Pisces Moon Compatibility (Check with All Other Signs!)

Pisces Moon Compatibility

Pisces moon is most compatible with water moon signs, such as Scorpio moon and Cancer moon. This is the most emotional trio, but among all three of them, Pisces moon is considered the most empathetic natal placement.

People having a Pisces moon are least compatible with fire signs, in general, because these signs are usually rather egoic and too much for the sweet and sensitive Pisces moon.

Among all fire signs, Pisces moon is least compatible with Leo moon. Water and fire do not have much in common and so do Pisces and Leo. Also, Pisces is a mutable sign, whereas Leo is a fixed sign, making the first one to seem quite flaky in the eyes of the strong and stubborn Leo moon.

Note that the below are stereotypes only – people often don’t fit the perfect stereotype of their moon sign, so talk to an astrologer for a more accurate reading of your chart compatibility. Furthermore, everyone is a unique individual who could match with anyone with enough love and commitment.

Pisces Moon Compatibility Reading (With Every Moon Sign)

Note that these astrology compatibility readings aren’t perfectly accurate – even if your moon and sun signs don’t match, other elements on your chart may counterbalance this. Similarly, not everyone perfectly matches their zodiac traits, so relationships of all kinds can work out with hard work and commitment!

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  • Aries Moon:Sensitive Pisces and fierce Aries are both very loving and loose their heads easily when falling in love. However, a Pisces moon person is dreamier and more committed, while Aries could struggle with commitment. Also, Aries might seem a bit pushy for the sweet delicate Pisces moon person.
  • Taurus Moon: Both these signs treasure loyalty and attention. Empathetic Pisces appreciates the Taurus moon person’s still nature. Further, Taurus appreciates Pisces’ great passion for arts. This relationship can be very meaningful.
  • Gemini Moon: The moon sign of Pisces is mystical, sensitive, passionate, and artistic. On the other hand, The Gemini moon person is naughty and may repeatedly offend the Pisces person. Additionally, the Pisces moon person may come out as overbearing, whiny, and depressed to the Gemini moon person.This relationship shall not be particularly great.
  • Cancer Moon:This combination is one of the best choices for a Pisces moon person. Watery Cancer Moon knows how to make delicate Pisces moon feel emotionally safe around them. At the same time, the Pisces moon person knows how to take care of the Cancer moon person’s emotional needs. This duo is a great aspect for mutual emotional commitment.
  • Leo Moon:This is one of the worst combinations for a person with a moon in Pisces. The Leo Moon person needs a lot of attention which often feels draining for empathic Pisces. At the same time, the Leo person might feel that escapist Pisces ignores them or simply does not love them enough. These two signs operate on completely different frequencies and is not the best recommendation for a relationship matching.
  • Virgo Moon:Moons in Pisces are also healers, so having someone nearby to help when they’re worn out can be quite beneficial to them. As you might have suspected, Virgo moons are very suited for the job. Virgo is sacrificial, sensitive, caring, and oriented towards providing practical help when sweet Pisces moon needs it.
  • Libra Moon: Pisces often gives more, but Libra is acutely aware of how much each of them has given and received and tries for a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, Pisces is extremely sensitive, receptive, and intuitive in contrast to Libra, which is more emotionally detached and intellectual. Because they both value affection, nevertheless these two moon signs are likely to get along well.
  • Scorpio Moon: Scorpio is one of the three water signs, and this relationship goes along way. Loyal Pisces feels at home with the depth and mysterious Scorpio moon. Scorpio feels safe, emotionally secure and understood by the empathic Pisces moon. This is a relationship which promises to bring a lot of fulfilment for both people.
  • Sagittarius Moon: Pisces and Sagittarius are both optimistic and have a philosophical approach when it comes to processing their emotions. Both have the same ruler, the planet Jupiter, which makes them very hopeful in life. However, spontaneous, and chaotic Sagittarius might seem too much for sensitive Pisces and, for this reason, this relationship might not last too long.
  • Capricorn Moon: Capricorn people appreciate the sensitivity of Pisces, but sometimes they perceives it as being too much. Pisces can count on Capricorn’s reliability but needs more emotional involvement from them. This relationship can go well only if there is good receptivity from both sides.
  • Aquarius Moon: Pisces occasionally finds Aquarius to be too calm, emotionally distant, and intellectual. Although Aquarius frequently lacks empathy in interpersonal circumstances despite having strong humanitarian or idealistic tendencies, Pisces is so tender-hearted that other people will occasionally take advantage of them. This is not a great compatibility.
  • Pisces Moon: The two moon signs share their love for creativity, arts, as well as for the world of the spirit. They are both highly sensitive and empathetic and the are both very receptive, almost telepathically, towards the other’s needs. This relationship is based on mutual emotional care and, therefore, can be very fulfilling.

Pisces Moon Personality Traits

When the moon is in Pisces, people are particularly sensitive and prone to being caught up in the issues and emotions of others since they are so susceptible to them. They are imaginative beings who can appear to be immersed in their own make-believe universe.

These people also have a propensity to make decisions without all the information. They are also kind and caring, but they are also overly sympathetic, taking on the burden of others as if it were their own.As a result, the Moon in Pisces may get irritable or depressed because of other people’s issues.

They are also quite romantic, yet if their fantasies come true, they could immediately feel disappointed. They are exceptional at empathizing with others’ needs and like losing themselves in creative arts. They also have escapist tendencies which might make them prone to substance abuse.

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Most Compatible

The best compatibility of this placement is with the other two water signs, as all three share the same emotional approach when it comes to their sense of inner security.

However, Pisces moon people can tie up successful relationships with earth signs, as well. Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer are among the three zodiac signs where Pisces can meet their true love. Taurus and Pisces both appreciate long-lasting love. They both firmly believe in the value of a committed union and strive hard to maintain it. Their same ideals might be a strength since they are the same for both.

Least Compatible

Pisces moon people are least compatible with fire signs, meaning Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. These native encounter difficult relationships also with Aquarius, which is an air sign.

For sweet sensitive Pisces, fire signs can be abrasive and even heartless. Even if Pisces is drawn to Sagittarius for its search for higher wisdom, it does not take well the egotistical and dogmatic this sign embraces occasionally.

On the other hand, Aquarius is very detached and is perceived as cold for the emotional Pisces moon. Aquarius also lacks empathic relational skills and has a very rational approach to emotions, which is hard to deal with for Pisces.

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Pisces moons are most compatible with Scorpio Sun and Cancer Sun. This is the best combination for a Pisces moon, who needs the masculine vitality of a feminine and sensitive Sun water sign. There is also great compatibility with the Virgo Sun, which is pragmatic and analytical and able to help the scattered Pisces moon to centrethemselves after an emotional moment.

Pisces moons are least compatible with fire Sun signs, which are generally more egocentric than the lovely and sensitive Pisces moon.

The Pisces moon is least compatible with the Sun in Leo, which is the best expression of the ego, whereas Pisces moon lacks a healthy ego. For this reason, a Pisces moon person might seem too whiney for a Leo Sun sign.


People with the moon in the sign of Pisces are very sensitive and prone to being caught up in other people’s problems and emotions. They are compassionate and kind, but they also tend to be excessively sympathetic, bearing others’ burdens as if they were their own. Because of other people’s problems, the Moon in Pisces could become agitated or even melancholic.

They are romantic and imaginative beings that sometimes seem to be completely engrossed in their own imaginary world. The need to go along their life journey with people who have placements in water signs in order for them to feel understood, seen, and appreciated.