Moon In Aries Man (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Moon In Aries Man

While your sun sign represents your ego, the moon governs your emotions and private persona. Look to your moon sign to learn more about your true self when you let emotion guide your thoughts.

A man born under Moon in Aries is very passionate and led by the desire to live life by his own rules.

Most people may find him arrogant or describe him as proud, but the reality is that he is just a man who believes in himself and knows his worth. He is filled with immense energy that you cannot get bored around him. 

Moon in Aries Man Strengths

1. He’s Ambitious

The Moon in Aries man is known to be very ambitious, and he is a go-getter. Instead of aiming for the stars so that he lands on the moon, he aims directly for the stars and gets there.

To him, “you cannot manage this” is a foreign concept, and he will burn the midnight oil just to prove it. If he sets goals, he will be sure to achieve them regardless of the methods.

He is the type of man who believes in himself and is always fighting for his space in the universe.

If you want to be in his circle, you have to be ambitious because he believes that eagles do not mingle with chicken thus you have to be at his level or above. 

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2. He’s a Risk-Raker

While most men are afraid of trying out new things, the Moon in Aries man is always on the forefront regardless of whether he is familiar with the task at hand or not.

He has great willpower, and his mindset is all about trying out things. He is not afraid of failure because he knows failure is a stepping stone to success.

If you have a business idea and share it with a Moon in Aries man, be sure that he will overtake you if you are slow on implementation.

To him, time is of great essence, and it should not be wasted trying to think whether to take a risk or not.

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Moon in Aries Man Weaknesses

1. He’s Impatient

If you have a meeting with a moon in Aries man at 8:00 Am, ensure you do not show up at 8:05 am because they will not give you peace of mind for the five minutes lateness.

Immediately after the clock hits 8:00 Am, they will begin to bombard your phone with messages and phone calls. Before embarking on the main agenda of the day, they will complain about how you inconvenience them by showing up late.

Worse still, an Aries Man under the Moon sign may leave in the situation you run late because to them, every second counts, and they plan every minute of their life.

If you have a Moon in Aries man as a friend, make sure you respect their time to maintain a smooth relationship. 

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2. Bad Temper

The Moon in Aries man is characterized by a terrible temper because he quickly loses his cool and gets angry.

As a Moon in Aries Man, do not make a critical decision when provoked since you are not in your right state of mind because you may regret it later. When someone provokes you, try to calm down by disconnecting and going away from those who have angered you.

A walk or a long drive, going to the gym, or taking a jog may be the best thing to do to make you relax.

Sometimes you will act out of anger and later feel guilty about it, knowing that you have a bad temper is critical so that you can know when to walk away.

Regardless of having this as a weakness, you can work on it to ensure you do not harm others as well as yourself.

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Moon in Aries Man Ideal Career: Entrepreneur

Due to the nature of the Moon in Aries man to take risks, embarking on the path to entrepreneurship suits him the best.

His ambitious nature makes it easier for him to identify the gaps that exist, and his smart nature enables him to find solutions.

Given that the Moon in Aries man is a freedom-seeker, entrepreneurship provides him with the best opportunity since he is not answerable to anyone else.

As an entrepreneur, he can be in charge and conduct things in his own way which best aligns with his personality. He steers his organization in the direction he thinks is best suited to reach his desired destination. 

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Moon in Aries Man Compatibility with Other Signs

When looking for a partner, the Moon in Aries man seeks to find a partner who understands and loves him for who he is without trying to change him.

He is easily attracted to a woman who is passionate and strong-minded. He cannot resist Alpha-women.

On matters of intimacy, the Moon in Aries man is dominant and loves to explore.

He ensures there is a spark in the relationship and to him, the bedroom is not just a room but a passionate place to explore, experiment, and create fire and magic. Well, it doesn’t have to be the bedroom because, for him, magic can be made anywhere. 

In that case, you can be sure he blends well with a woman who knows when to give the sugar and the time to spice it up.

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1. Most Compatible: Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is Aries Man is most compatible with the Moon in Sagittarius women due to their similar characteristics.

The Moon in Sagittarius woman is adventurous and always looking for freedom. She derives happiness in traveling and moving around thus she is not the kind of woman to stay at home all day.

She has a fire in her heart that makes her feel the need to explore the universe.

A relationship between a Moon in Aries man and a Moon in Sagittarius woman is likely to be filled with intense romance and passion. With the two of them loving freedom, they can have fun and bond more by traveling together.

2. Least Compatible: Moon in Pisces

On the other hand, the Moon in Aries man is most incompatible with the Moon in Pisces woman.

She is very empathetic and kind, thus easily taken advantage of by others.

Constant quarrels may emerge between these two signs due to their different personalities.

For example, they may plan for a date, and the woman may get late may be due to unavoidable circumstances. Without seeking to understand the reason, the man is likely to complain or insult her (even without intending to) due to his temper.

While other people may rub it off, the natural response of the Moon in Pisces woman will be to stay calm and apologize. However, she will feel hurt but will not speak it out, which will negatively affect the relationship.

However, despite being the most incompatible, if these two signs understand each other well, their relationship may be perfect as they would use their strengths and weaknesses to complement each other. 


The Moon in Aries man is simply amazing. If you are that man, use your ambitious nature and risk-taking attitude to get what you want in the world, and you will surely get it. Take time to work on your bad temper and your impatient nature. It may not be easy, and you might feel like it’s your second nature but do not give up. One day you will conquer it and realize it was all worth the effort. Take time to understand your partner and let them be themselves around you. Recognize their efforts without letting your dominant nature shut their voices. Lastly, work on yourself because you matter!