10 Leo Pros and Cons (Read Before you Date Them!)

Represented by the lion, Leos embody the majestic aura of these kings of the jungle. This fire sign is lively, expressive, passionate, and loves being in the spotlight.

They are natural leaders yet still have a playful side, making it easy for them to form friendships and romances. Known for their stability, loyalty, and consistency, Leos are devoted lovers who are willing to give their all in a relationship. 

Being under the rule of the sun, these lions believe they are the center of the universe. As such, they enjoy being the center of attention and are practically the divas of the zodiac. They enjoy having lavish dinners, going to extravagant parties, and experiencing the best things that life has to offer.

Aside from their ambition and determination, Leos are best known for their bravery. They place great importance on reputation and respect, fueling their passion and drive.

With a naturally imposing character fitting of a leader, they always assume the position of authority in any group setting.

Leos are protective, warm, welcoming, charming, confident, bright, and generally fun to be with, but they can also be jealous, controlling, and possessive.

10 Leo Pros and Cons

Leo Pros and Cons

GenerousOverly Dramatic

Dating a Leo

While they may have a reputation as drama kings and queens, Leos may be up for it with their generosity and warmth.

Leos are very protective and proprietorial as a lover, which makes them prone to bouts of jealousy.

They are prideful and self-righteous, but they are wary of getting emotionally hurt, so they tend to keep people at bay until they feel secure in their company.

Leos may look mature and confident on the outside, but deep inside, they are big babies who crave attention and appreciation.

Under all their bravado is a sensitive soul whose ego can easily get hurt, to Leos may act all territorial when they feel threatened.

Sometimes, this may come off as needy and demanding, especially concerning people they care about.

As with anything they do, Leos also aim for the best in love and romance.

They are the type who will go for bold declarations and expressions of love if the situation calls for it, as they will not let themselves get intimidated by anything.

With their flair for theatrics, their behavior may seem overwhelming to some people, but give them a chance, and you will earn yourself a loyal, generous, loving, and passionate lover.

Leo Pros (Best Personality Traits)

Effusive and grand gestures of love are in the works when dating a Leo. If you are the type who also loves being in the spotlight, then this relationship may be what you have been looking for. Here are the five best Leo traits when dating.

1. Loyal

They may be overly dramatic sometimes, but their loyalty should never come into question because Leos are steadfast and devoted lovers who will go through thick and thin with you.

Once they have found their match, they will likely be mated for life.

At the same time, if they are not feeling it, they will not string you along and cleanly cut ties to not waste time for the both of you.

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2. Compassionate

Despite their royal bearing and outward bravado, Leos are big softies on the inside.

They are kind and love extending help to those in need.

They give of themselves wholeheartedly for someone they love and expect to be loved as deeply in return.

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3. Generous

As much as Leos love to enjoy all the best things in the world, they feel much better when they can share these with the people they love.

They are selfless and giving, wanting their loved ones to have all the comforts and joy they can provide to the best of their ability.

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4. Protective

Being the kings of the jungle, Leos are protective of their people and will defend them from anyone who has ill intentions.

They will constantly look out for your well-being, wanting to ensure your safety and happiness at all times.

On the extreme side, this can sometimes feel overwhelming, but people who know them will understand that Leos only have your best interests at heart.

5. Genuine

Leos don’t play games, considering this beneath their dignity as proud lions.

They like to keep it real and are not afraid of confrontation.

Leos will tell you exactly what they are thinking or how they are feeling, so you don’t have to second-guess yourself or the relationship.

When Leos stay by your side, it means that this is precisely where they want to be.

Leo Cons (Worst Personality Traits)

These proud and roaring lions have flaws like anyone else, though you would never hear them admit to it. However, these not-so-desirable traits can also affect their relationships and can cause hurt to themselves or their partners. Here are their five worst traits in romance.

1. Narcissistic

With their innate belief that the universe revolves around them, it is almost expected to see Leos overflowing with self-love.

They love to be the center of attention and proclaim themselves as superstars who deserve nothing but the best.

This egoistic tendency can be a turn-off, especially when their partners are always left in the shadows while they bask in the limelight.

2. Domineering

Leos are natural leaders; as such, they expect to be followed and obeyed without question.

They want things done their way and will not accept any other option unless you can make a really good case for it.

It is almost unthinkable for them to yield to others, and they will always want to have the last word in an argument.

3. Overly Dramatic

Drama is deeply rooted in their bones, and they never do things half-baked.

They like to be over-the-top, using loud and flashy gestures to express their thoughts and feelings.

People who know them well would have already gotten used to this behavior, but it can become tiring always to have to keep up with this high energy all the time.

4. Needy

Like typical divas, Leo needs a lot of attention, especially from their loved ones.

They would also openly demand it, expecting their partners to shower them with compliments and give them all their free time.

This can also border on selfishness, as they love to hear themselves talk and often overlook their partners’ need to vent or air out their troubles.

5. Possessive

These lions are extremely territorial and will never allow others to covet or take what they consider their own.

Part of this comes from an uncontrollable insecurity that makes them afraid of losing a loved one.

Thus, they are quick to react when they feel threatened and will not hesitate to show their claws to anyone who tries to get too close to their territory.


Leos are prideful, arrogant, and love being the center of attention. They are born leaders, and they assume this position without any difficulty.

But despite their overly dramatic and egotistical nature, Leos are devoted and loyal lovers who will give their all in a relationship.

Protective, loving, and generous to a fault, these lions take pleasure in making their loved ones happy. They don’t play around and will only go into a relationship with someone they like. As self-declared superstars, they tend to be narcissistic and domineering, which can be quite suffocating for their partners. Leos also tend to be needy and possessive, which they must get under control before they inadvertently push their loved ones away.