10 Cancer Pros and Cons (Read Before you Date Them!)

Highly intuitive and psychic, Cancers are very sensitive to their environment, which is why they tend to be defensive as they try to protect themselves from harm.

As one of the water signs of the Zodiac, they are known for being sensitive, introverted, creative, emotional, intuitive, nurturing, imaginative, and sometimes insecure. They are romantics but will not let themselves fall too deeply until they get to know a person well.   

Like the crabs that represent them, Cancers appear to be covered by a hard and strong shell, making them seem cold-hearted and aloof on the outside. However, they are softies at heart.

They are hyper-aware of this and see this as a weakness, so they are very wary of people who try to get close to them for fear of getting hurt or being taken advantage of. Once you can fully gain their trust, they will reveal their true nature, and you will get to know their gentle and compassionate side.

Cancer falls under the rule of the moon, which is all about comfort, self-care, and motherly energy.

As such, they are more attuned to domestic behavior and are attracted to cozy and safe spaces. They like to build a personal sanctuary as part of their self-care habits and will spend a lot of time in this special space as they withdraw into their own world.

It takes a lot to gain their trust, but once you do, you will be given exceptional care, where your joy and comfort become their utmost priority.

They are a maternal, nurturing bunch and enjoy caring for their loved ones. As natural introverts, they don’t like being in crowded places. Instead, they would prefer smaller and more intimate gatherings where they can talk about issues that matter with people whose company they enjoy.

10 Cancer Pros and Cons

Cancer Pros and Cons


Dating a Cancer

With their self-protective tendencies, Cancers won’t just date anyone casually.

Security and deep emotional connections are important to them in relationships, so they will invest time and effort in getting to know their potential partners before they risk giving their hearts away.

Despite all the fast passes that modern technology brings to the dating world, Cancers still prefer to do romance the traditional way.

They like to pursue or be pursued, considering this period to be a critical period where they decide whether the person is worthy of their delicate hearts.

Their love interests won’t find this boring, though, because Cancers are great listeners and also love sharing their knowledge with people they interact with.

Once they feel that they are ready to be in a relationship with a person, Cancers will not hesitate to give their all.

Given their nurturing character, they will pamper their loved ones and go out of their way to make their partners feel loved and cared for. Big romantic gestures are everyday occurrences in the relationship, like surprise candlelit dinners or a romantic getaway for your anniversary.

Cancer Pros (Best Personality Traits)

Cancers in love will give the best of themselves to their partners. With their sensitive and caring nature, you are in for a lot of romance and love once you enter a relationship with them. Here are their five best traits when dating.

1. Protective

Cancers are family-oriented and incredibly protective of anyone they consider part of their family.

They value their relationships and will do everything they can to make their partners feel safe and cared for whenever they are together.

They may be sensitive and emotional people, but they are no pushovers. If they love you, they will create a protective wall around you and defend you from anyone with ill intentions.

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2. Fun-loving

Fun and humor will never be absent in a Cancer relationship because these people are natural-born comedians.

They want to keep their partners happy and will look for ways to make this happen, and they will equate their success in making the relationship work when their partners always have smiles on their faces.

They will plan out different activities to try together, catering to each other’s interests so there won’t be dull moments whenever they are out exploring the world.

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3. Nurturing

You will never have to worry about being neglected when dating Cancers because nurture is their second name.

Taking care of their loved ones is not an obligation but something they enjoy doing. Your Cancer partner will cheer you up when you’re sad, celebrate with you when you’re happy, and stay beside you when you’re sick.

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4. Romantic

Cancers in love are very expressive and romantic and will not hesitate to express their feelings through words or actions.

With their sensitive natures, Cancers instinctively know your preferences and will gladly serve them on a silver platter.

5. Intuitive

You can have a heart-to-heart talk anytime in a relationship with Cancers because they are sensitive, intuitive, and deeply in tune with their emotions.

As such, you won’t have difficulty explaining your feelings because they can easily understand and relate to what you are going through.

They would even consider it an honor that you feel safe and comfortable enough to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with them.

Cancer Cons (Worst Personality Traits)

The emotional nature of Cancers can sometimes get the best of them, which can affect their relationships in a not-so-good way. Here are their five worst traits when dating.

1. Touchy

The sensitivity of Cancers makes them empathetic to other people’s emotions, but it can also make them overly touchy.

They get upset quickly, do not take criticism well, and have difficulty dealing with issues objectively.

There may be times when the problem is not in the relationship, but you get dragged in to deal with their bad moods because they bring their grievances home.

2. Manipulative

It is easy for Cancers to empathize with others, and they know this is one of their strengths.

Since they are so good at reading other people’s emotions, they use this knowledge to their advantage and find the best approach to get you to do something for them.

As such, it is not beyond them to manipulate other people’s feelings for their own benefit.

3. Fanciful

Cancers have vivid imaginations and tend to get lost in their world.

They would daydream and indulge in their fantasies, making them lose touch with reality.

This in itself is not harmful to the relationship, but if he cannot keep this in control, it may affect his perception and understanding of the world.

For example, he may see issues where there is none or make a big deal out of minor disagreements because he sees an imaginary bleak future in his head. 

4. Guarded

Throughout the relationship, you may feel that Cancers are always holding themselves back or are not trusting you with their backs.

This is because their self-protective tendencies do not disappear when they fall in love – they just let you see more of their world than others, but not the entirety.

They will always save something for themselves so that they will not fall apart if something goes wrong in the future.

5. Clingy

Neediness comes second nature to Cancers because of their profoundly emotional and self-protective nature.

Because you are important to them, they want to keep you close and never let go.

Once they let you inside their shell, they may never let you out by yourself again.

It will be hard for them to understand why you want to spend time with other people because, for them, just having you is enough.


Cancers are wonderful companions because they are caring, sensitive, nurturing, and invested in making their partners happy.

They are deeply in touch with their emotions, which makes it easy to discuss issues in the relationship as soon as they arise. However, their emotional nature can sometimes go out of control, making them clingy, needy, and manipulative.

When the relationship is doing great, Cancers will make their partners feel like the happiest people in the world. They will attend to their partner’s every need and will do everything they can to get a smile.

With their nurturing personality, they enjoy taking care of your needs and will not find it a burden to watch over you to ensure your well-being constantly. They must keep their neediness in check so their partners won’t feel suffocated in the relationship.

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