Black Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning (Change & Trust)

The two main symbols of black squirrels are change and trust. But a squirrel dream meaning (or when it comes and sits by you) it might also symbolize preparation, surrender, and letting go.

Firstly, a black squirrel is a symbol of change and adaptability. It is a sign to prepare and be ready for upcoming struggles or changes. We need to become adaptable and prepared for what life will bring our way.

Secondly, it also reminds us to be careful about who we trust. The black squirrel is a trusting animal. But it can come to us in a vision as a warning to us not to be too trusting like the squirrel. Instead, we are asked to let go of people who no longer serve us.

Other black squirrel dream meanings include: preparation, surrender, and letting go. We’ll explore each of these in this article.

Black Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning

What is the Meaning of a Black Squirrel? (Table Summary)

#Black Squirrel SymbolismMeaning
1.AdaptabilityWhen it’s your spirit animal, it helps you be a highly adaptable person. It will help you flourish and excel in many environments and areas.
2.You’re Too TrustingBlack squirrels are a sign that you are too trusting of people, and likely often get hurt as a result.
3.PreparationYou need to prepare for something coming in your near future.
4.Surrender and InconvenienceThe squirrel is trying to encourage you not to surrender to any obstacles in your path.
5.Letting GoA squirrel will only gather what they need in order to prepare for winter. The squirrel in this instance could be telling you to let go of things that no longer serve you.

Black Squirrel Symbolism

1. Adaptability

Squirrels are incredibly adaptive animals. They can thrive in almost any situation.

If a black squirrel is your spirit animal, it could help you to be a highly adaptable person. It will help you flourish and excel in many environments and areas.

This could apply to careers, study, art or friendships. You may find that you naturally pick things up quickly, and are not bothered by change in scenery or task.

But if you dream of a black squirrel, it often means the opposite: that you potentially are not adaptable enough. The spirit animal is coming to you to tell you to focus on becoming more adaptable.

Trust yourself and try to incorporate smaller changes into your life to assist you with any bigger changes that could arise.

You could try a new hobby, club or sports team, prompting you to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people and try something new. This way, when and if something bigger happens, you are more in control of how you are feeling and will be better equipped to handle the situation.

2. You’re Too Trusting

Seeing a black squirrel in a dream or in real life can be a sign that you are too trusting of people, and likely often get hurt as a result. It is possible that you are often taken advantage of by those who you consider a friend.

A squirrel is a mysterious looking animal, although it is one of the most trusting wild animals, often taking food from human’s hands. The squirrel could also be telling you to trust the process, trust yourself and trust the path you are taking.

If you see a black squirrel or if it comes and sits by you, take some time to consider carefully who you trust, as you may need to be more critical. Whilst it is a positive thing to be caring and attentive as a friend, ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of, and that your friendships are going both ways and not just one sided.

3. Preparation

A squirrel is always well prepared. Seeing a could be a reflection that you are an extremely organized and prepared individual.

Whether that means having your insurances paid annually and on time, or stock piling food for a future emergency, you likely love to have a plan in place.

It could also be a sign that you need to prepare and be ready for something coming in your future. It may be a new job or a big move, but the black squirrel is a symbol that organization and preparedness is important to staying on track.

4. Surrender and Inconvenience

If a black squirrel crosses your path, it is a sign to not surrender to an inconvenience.

You may experience a flat tire, or a spilt coffee but you should remain optimistic and content. The squirrel is trying to encourage you not to surrender to any obstacles in your path, and instead accept them and continue moving forward.

If you see a black squirrel cross your path, make sure you prepare yourself for an obstacle or inconvenience. If one does occur, make sure to take a deep breath and relax before surrendering to the obstacle and allowing it to turn the day into a bad one.

5. Letting Go

A squirrel will only gather what they need in order to prepare for winter. The squirrel in this instance could be telling you to let go of things that no longer serve you.

The symbolic nature that whilst a squirrel cannot physically carry more than its body will allow, likewise you cannot mentally carry more than your mind will allow. In releasing negative emotions, feelings or events that do not serve your greater happiness, you will feel lighter and more resourceful.

It will allow you to make room for what is important in your life, and like a squirrel you will only be taking what is necessary for your growth and survival.

Black Squirrel Dream Meanings – Summary

Seeing a black squirrel in your dream is highly symbolic of things to come. It can symbolize an upcoming task or project, particularly at work.

It could be a sign to get ready for a big week. Squirrels are prepared for the future and always remain ahead of schedule. If the squirrels in your dream are busy it is a good sign to get organized for the task ahead, which will in turn make life easier when it comes to completing the task at hand.

If you see a dead black squirrel, it can be a sign to save up your finances and resources.

Maybe something big is happening which will require a lot of resources or time from you. Take some time to look at your budget and save each time you get paid. Setting up an emergency fund of money is similar to a squirrels emergency stash of food. This will help get some pressure off if something was to happen.

A black alive squirrel is a sign that your life is about to reach an eclipse, meaning that it is time to plan and prepare for a deficit in your life.

If you plan well in advance the deficit likely wont last long. This symbolizes that rather than dreading and panicking over an upcoming crisis, you should plan and organize to take the stress and panic away. Remember, an eclipse will pass, just as this situation will and if you prepare yourself as best as you can, you can come out the other side better than before.

How to Interpret Symbols and Signs

Symbolism is highly subjective. A sign might mean something different for you than for me. A squirrel might be a sign to you that you need to let go, while for me it might mean to get prepared for something.

Personally, I keep an open mind and reflect on all possible meanings behind the message. I think about which one is most relevant to my life and situation right now.

That doesn’t mean picking and choosing your message. Rather, it means hearing hard truths that you may not want to hear. The universe isn’t here to tell us what we want. It tells us what we need to hear.


Squirrels have multiple possible meanings in dreams, as spirit animals, or even if they come up to you and sit next to you in the park.

Common meanings include: the need to let go, be prepared, surrender to something, be adaptable, and be more careful about trusting people.

These aren’t the only possible meanings, but are the most common examples of black squirrel symbolism.

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  1. i have alot of hatefull people around me harrassed daily for the first time a black squirrell crossed my path and the messages were spot on i am too trusting to people i think are my friends including my older children for 2 years now and i am by myself with no help everything that was stated about seeing one is totally where i’m at i totally research everytime something in nature is out of the norm there could be twenty cars in a row me as one and a squirrell will always run in front of my car daily and deer thank you jesus and this writing for the insight hope all is well have a great day

  2. I seen a black squirrel like last year sometime and I felt like it really meant something and was trying to tell me something it just popped out the blue and it kind of stood still and too off

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