Virgo vs Taurus Fight: Who Would Win?

Virgo vs Taurus Fight

Virgo and Taurus are two signs that share a very similar mindset and approach to life. Both signs are earth signs so they share the same rationality and patience.

They have admiration and respect for each other so in a relationship or a friendship they are unlikely to experience many difficulties.

Fights or arguments between the two can be easily resolved due to their maturity and patience with each other. Although Virgo can be quite direct and mean when angry, Taurus will bring out a more considerate side of them.

Taurus has a passive nature but they tend to hold onto their side of the argument and can be very stubborn and difficult to deal with. An argument between the two may not be aggressive but if it’s a serious one it will require some effort and patience.

Virgo vs Taurus Personalities

Virgo Personality and Fighting Style

Virgo is a mutable earth sign known for their ability to look for details, their organized and practical nature.

They are great at improving everything they touch. They are hardworking and responsible. On the negative side, they are quite pessimistic and always look for the flaws in everyone.

They are critical of other people and may find it hard to show their appreciation for others. They enjoy helping others and can be great at giving advice, but that is not always perceived well by the people around them.

In arguments Virgo can be mean with words. They are critical of others and are able to say the worst things to the other person when they are angry. As a mutable sign their actions in a fight can be unpredictable and in arguments they are likely to bring out their worst side.

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Taurus Personality and Fighting Style

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so they are very conscious, stubborn and at times passive.

They have a very calm personality as they are ruled by Venus and it takes a lot for them to get truly angry. They prefer to keep good relations with the people in their life.

They may get involved in conflicts when their dignity is hurt and when others do not respect their boundTaurus. In arguments they can be more passive but they are extremely stubborn and no one will be able to change their mind.

If someone disrespects them they are unlikely to ever forgive that person. Although they are not the type to show their anger directly, their behavior will show their disdain for the other person and they are likely to do things that will help them to get back the other person.

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Virgo vs Taurus Fight: How They Argue

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury so in arguments they tend to focus on communication.

They are quite rational but could be quite mean and defensive when they get into a fight with another sign. They pay good attention to details and are likely to use their observations against their opponent.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus so they tend to avoid conflict because they value peace and harmony in their relationships. In an argument they can be quite passive, but they are prideful and stubborn so they are unlikely to give up first.

The two signs are unlikely to get into arguments often due to their natural compatibility. They are patient with each other and use their rationality to solve disagreements.

In a serious fight however they will do their best to overpower the other. Virgo will use their words and communicative abilities while Taurus will do their best to hold onto their side of the argument.

Although fights between the two are unlikely to be intense, they could get under each other’s nerves.

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How to Handle Virgo when they’re Angry

Virgo can be very mean and direct when they are angry.

They are ready to say all of the things they dislike in the other person and point out their flaws. They find it hard to control themselves, even though their rationality tells them to.

Although they are not a passionate fighter, Virgo can be very focused on winning the argument with their words and observations.

They know how to nit-pick the other person and make them feel bad. In order to handle conflict with a Virgo one must be very communicative and patient. Virgo is willing to hear out the other person and try to understand them and stubbornness will not be a problem.

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How to Handle Taurus when they’re Angry

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so naturally they are very stubborn and changing their mind is impossible.

Taurus is ruled by Venus so in arguments they aren’t the type to get aggressive and attack the other person.

When they are hurt or want to get back at someone they will be quite passive in their approach. They are unlikely to be direct with their plan, but they will take their time and do their best to get revenge slowly and surely.

Taurus has a hard time forgiving others. They aren’t typically vengeful, but they aren’t the type to forget those who have wronged them. They hate disrespect and people who do not value their boundTaurus.

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Virgo and Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus are earth signs so they are naturally compatible with each other.

They share similar needs and priorities in love. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury so in love they want someone reliable who understands them and is considerate of them. They are drawn to people who are responsible and dutiful.

Taurus is a fixed sign ruled by Venus so they value trust, loyalty and romance in relationships. They want a partner who will be there for them at all times.

The two can have a fulfilling relationship and are unlikely to face major issues together due to the respect and trust they have for each other. They are likely to create a very stable connection that could be lasting and unbreakable.

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Virgo and Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs so a friendship between the two is likely to happen quickly.

Both will feel very good and comfortable in the company of the other and there will not be many challenges in their friendship.

The two will rely on each other from the start and Taurus may find it easy to trust Virgo. Virgo will view Taurus as a friend that will be there for them at all times.

The two can solve problems together and will support each other during difficult times. Although conflict could happen, it may be resolved fairly quickly due to their respect and patience with each other.


In a friendship or a relationship Virgo and Taurus naturally get along. The two earth signs have undeniable chemistry and conflict between the two is unlikely to occur often.

Both signs are patient and rational and they know how to handle a conflict. Virgo can be quite direct in fights but their respect and love for Taurus will make them more considerate and patient.

Taurus on the other hand will be willing to hear Virgo out and will respect their opinions even if they do not agree with them. An argument between the two is more likely to be won by Taurus due to their stubborn nature and reluctance to give up.

Although Virgo is a strong opponent due to their way with words and observant nature, Taurus will be difficult to overpower in an argument.