10 Aries Pros and Cons (Read Before you Date Them!)

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries has been branded as the baby of all signs, and their behavior sometimes confirms this as they can be needy and demanding.

They demand absolute loyalty and 100% attention, especially in romantic relationships; otherwise, they might get bored or uninterested in your company.

But do not be too quick to judge because they will also return your devotion in full as they have a warm, passionate, and caring nature.

Under the rule of Mars, the planet of aggression, desire, and ambition, Aries fully embodies their fiery nature. They are known for being dynamic, independent, decisive, optimistic, aggressive, and daring.

They prefer to face problems head-on instead of skirting around the issue or using roundabout ways of dealing with them.

They may be quick to flare up, and their angry outbursts can be scary, but they are also quick to admit to their mistakes and make up for them when necessary.

Despite being the alleged babies of the Zodiac, Aries are natural leaders and doers. They are active, don’t shy away from physical work, and make things happen.

They are symbolized by the ram, which aptly represents their aggressive and head-on approach to the problems they encounter in life.

10 Aries Pros and Cons

Aries Pros and Cons


Dating an Aries

With their aggressive nature, Aries often do the chasing in their romantic relationships.

However, they have no complaints because they actually enjoy the pursuit and thus have no problems dealing with the cat-and-mouse game that often happens in the early days of dating.

It may not be evident at first, but Aries are pretty good when it comes to romance. They willingly arrange their schedules to make time for their love interest and even actively plan for dates in advance.

However, the problem arises once the relationship stabilizes and they start to settle into a routine. This is because people born under this sign thrive on excitement and not knowing what lies ahead in the future.

As such, there could be times when Aries would intentionally trigger a baseless argument or create some drama in the relationship just to stir things up and rekindle the excitement from the early days of dating.

Essentially, what it all comes down to is that Aries are just looking for the spark and thrill of the chase and are often not ready for the dull life characteristic of stable and mature relationships.

Aries Pros (Best Personality Traits)

Aries can be complicated and challenging to read when it comes to romance because it’s hard to tell whether they’re really into you or are just loving the chase. However, they are great people and are worth getting to know more about. Here are five of their best traits when it comes to dating:

1. Courageous

During the dating stage, you never need to second guess whether Aries likes you because he will let you know immediately.

It’s not that they don’t get shy because they also have those moments of insecurity, though they will never show it.

However, for the sake of the excitement and thrill of the chase, they will overcome any hesitation and will be evident in their pursuit.

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2. Generous

The warm and passionate nature of Aries makes it easy for them to be open and giving to their loved ones.

Making others smile and seeing them happy is considered an accomplishment to Aries, who are also quite competitive.

Thus, they take it as their mission to look for ways to create joyful moments for the important people in their lives.

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3. Affectionate

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, it is not surprising for Aries to be quite romantic when pursuing the people they like.

They don’t hesitate to demonstrate their love through physical gestures and will not shy away from little public displays of affection.

If they put their minds to it, Aries can bowl you over with over-the-top gestures and messages, making you feel like the most desirable person in the world.

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4. Honest

Despite their aggressive nature and fiery temper, you can trust Aries to tell you the truth no matter what.

They can also be naive and innocent and easily spill their hearts out to the people they trust as long as they are asked.

Sometimes, this may lead to them saying something that is not so pleasant but rest assured that they are not doing so out of malice and are just being their honest and outspoken selves.

5. Protective

Once you enter their intimate circle, Aries will protect you like a mother hen protects its chicks.

Sometimes it won’t even matter whether you’re right or wrong in the situation; Aries will take your side and defend you from whoever is trying to harm you.

Aries Cons (Worst Personality Traits)

On the other side of the coin, some Aries traits are not exactly desirable when in a relationship. Here are the five worst traits that Aries may exhibit while dating:

1. Insecure

They may not always say it out loud, but Aries quickly get insecure.

Part of this is due to their highly aggressive and competitive nature, which makes them unable to accept if someone is doing better than them, even if it’s their own partner.

2. Anxious

Due to self-inflicted pressure, Aries would often give off an edgy and jittery vibe that can get on your nerves over time.

They have this constant desire to be the best and always be on top, often despite the lack of external influences.

Because of this, staying by their side can sometimes be challenging, especially if you prefer to be more laid-back and relaxed when in a relationship.

3. Impatient

Aries tend to be impatient because they do not usually think long-term.

They focus on the here and now and want things to happen just the way they envision them to be at the present time.

On good days, this will appear as excitement and enthusiasm, but when taken to the extreme, it can make them abandon things that are not working out the way they want them to, including their romantic relationships.

4. Emotional

As with anything they do, Aries are very upfront with their emotions as well.

They will not attempt to hide their happiness or excitement, and it’s the same way they express anger, disappointment, frustration, or rejection.

While it is nice not to have to guess what they are constantly thinking, it can also get dragging and stressful if they bombard you with complaints and negative emotions.

5. Impulsive

Given their fiery natures, Aries tend to jump headfirst into a situation without thinking too much about the consequences, especially in the long term.

They act based mostly on instinct, particularly on what feels good and right at the moment.

Unfortunately, this is also the case in romance as they may actively chase after someone only to realize later that they were not really in love and will start to feel bored in the relationship.


Aries is a bold and fiery sign, which makes a relationship with them filled with excitement and adventure.

If you are someone who likes a roller coaster ride in romance, then you will have the time of your life with Aries. However, a person who prefers stability and consistency will have difficulties handling a relationship with people born under this sign.

They are passionate, aggressive, and affectionate, and while they are into you, they can make you feel like the most important person in their world. In contrast, once the boredom sets in and the love is not strong enough to keep them in place, they can also let you go and move on to the next conquest.