5 Signs A Virgo Hates You!

5 Signs A Virgo Hates You

Every relationship goes through high and low roads. Where some zodiac signs can communicate directly what they don’t like about others, other signs opt for a more conservative approach by dropping hints.

Virgos are no exception to the latter. Born between August 22 to September 22, Virgos are a self-contained sign. This mutable earth sign is detailed-oriented, independent, practical, flexible, adaptable, as well as modest.

But when a Virgo hates you, they can be a completely different person. 

Virgos can be stern in their ways. Although they are a mutable sign, which means that they can easily adapt to changes, they like keeping things their way. Correcting other people, and challenging them to be their best version, is Virgo’s persona to show that they care.

Their know-it-all attitude can be irritating, specifically when they try to blow their own horn by proving others wrong. They love getting into details of everything and pointing out shortcomings.

On the contrary, when a Virgo hates, they will not be the first one to confess. Instead, they choose the passive-aggressive approaches to reflect their true feelings. 

Signs A Virgo Hates You

1. They avoid eye contact

The Virgos have an eye for detail. The Goddess is quick to separate the good and the bad and convey their opinion.

Virgo’s penetrative gaze is enough to establish that they like you because their gaze will change the moment they develop sour feelings for you. Now, they are not looking at things to make them better.

Frankly, they have no interest in helping you by any means. Let alone use their super gaze to upturn the nuances that you may have missed. 

Virgo will avoid eye contact with the person they aren’t happy to be around. You won’t be able to see their adorable puppy eyes if you are not on their friends’ list. Instead, if you are lucky, you might get a cold gaze that will give you chills down the spine.

Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. It gives them the ability to be swift, amusing, and astute. Just how a Virgo looks at you, should communicate the status of your relationship with them. 

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2. They give the cold shoulder 

Earth signs are logical thinkers and practical-minded folks. They are good communicators who can put their points across without dipping their opinions in emotions.

Yes, sometimes, their communications skills can stink like garbage because all they do is highlight the flaws and make you feel worthless. Surprisingly, that’s their way to tell you about the things you can work on.

You will know a Virgo is mad at you when they give you a cold shoulder. 

They might not be dismissive, but they will show no interest in your business. Their energy will feel distant and uncaring. They will not engage with you as often or shrug you off when you ask for help.

Virgos are a class-A act, so they will try to keep things classy and keep their opinions to themselves. They will skip all the normal things they would rather do for their loved ones and take over cold behavior to scare you without saying much. 

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3. They push your buttons

Virgos can be critical, but they are never toxic. While they say things that might hurt you, they do that to make a point you won’t forget. They know what your thresholds are, and they will never cross that boundary intentionally.

Therefore, they will not joke about something you might be sensitive to. Howbeit, when they eagerly push your buttons by doing or saying things you aren’t appreciative of, it’s an evident sign that a Virgo hates you. 

The confrontation game is not Virgo’s favorite. They will live in hell by internalizing all the negative emotions but, will also make sure that you are miserable too.

Their toxic trait can be using cut-throat and harsh words to hurt your feelings, acting distant, and doing the unnecessary poking. Instead of using effective criticism, they will say condescending and degrading things, dig into the past, and bring your morale down.

Virgos willingly push those nerves that hurt the most to show their hatred against you.

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4. They pretend they forget things

One of Virgo’s strongest traits is to remember everything. They find it soothing when they rub their superior behavior on everyone else’s face.

Moreover, Virgos are big on organizing and keeping a tight schedule. There is nothing that can go afar their vigilant brains. Therefore, if they “forget” something about you, then it is a sign that a Virgo hates you or is on the verge. 

Maybe there was a get-together, it was your birthday, or you were expecting a call from a Virgo, when asked they simply reply by saying, “Oh, sorry! I forgot”.

Uh-uh, we know that you don’t forget, Virgo!

They try silly tactics to ignore your presence as much as possible. Or a Virgo never seems to give you any attention or importance.

They avoid seeing you, talking to you, or even being in the same space. I think that alone is enough to validate that a Virgo doesn’t want to be around you. 

5. They’ll be manipulative

Virgos are never good at dumping people. However, when they hate being in a relationship with someone, they drag them through complex situations and drop them at the exit to find their way out.

Virgos aren’t the ones to initiate a break-up or confront people. It is a typical Virgo behavior to manipulate, in hopes of you getting away from them. They will make the environment so toxic and unsupportive that you will be forced to leave them alone for your own good. 

This drag and drop technique usually works in their favor. When you leave them alone, it usually means that either they were successful in manipulating you to believe that it was your idea to end things, or you beat yourself up for trying to be with a person who loves you, but you can’t seem to understand them.

So, you see, a Virgo isn’t short of mind-games. They have their ways of showing that they don’t like you and would do petty things to get away from you. 

Which Zodiac Signs Hate Virgo The Most?

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, symbolized by the celestial Virgin, the Goddess of wheat and agriculture.

They have the innate ability to help people, weed out the negatives, and introspect. This sign prefers the brains over feelings and pencils their lives with precision. This makes air signs (Libra and Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) least compatible with Virgo. 

Air signs are free-spirited social people. They find Virgos to be too stuck in their ways. Virgo’s dark humor and the ability to be quite critical, blow the air signs away.

Similarly, fire signs are too passionate and attention-seeking for modest and homebody Virgo. Fire signs can’t stand someone who is going to dim their spotlight and count their flaws. 

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along With Virgo?

Virgos are most comfortable with the fellow earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus). They know each other well enough to understand their ground nature.

Earth signs are headstrong, passionate, and career-oriented folks. They have their life all chalked out, and they like being in a small company rather than a big party.

Earth signs prioritize making their lives better, instead of living their lives as an adrenaline junkie. 

Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) can also mesh well with Virgo. The water signs provide the emotional security that a Virgo craves in a relationship.

Virgo’s life is too strict anyway, they need a sprinkle of love and care to make their life a tad more colorful. Water signs bring balance to Virgo’s lifestyle. Hence, they share a good compatibility with Virgo. 


Virgo’s are the perfectionists of the zodiac wheel. They love making everything organized and pristine. They are just too busy doing something positive that they don’t have time for anything negative in their lives.

Not only that, but they run from all sorts of conflicts, Hence when they end up hating someone, they pick up passive-aggressive techniques to scare people away.