11th House Virgo: 5 Ways it Impacts You

11th House Virgo

Those who were born while the 11th house was in the sign of Virgo are noted for wanting to know their position in the social hierarchy and having very clear and pragmatic goals.

To determine how a sign influences a house, you need to know what the house holds and what the sign means:

  • The 11th House holds you friendships, collaborations, and ambitions.
  • Virgo is a mutable earth sign that promotes pragmatism, practicality, and order.
  • 11th House Virgo on your natal chart may mean that you like orderly social hierarchies and have very pragmatic goals that you know are reachable. You’re not an idealist.

To understand five key personality traits that 11th house Virgo influence, see below.

11th House Virgo Summary

What does the 11th House Represent?

The 11th house represents your collaborations with others and friendships. The 11th house is all about the social: how you come together with others in friendship and associations to achieve a higher purpose.

We can therefore often look to the 11th house to find out about how we will form friendships and the sorts of social groups that we will naturally gravitate towards.

Traditionally, we also see that our ambitions live in the 11th house. What we aspire for and what we dare desire live here.

Note that sometimes, desire and ambition are also found in the 12th house. The key difference is that in the 11th house we’re working with conscious and explicit ambitions, whereas in the 12th house we’re working with hidden deep-down desires.

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What does Virgo Represent?

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. As an earth sign, it promotes pragmatism and practicality.

Like Taurus, Virgo doesn’t live in the world of hypotheticals and theories. Virgo is focused on action and work.

As a mutable sign, Virgo promotes adaptability. It nudges us toward being a chameleon and changing our minds, especially when faced with new evidence.

Combined, the mutability of Virgo and its earth element mean that Virgo can encourage you to change your mind on things if it is practical – i.e. it makes sense or can help you better yourself.

Virgo also promotes order. In workplaces, a Virgo sun likes clear hierarchies and clear job descriptions. As we’ll see in a moment, this means that a Virgo influence in your 11th house is likely to mean you gravitate to orderly and structured social hierarchies.

Virgos think about big picture issues and are concerned about what benefits society at large. In the 11th house, this will mean that a Virgo will happily collaborate with others if it’s for the greater good. More on that in a minute.

Lastly, Virgo is ruled my Mercury, so expect to have a lot of nervous energy when it comes to socialization.

5 Features of People with 11th House Virgo

1. You Like Social Groups with Clear Roles and Hierarchies

Virgo compels us to like order and structure. You might find that your friends who are Virgos (born August 23 to about September 22) are always clean, tidy, and organized.

Even if you’re not a Virgo sun, with Virgo in your 11th House, you’re probably going to have some of that Virgo influence when it comes to your social relations.

You might find yourself wishing for clear group roles in teams at work. You want to know who is in charge, what your jobs are, and what success looks like within the team.

You also may gravitate toward social organization that are orderly like the military, police force, or even the Scouts. This social structure gives you comfort.

(Note: It’s worth looking at your 10th House which holds your relationships with authorities. The sign that influences your 10th House may complicate things when it comes to how you relate to social hierarchies and possibly override Virgo’s effect in your 11th House!)

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2. You Will Benefit from Writing Down your Goals

When in your 11th house, Virgo’s love of order and pragmatism may mean that you absolutely love goal setting. I find that many 11th House Virgos are big on writing down their goals.

To do this, jot down what you want to achieve today, this week, this month, and this year. You will feel better with it all written down. Consider getting a goal setting diary, or simply writing your goals down each morning to set yourself on the right path for the day.

You’ll likely notice that the goals you write down are very pragmatic (see point 4).

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3. You Want to do Good in the World

You might notice that your Scorpio friends are cutthroat in their goal setting, always desiring something for themselves.

But your goals seem to always have a deeper purpose. They’re about doing good, not only for you, but for others. They’re good for the world. They’re good for humanity. They’re goals like “reduce my environmental footprint”. If this is you, then it’s likely Virgo’s love of the greater good influencing your ambitions in your 11th House.

Depending on the influences on your 10th house, you may also have career goals that are humanitarian-based.

4. Your Goals are Usually Very Pragmatic rather than Lofty

Virgo’s pragmatism may influence your ambitions and goal setting. You likely choose to set goals that you think are achievable in the near-term future.

Contrast this to Sagittarius in the 11th House who has lofty ideals. This is because Sagittarius idea an idealist, but your Virgo influence in the 11th House influences you into being a pragmatist.

For example, it’s unlikely for you to aspire to be the wealthiest person in the world or the best weightlifter in America. It just doesn’t make sense to you.

Instead, you probably aspire to things in your sphere of influence, like saving a certain amount of money within 3 months or working out 3 days a week. To you, these are solid and achievable goals.

5. You Surround yourself with Helpful People

The influence of Virgo on your 11th house may mean that you don’t have time for people who don’t provide value.

Virgo is pragmatic. It doesn’t have time for time wasting. In friendships, this means you’re less concerned with gossip and more concerned with being around people who provide value.

The motto “surround yourself with people who you admire” likely resonates with you. It makes sense to you that your friends will bring value to your friendships.

Similarly, you probably prefer to be a member of social groups that will help you to achieve your personal goals. You might join membership groups that will help with your career or fitness rather than social groups that don’t appear to add value beyond “going to the movies” or “playing board games”. To you, these sorts of friendship groups are trivial and lack practicality, so they bore you.


Virgo in the 11th house will point you towards building friendships that are practical and purposeful. You don’t have time for time-wasters. Sructure and order in your social interactions are important. You probably like to know exactly your position in a group and you like to know who the leader is, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be you (check your sun sign – if it’s a fire sign, your ego may mean you want to be the leader in group settings).

Note that there is a lot going on in your natal chart, so take a look at the influences on other houses, as well as your sun and moon sign positions, in order to see how the information on this page interacts with and contradicts other parts of your natal chart. Your personality is a mix of a range of influences (some being stronger than others) as well as your own personal free will.