10 Pisces Pros and Cons (Read Before you Date Them!)

One of the most artistic and creative signs of the Zodiac, the water sign Pisces have a very vivid imagination.

While this gives them an almost dreamy and otherworldly aura, it also becomes their weakness when they cannot differentiate fantasy from reality.

Though mostly introverted, they are loyal and devoted partners who love taking on the role of caretakers in the relationship.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, which means that they can quickly adapt to their environment. They are empathetic and can be very sensitive to the feelings of people around them.

It can get to a point where they inadvertently absorb and get directly affected by other people’s emotions, which drives their need to retreat into their own world in order to recover and recharge their energy.

As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisceans can be hard to understand, not only by others but also by their own selves.

Because of their empathic ability, they become chameleons who adapt themselves to the emotional fluctuations of their environment, so it is hard to tell which one is their real personality.

Aside from this, they are always toeing the boundary between fantasy and reality, making it difficult to find their sense of identity.

With their high emotional intelligence, they continuously challenge the world and inspire others to unlock their potential.

Pisceans can influence people by just being themselves and do not need ostentatious displays to raise their reputation among their peers.

10 Pisces Pros and Cons

Pisces Pros and Cons


Dating a Pisces

Being introverts, Pisceans tend to warm up slowly to other people, especially in large groups.

But as lovers, they are very caring, romantic, and devoted. They love spending quality time with their partners while cuddling on the bed and talking about mundane events of the day.

Pisces love spontaneity and prefer to go with the flow. Being forced to do something before they feel ready can make them angry and rebellious.

This can become frustrating for others who have to wait on the sidelines, especially if they are in a relationship. Still, Pisceans operate on their own timeframe, and only they can tell when it is the right time for something.

They are generous to a fault, especially to their loved ones. It is not beyond them to sacrifice their comforts and place their partners’ needs above their own.

However, they also have a limit, and once this is reached, they can easily swim away. They have strong intuition and are prone to making impulsive decisions, which sometimes puts their relationships on the line.

Pisceans also tend to avoid confrontations and would rather silently distance themselves from their lovers than face issues head-on, which is why they gained the reputation of being the ghosters of the Zodiac. However, they rarely do this on purpose or with malice.

They get flustered easily and feel better off focusing on the good things while leaving behind all the dark and negative aspects of life that can weigh them down. 

Pisces Pros (Best Personality Traits)

Because they are emotionally intelligent, Pisceans are in their element when it comes to love and romance. Here are five of their best traits when dating.

1. Intuitive

Pisceans are the empaths of the cosmos, and they have an innate ability to sense the emotions of people around them.

They feel deeply and are highly attuned to people’s feelings in a way that nobody else can, especially concerning people they care about.

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2. Romantic

Some may call them hopeless romantics because Pisceans always go the extra mile to make their partners happy.

With their empathetic talents, they instinctively know what their partners need and what they should do to express their affection.

They have a lot of love inside them, and they can’t wait to share it with the people they care about.

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3. Compassionate

Pisceans have this inner drive to make the world a better place, and helping other people makes them happy, all the more so when it comes to their loved ones.

They will always be there for you to celebrate your achievements and support you in your down times.

Whether you need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, your Pisces partner will be whoever you want them to be at that moment in time.

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4. Expressive

When Pisceans fall in love, they do so intensely and are not afraid of wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

They will want to let you know how important you are through their words and actions.

They will also want to connect with you on a more personal level, asking you questions about your day and exerting efforts to truly understand who you are as a person.

5. Devoted

Romantic and emotional, Pisceans are one of the most devoted and loving signs of the Zodiac.

Though they may appear flirty sometimes, this is not done on purpose and is just part of their natural charm.

They are sincere and dedicated lovers who stick to their commitments because they never want to inflict pain on others.

Pisces Cons (Worst Personality Traits)

Dating someone emotional and empathetic has its own challenges, and the Pisceans are no exception. Here are their five worst traits in the field of romance.

1. Idealistic

A common criticism of Pisceans is that they tend to get lost in their fantasies and sometimes cannot distinguish them from reality.

They do the same thing in romance, where they build an image of what their relationships should be right from the onset.

After getting hung up on these expectations, they then get overly disappointed when their partner fails to live up to the standards that they have previously set.

2. Forward-looking

While this is not inherently a bad habit, it becomes a problem when this is all they ever do and causes them to miss living in the present moment.

Such is the case with Pisceans, who tend to focus too much on their visions of tomorrow while forgetting that they must first live through today.

For example, you may still be in the getting-to-know stage, but your Pisces partner is already envisioning your wedding day or family life.

This can make their partners feel pressured, especially if they are not in the same emotional state yet.

3. Unreliable

The empathetic Pisceans tend to get affected by their environment, which influences their emotional state and behavior.

As such, they may become flaky and back out of your plans at the last minute or not show up without prior notice.

In worst cases, they may suddenly freeze you out and stop all communications while they retreat into their own little world.

4. Sensitive

Pisceans are emotionally vulnerable, sometimes overly so, which can make them feel attacked and hurt for the simplest reason.

They don’t take criticism well and can easily feel betrayed when their partner fails to live up to their standards.

Because they give their all when they fall in love, they can lose themselves in the relationship, making them dependent on their partner.

5. Passive-Aggressive

Ironically, despite being good at absorbing emotions, Pisceans have difficulty expressing negative emotions because of their natural aversion to conflict.

They have escapist tendencies and would instead choose flight than fight.

Thus, it can be hard to resolve disagreements in relationships because Pisceans would often deal with problems indirectly instead of facing them head-on. They may even resort to bad habits or behavior in order to cope.  


Pisceans are dreamers and have an idealistic view of the world. This enables them to always see the good in others but also makes them susceptible to pain and trauma when people fail to live up to their expectations.

They are mysterious and almost otherworldly because they have vivid imaginations, making it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality.

They are hopeless romantics who love to shower their partners with love and affection, expressed through words and actions. However, they are also very sensitive and can easily get hurt by people, especially by those whom they hold in high regard. To keep the relationship stable, they need someone who can keep them grounded while enabling them to stay true to themselves.