January 17 Zodiac (Capricorn Compatibility & Personality)

January 17 Zodiac

People born on the 17th of January are highly motivated people. Once they have set their goal, nothing in the way can stop them from reaching it.

On top of that, they are immaculate when it comes to planning their tasks. They lay out steps one by one and follow them very closely. In other words, they’re amazing organizers.

However, they can end up hurting people who get in the way of their goal. Of course, that is unintentional, but it can be a common occurrence. What makes matters worse is that a slight change in their plan can also send them into a tailspin.

January 17 Zodiacs are most compatible with Taurus and Virgo.

Note: The below information comes from astrological and numerological interpretation. Astrologers believe a person has innate tendencies that are influenced by the alignment of the stars on their birth date. It’s worth getting a natal chart reading for the exact date (including year) of your birth to get a better reading of the ‘innate tendencies’ that astrology believes you have. Also note that astrology does not intend to be deterministic or overpower the strength of free will and life experiences in influencing your personality.

January 17 Zodiac Sign Summary

  • January 17th Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • January 17th Birthstone: Garnet
  • January 17th Zodiac Strengths: Creative, Resourceful, Responsible
  • January 17th Zodiac Weaknesses: Stubborn, Pessimistic, Suspicious
  • January 17th Zodiac Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus
  • January 17th Zodiac Best Careers: Business, Banking, Law, Insurance

January 17th Personality Traits

The natives of 17th January are stubborn to a tee. They see nothing else but what they have in mind.

Their hard-headedness is no joke. But there is a reason behind their rigid behavior. Those born today are very fearful. So, they tend to stay in the line and in their comfort zone for as long as possible.

New territories can startle them and force them to cave in. It is because of their fear that they are meticulous in their planning and take every step very carefully.

There is no denying the fact that these are incredibly smart and intelligent people who, when not confronted, can get trapped in their mental prisons.

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Your Strengths

Hard work and optimism are your most significant strengths. You have the capability to be willful and hopeful even when things seem iffy.

No matter how long it takes, you will wait patiently and stick to your course of action to reach the end of the plan. This also makes you dependable and trustworthy. Because people around you know that you are reliable and solid as a rock.

However, you have your boundaries, and when put in a tough spot, even this rock will roll away.

You have a unique quality of sticking to your plan and staying in your zone. Nothing can change your direction if you have decided otherwise. Simply put, you are set in your ways, and you prefer being in the known domain.

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Your Weaknesses

You are way too rigid in your thinking. You stick to your plans not because they are the best but because you fear change and the vulnerability that comes with it.

Moreover, you can be controlling in several ways. You like knowing what you are supposed to do next, as gray areas are your biggest ick.

Your habit of staying in the same lane can land you in hot waters. You need to learn to sit back and accept that failures happen.

On top of that, you can be excessively supervising, which turns into micromanaging. This is also why you find yourself in the middle of heated arguments more often than necessary.

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January 17th Zodiac Relationship Compatibility

Most Compatible

Earth signs, fellow Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, are the most compatible with you.

People on the 17th of January are one of the most loyal Capricorns. But do not mistake your loyalty as a part of your nature. You are loyal because you are a conservative person.

You don’t like change. Therefore, once you find your comfort with someone, it is extremely unlikely for you to experiment with others.

With similar beliefs, earth signs are mostly loyal and prefer long-term relationships. They have a very thorough approach to seeking people who fit best with their lifestyle.

As for numerology, people born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 28th, and 31st are compatible with you.

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Least Compatible

Air signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, and fire signs, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are the least compatible with you.

They seek excitement and the rush of emotions that you stay far from. Additionally, they are more free-flowing, and you are more fixed in your ways. As a result, the relationship is set to fail sooner or later.

January 17th Zodiac Career Prospects

Capricorns born on the 17th of January are the best when it comes to following the rules and sticking to the same path. But they are not the best risk-takers. This makes you a dedicated and loyal professional.A career as a professional in business, law, insurance, or planning has great potential for you to grow and test wild waters.

As long as you have a goal in sight and a sense of direction, you will do whatever it takes or however long it takes to reach your goal.

Again, this is a good thing and works in your favor most times. Your dedication, intellect, and passion can almost ensure to take you where you need to go. The problem arises when the goal does not align with your comprehensive plan.

Because you have already set the course, you tend to focus on things that, in the end, will reap nothing and will be a waste of resources.

You need to stop working in circles and find ways to break the loop. The world appreciates those who invent and push the boundaries for growth. Start to trust your intuition more, and chances are that you will break free with great success.

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January 17th Zodiac Ruling Planet

Born on the 17th of January, you belong to the third Decan or week of Capricorn. The natives of this day are thoughtful and intelligent with a hint of intuition.

Saturn is the ruler of all Caps, and the moon rules the 17th of January. This planetary influence makes you affirmative and upbeat. This is why you can stay calm and patient and can wait long enough to reach your goal.

You can also get an oppressed nature from Saturn. It is your reluctance to change that makes you a conservative person. But you need to understand that life is all about change. And the people who can’t change with time are stuck forever.

Famous People Born on your Birthday

  • Muhammad Ali – Born January 17, 1942
  • Betty White – Born January 17, 1922
  • Jim Carrey – Born January 17, 1962
  • Al Capone – Born January 17, 1899
  • Benjamin Franklin – Born January 17, 1706

Famous Events on January 17

  • January 17th, 1995 – 6,434 people lost their lives when an earthquake hits Japan
  • January 17th, 1991 –The war in Iraq started
  • January 17th, 1946 – First session of the US Security Council held
  • January 17th, 1945 – Polish and Soviet forces leave Warsaw in World War II


Overcoming challenges by questioning your biggest assumptions will be your breakthrough. It may be scary to wander through uncharted areas for you, but you need to step out of your comfort zone to see great things around the corner. Your unbridled drive to work, stability, and persistence to achieve is commendable. And they often bring out the results you seek. However, there is a greater world out there waiting for you to explore and conquer. You will only be able to fully succeed in life if you are willing to let go of your set patterns and try something new once in a while.