Cancer vs Taurus Fight: Who Would Win?

Cancer vs Taurus Fight

Cancer and Taurus are signs that are naturally drawn to each other due to their similar desire for comfort and nourishment. Cancer is a cardinal water sign so they have a sensitive nature and in arguments they can be quite impulsive.

Taurus on the other hand is a fixed earth sign so they have a passive and stubborn nature. They are conscious of their words and actions. They find it hard to forgive those who have wronged them.

A small fight between the two could be easily resolved as both will be concerned about the other’s needs and emotions. A serious argument however could get dramatic and it will be draining for both of them.

Cancer vs Taurus Personalities

Cancer Personality and Fighting Style

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes them emotional and expressive of their feelings.

They can be quite moody, so different situations and people may bring out a different side of them. They can be kind and compassionate with one person and bitter and pessimistic with another.

They are easily hurt so when someone says something they don’t like, they are likely to hide and avoid that person for a long time. They don’t seek conflict and can be quite fearful of it.

They are likely to get into an argument when someone has hurt or offended someone they love. They are protective of the people close to them.

In fights they can be quite emotional and uncontrollable. They are likely to say a lot of things, even if they later regret them. They can be primal because of their emotions which can give them a disadvantage in an argument.

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Taurus Personality and Fighting Style

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so they are very conscious, stubborn and at times passive.

They have a very calm personality as they are ruled by Venus and it takes a lot for them to get truly angry. They prefer to keep good relations with the people in their life.

They may get involved in conflicts when their dignity is hurt and when others do not respect their boundaries. In arguments they can be more passive but they are extremely stubborn and no one will be able to change their mind.

If someone disrespects them they are unlikely to ever forgive that person. Although they are not the type to show their anger directly, their behavior will show their disdain for the other person and they are likely to do things that will help them to get back the other person.

Cancer vs Taurus Fight: How They Argue

Cancer is a cardinal water signs so in arguments they are bold and direct.

They can be quite irrational due to their emotional nature and they may find it hard to control themselves. They are generally considerate of others, but in a difficult fight they will prioritize their own needs and feelings.

Taurus is a fixed earth signs so in arguments they tend to be rational and patient. Unless their pride is seriously hurt they are unlikely to hold grudges and refuse to make compromise.

They will do their best to resolve the fight especially if they love the other person and have respect for them.

A fight between the two can be easily resolved as both signs will value the other person’s feelings and needs. On the negative side, if either of them is hurt things can get quite dramatic and Cancer is likely to say things that will have a lasting impact on Taurus.

Although Taurus is more passive, they are likely to be more stubborn when they are hurt and they will find it hard to forgive Cancer.

How to Handle Cancer when they’re Angry

When Cancer is angry their emotions will be uncontrollable.

They may yell and cry, do anything in order to express their feelings. Cancer is quite irrational when they are hurt, so don’t expect them to act in a calm manner or stay patient with you. They are likely to say a lot of things they do not mean and will end up regretting.

In order to deal with an angry Cancer, you must wait for them to express all of their feelings they try to provide them with reassurance and comfort.

They are likely to seek forgiveness immediately after an argument and will do anything to fix the damage they have done. Don’t take their words too seriously and wait until they have calmed down.

How to Handle Taurus when they’re Angry

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so naturally they are very stubborn and changing their mind is impossible.

Taurus is ruled by Venus so in arguments they aren’t the type to get aggressive and attack the other person.

When they are hurt or want to get back at someone they will be quite passive in their approach. They are unlikely to be direct with their plan, but they will take their time and do their best to get revenge slowly and surely.

Taurus has a hard time forgiving others. They aren’t typically vengeful, but they aren’t the type to forget those who have wronged them. They hate disrespect and people who do not value their boundaries.

Cancer and Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility

Although Cancer and Taurus are quite different from each other, they tend to share similar needs and values in love.

Cancer seeks emotional support and nurture in relationships. They have a sensitive nature so they want a partner who provides them with constant comfort and reassurance. Taurus has a supportive nature so naturally they will be a good partner for Cancer.

Taurus values comfort and security in relationships and together with Cancer they are likely to form a very close relationship with a strong emotional bond. They can have a very isolated relationship and could live in their own little world together.

Both signs will take good care of each other. On the negative side, Taurus may find Cancer unreliable at times due to their mood swings and irrationality. Cancer may find Taurus too stubborn and passive.

Cancer and Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus can have a great friendship as both signs will be able to provide each other with the support they need.

Cancer seeks a friend who provides them with emotional support and reassurance and Taurus will be able to give that to them. They will rely on each other at all times and they will have a lot of respect for each other.

Although their friendship is unlikely to be adventurous, it can be a place of comfort for both of them. They may focus on activities like playing board games, baking, going on picnics and other things that will allow them to strengthen their bond and spend quality time together.


Cancer and Taurus are naturally compatible despite their differences. Both signs have similar needs in friendships and relationships.

The two will be able to provide each other with the support and love the other needs and will take good care of each other.

An argument between the two may get easily resolved, especially if it is not a serious one because they value and respect each other.

In a serious argument however things can get dramatic as Cancer may find it hard to hold back their emotions and may say things Taurus could find unforgivable. Taurus on the other hand could be too stubborn and compromise will be difficult to make.

An argument between the two is more likely to be won by Taurus due to their stubborn nature. They find it hard to forgive and despite being passive, they will make sure Cancer knows the damage they have done.