Dead Squirrel Symbolism (7 Meanings) – In Backyard & Dreams

If you see a dead squirrel in your backyard, in a dream, or on a hike, you might see it as a sign.

Generally, a dead animal is a warning sign that you have not been paying attention to the living animal’s message. So, while a living squirrel symbolizes fun, energy, and preparation, the dead squirrel might be a message these things are missing in your life.

There are several dead squirrel meanings. Commonly, dead squirrels symbolize:

  • You need to Focus on Achieving Balance in your Life
  • You need to be More Resourceful
  • You need to Expend your Energy More Wisely
  • You need to Re-Focus on your Social Life
  • Your Curiosity is in Decline
  • You’re in a Loveless Relationship
  • You are Carrying a Heavy Load

It’s hard to recognize which symbol it has for your life. That all depends on the situation you’re in. So, below, I’ll explain each symbol and the common contexts behind each meaning so you can assess for yourself!

Dead Squirrel Symbolism


Dead Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning

1. You are not Achieving Balance in your Life

Living squirrels often symbolize balance. They’re both playful and hard-working creatures. They will scuttle about playing with one another. But they will also make sure they have a good comfortable home and supply of food for the winter.

So, a dead squirrel may represent the loss of that balance.

This symbolic meaning is most relevant to people who have been feeling that something is wrong in their life right now. The symbol of the dead squirrel reminds you that you need to pay attention to balance. This could be work-life balance, for example, or balance between your dedication to others and your own wellbeing.

2. You need to be More Resourceful

Squirrels are amazingly resourceful animals. They store away their goods and make excellent use of what’s in their surrounds. They do this both to gather food and supplies, and to hide from predators.

Squirrels remind us to “work with what we have” in our surrounds.

A dead squirrel may remind you that you aren’t being resourceful enough. Your lack of resourcefulness may be holding you back.

It may be asking you to think a little harder about what resources you have at your disposal. Consider resources that you could use but aren’t currently putting to use, like:

  • People in your life who you can rely on.
  • Distant friends you can call upon.
  • Your own intelligence.
  • Objects in your surrounds.

3. Expend your Energy more Wisely

Squirrels are incredibly energetic creatures. We often look at living squirrels as a symbol of energy. In fact, many people who are fidgety and highly energetic often believe the squirrel to be their spirit animal.

The energy of a squirrel is evident in the fact they’re always on the move. Their scuttles are quick bursts of energy and it’s rare to see a squirrel standing still for too long at all.

But the squirrel does expend its energy discerningly. It’s more active in the Fall when the energy is required to gather food for the coming winter.

A dead squirrel may be a reminder that you, too, need to expend your energy more wisely. You may be wasting your energy on the wrong things or simply not putting enough energy into the right activities.

4. Re-Focus on your Social Life

Squirrels are remarkably sociable animals. Anyone eating a meal on a hike in North America has probably come across a squirrel coming up to you for a conversation.

And they play together a great deal, too.

So a dead squirrel might be a sign that your social life needs some attention. It might be that you need to re-focus on your social life. You may need to re-kindle relationships with old friends, make new friends, or focus on improving the quality of your current friendships.

5. Your Curiosity is in Decline

Squirrels are also impressively curious creatures. They will often watch us from a distance to see what on earth we’re up to. They’ll also spend a lot of time digging around to see what’s in their surrounds.

A dead squirrel may be a sign that you have not been paying attention to your own curiosity. This can often occur when we fall into a rut in our lives. We stop pursuing hobbies, reading books and keeping up with news when our lives get into a busy routine.

So, this symbolic meaning is most common for people who find themselves to be incredibly busy and in a narrow routine.

6. You Need to Let Things Go

Squirrels are famous hoarders. As a result, squirrels often appear as signs to people who are hoarders. While a living squirrel might not necessarily mean that your hoarding is a problem, a dead squirrel may in fact be a sign of excessive hoarding.

The message here is that you need to let things go. Sometimes, this means the need to let go of physical objects. If you’ve been holding onto something for a long time and considering getting rid of it, this is a sign that getting rid of it may be a good idea.

But it could also mean you need to let things go psychologically. If you’re hanging onto a grudge or frustrations with someone, it may be time to release these emotions.

7. You are Carrying a Heavy Load

Related to the above point about hoarding, the message about carrying a heavy load is slightly different.

Squirrels work hard – they’re always on the go.

But (much like a dead bee), a dead squirrel may have ‘worked itself to death’.

This message might be for people who find they work too hard and, perhaps, are doing more than their fair share of work. This includes work at the office or chores around the home. The squirrel is reminding you to share the burden with others.

Life is best when you let others in and allow them to carry some of your burdens.

Guide to Interpreting Dead Squirrel Meanings

The symbolism of animals is difficult to interpret without context. You need to know your own situation to fully understand the message you are receiving.

I always say that the best interpretation is the one that seems most honest to you. Which one seems to resonate with your current life circumstances? Which one is the message you needed at this time? (And that doesn’t necessarily mean the one you wanted to hear!)

But, there is benefit to be found in looking at what some of the most common or reasonable interpretations might be. By looking at these seven interpretations, you can reflect on your own life and see if any of them appear to be the message that is coming to you.


Living squirrels symbolize balance, productivity, resourcefulness and energy. Dead squirrel symbolism (like most dead animal symbols) tends to highlight that you are lacking some of the traits that squirrels represent.

So, for example, a dead squirrel might represent lack of balance or lack of (or misdirected) energy.

To accurately interpret the symbolism of dead squirrels, make sure you reflect on which symbol seems to be most true and honest for your own personal circumstances. Interpretation is subjective, so take the time to reflect on which message seems to be the one that’s most pertinent to your life at this point in time.