Orange Carnation Flower Meaning & Symbolism

orange carnation symbolism

The orange carnation flower signifies happiness, spontaneity, flamboyance, and enthusiasm. It is often gifted as a flower of celebration. 

A bunch of orange carnations is often placed in a room to lift the energy of the space. They’re often used in parties or placed around gardens to give a sense of creativity and joy.

Orange is a color that we associate with flamboyance, warmth, spontaneity, and adventure. All of these positive emotions are evoked by this flower when it’s in bloom.

What Does the Orange Carnation Symbolize?

The orange carnation is a symbol of happiness, joy, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, determination, encouragement, and health. Just like the orange peach that sweetens the mouth, these carnations add a sweet pop of color to your flower arrangements.

1. Happiness and Joy

Orange is always called the color of happiness. It sits alongside happiness as one of the colors that most evoke joyfulness. This is perhaps because we at times associate orange with the color of the sun and light.

If you want to remind your partner of beautiful memories of happiness and fun, you could give them a bunch of orange carnations. It will subtly signify that you’re excited to have some fun and create memories of laughter.

By contrast, it may be considered insensitive to give orange carnations during a wake or at a time of mourning, unless the person has specifically requested it.

2. Warmth

Orange is a color of warmth. It sits on the spectrum of warm colors alongside red and yellow.

However, arguably, orange is the warmest of the warm colors. Red becomes too hot (and thus evokes passion), whereas orange is generally associated with simply the warmth of the sunshine.

Thus, orange carnations are generally interpreted as symbolic of warmth, energy, and vigor.

People will often place orange carnations around their house to signify that it’s a welcoming and caring space. It’s a space where people are going to feel welcome and, hopefully, happy.

For dream interpreters, it’s believed that seeing an orange carnation in your dream can mean you’re experiencing warmth emotionally in your life. It could be the fact you have a caring partner or warm and loving friends.

3. Enthusiasm

Associated with warmth is a sense of enthusiasm. Warm colors like orange are energizing and, therefore, help to spread enthusiasm.

A person may put orange carnations in their garden (or an arrangement in their house) to promote high spirits and energy.

Examples of using orange carnations to spread enthusiasm include:

  • In the workplace: As a boss, you can place this carnation around the workplace to create an inspiring and upbeat atmosphere.
  • In the classroom: As a teacher, you can place orange carnations in the classroom at the beginning of the school year to create an upbeat atmosphere.

Dreaming about orange carnations can also mean that you are very spirited and enthusiastic about something. You’re going to make some bold decisions and give 100% in the effort to achieve your desired goals.

4. Creativity

Large, beautiful, glowing orange carnations also symbolize creativity. Orange is the color of creativity.

Orange flowers are often found in gardens that are quirky and different. The flowers might be placed around a particularly creative architectural wall or water piece. This is because the orange of the flowers are placed to evoke a sense in the visitor that this is a space of creative outlets or for trying new things within the landscape.

Creative people also often love orange flowers.

Similarly, when you see a dream about orange carnations, dream interpreters often believe the flowers are reminding you to embrace your hidden creative quality. You are going to create something unique.

5. Flamboyance

Orange is not a common flower color. More common colors for flower petals include red, white, and yellow.

Placing orange flowers in your garden adds some flair to the garden. The orange stands out as a unique color that is very uncommon.

Similarly, placing orange flowers around your house adds a pop of flamboyant energy to the space. It highlights that you’re a unique person with a bright, bubbly, energetic personality.

Facts about Carnations

Carnations are used as herbal medicine to treat nervous and coronary illnesses. They’re not encouraged in western medicine, but folklore states:

  • They may contain a substance that helps relieve inflammation and calm the nervous system.
  • Carnation flower tea is also used to soothe depression and anxiety.
  • They may speed up blood circulation and smooth the throat.

When do Orange Carnations Bloom?

Orange carnations generally bloom in late spring, around May. They’re regularly used in spring gardens alongside an array of other colored carnations to create a sense of bright, joyful, springtime happiness.

Orange is also a popular color for Halloween. Thus, fake orange carnations can be a great adornment during Halloween (you won’t find them at that time of year because they bloom in spring). This bright orange bloom will add color and joy to your Halloween decorations.


Orange carnations are a sign of positivity, flamboyance, energy, and creativity. They’re commonly placed in spaces where you want to lift the energy of the room. Place them in a house when hosting a party to promote positive energy, in a garden if you want it to be a playful space, or in a classroom or workplace to encourage enthusiasm and creativity.

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