10 Libra Pros and Cons (Read Before you Date Them!)

Libras are great conversationalists and find it easy to get along well with people. Ruled by the planet Venus, they are romantics who always crave love and beauty.

Because they tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, Libras always see the best in people and can easily forgive those who make mistakes. They have a strong sense of justice and a cheerful outlook on life.

This air sign is represented by a pair of scales representing their pursuit of balance, fairness, and harmony.

Aside from being the peacemakers and team players of the zodiac, they also strive to achieve equilibrium in their personal lives. As a result, Libras avoid conflict and often give way to others or repress their desires to maintain peace.

With the influence of the planet Venus, Libras become connoisseurs who enjoy fine art, beauty, and intellectual discussions.

They are also highly adaptable and intuitively understand other people’s inner thoughts, desires, and motivations.

Being a cardinal sign, Libras are also visionaries who are often filled with innovative ideas. However, they need help in seeing these projects through to the end.

10 Libra Pros and Cons

Libra Pros and Cons


Dating a Libra

These romantic Libras love being in relationships because they find balance in having companionship with their chosen partners.

Because they have an innate appreciation for beauty, the physical attraction would first draw a Libra in before the relationship gets deeper as they learn more about the other person.

As people pleasers, Libras always try to keep everyone around them happy and content. They are the charmers of the zodiac who try their best to accommodate other people’s interests and desires to avoid conflict.

Tactful, diplomatic, and friendly, they can fit in anywhere and in any situation. However, this can sometimes affect their relationships when Libras forget to prioritize the needs of their loved ones in order to please the crowd.

Libras love the idea of falling in love, and flirting comes naturally to them. This is why it may be challenging to gauge at the start whether Libras are really into you or they are just being their naturally sociable and flirty selves.

In the early stages of dating, they appreciate their partner being aggressive in organizing dates so they can sit back and enjoy good company without any pressure.

Libra Pros (Best Personality Traits)

Being in a relationship with Libras is bound to be a fun and lighthearted experience, considering the sign’s love of harmony and balance. They will go out of their way to make you happy to maintain peace in the relationship. Here are their five best traits.

1. Fair

Having a strong sense of justice, Libras would always treat their partners as equals. Libras believe there should be no dominant or passive position because both parties need to work together and exert the same effort to make the relationship last.

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2. Charming

Libras are natural charmers, which works to their advantage when dating. Arguments can be easily smoothened out, and issues resolved once they decide to turn on their charms. After all, it is hard to stay angry at someone who keeps on smiling back at you.

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3. Committed

Regardless of their usual flirty behavior, Libras are very loyal once they are in a relationship. They don’t believe in flings, hookups, or other casual relationships because they take their commitments seriously.

Their sense of justice and fairness also prevents them from cheating, which means they will stay true to you as long as the relationship remains intact.

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4. Optimistic

Libras look at life with a glass-half-full mindset. Despite the problems that they are faced with, they can see the bright side of the situation and focus on that instead of the difficulties that they have to go through.

And the more you spend time with them, the more you will realize how beautiful the world is, enabling you to appreciate the simple things that escaped your attention.    

5. Appreciative

It is easy to make a Libra happy because they are grateful for every little thing you do for them. They would also make sure to give you the time and attention you deserve, listening to you talk about your day and letting you feel appreciated and loved.

Libra Cons (Worst Personality Traits)

Like everyone else, Libras also have dark sides to their personality, and some of these can affect their behavior and choices when dating. Here are their five worst traits when in a relationship.

1. Indecisive

Because of their desire to maintain peace and harmony in their surroundings, Libras go out of their way to make other people happy.

Consequently, they find it hard to make firm decisions for fear of offending someone who thinks otherwise.

This can be frustrating and burdensome for their partners as they would be forced to take charge of many aspects of the relationship and, in effect, shoulder more responsibilities.

2. Entitled

Libras not only enjoy having the best things in life but also expect always to be given the best, sometimes without putting in the hard work needed to obtain it.

With their charming personality, they often get indulged and accommodated by others as well, which further reinforces this mindset. When they enter a relationship, they assume that they will get the same treatment until reality proves them wrong.

3. Vain

While a little bit of vanity is still acceptable, it becomes a problem when it goes out of hand.

In extreme cases, some Libras would be hungry for validation and do anything to get other people’s attention to prove their existence.

They also tend to wallow in self-pity and have a victim mentality, pushing the blame on others without realizing their own failures.

4. Impulsive

Libras have an intense fear of missing out, pushing them to say yes to practically everything, even without properly thinking of the risks and consequences.

It would be fine if their choices do not lead them to major problems, but if you are always the one left to clean up the mess, it can get tiring after a while.

5. Insecure

Often plagued with self-doubt, Libras don’t have the strongest confidence in themselves or their abilities.

This also drives their hunger for validation because hearing other people tell them they did a good job would make them feel that they are at least doing something right.

As their partner, it may fall on you to reassure them and keep reminding them that they are good enough.


Charming, fair, friendly, optimistic, and adaptable, Libras interact well with people and can make friends easily.

People who are born under this sign are known as peacemakers and team players, as they will adapt themselves to the situation to maintain peace and harmony.

Because they are ruled by the planet Venus, they are romantics at heart and have a great appreciation for beauty.

This often drives their romantic relationships as they will be attracted by physical appearances first before trying to get to know the person more deeply.

Once in a relationship, they are committed and appreciative and will treat their partners as equals.

On the other hand, their peace-loving tendencies can also make them indecisive as they don’t want to rock the boat or offend other people with their decisions. They also have deep insecurities and believe they are not good enough, making them seek constant reassurance and validation from their partners.