore seen as a flower that you can give to people you feel compassion for.

They can be gifted to people a hardship has stricken a loved one to let them know you feel for them. The flower depicts feelings of tenderness and compels the receiver to feel that they are cared for.

For spiritual people, seeing a purple flower in a dream symbolizes that your subconscious is currently in a compassionate and empathetic state of mind.

Spiritual people also believe that coming across a purple carnation in the wild it could be a sign that you need to be a more compassionate person.


Purple is a color that invokes feelings of compassion, creativity, calmness, and introspection. The purple carnation gathers many of those symbolic meanings. It symbolizes that you are a tender-hearted person who has strong compassion for others.

Purple also symbolizes royalty, meaning that purple carnations have similarly come to be associated with prosperity and status.

Generally, giving someone purple carnations is a sign that you feel compassion for them, while buying them for your own garden or home can help create a calming, introspective space perfect for meditation.

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