Leo vs Taurus Fight: Who Would Win?

Leo vs Taurus Fight

Leo and Taurus are two signs that are not naturally compatible therefore conflict in their relationship is bound to happen.

The two share a very similar approach to life as both of them are stubborn and persistent when it comes to the things they love and are passionate about.

A small fight between the two will still require a lot of energy from them. A big argument can turn into a dramatic spectacle due to Leo’s need for drama and their passionate way of expressing their frustration.

Although Taurus is very stubborn they may find it difficult to keep up with Leo’s energy. The argument between the two could be entertaining for the people around them and is likely to take a lot of time to resolve.

Leo vs Taurus Personalities

Leo Personality and Fighting Style

Leo is ruled by the Sun therefore it is the sign that attracts a lot of attention and has natural charisma.

They manage to impress everyone they meet and their warm nature is easily liked by others.

They are passionate, but aren’t that argumentative and don’t usually seek conflict. As a fixed sign they can be quite stubborn and tend to hold onto their values.

They can find it hard to make compromise with another person and put their pride aside, even if they do share similar views with that person.

In fights they can be passionate and loud – if they have a problem with someone, they are unlikely to keep it to themselves. They value themselves and don’t allow other people to disrespect them in any way.

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Taurus Personality and Fighting Style

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so they are very conscious, stubborn and at times passive.

They have a very calm personality as they are ruled by Venus and it takes a lot for them to get truly angry. They prefer to keep good relations with the people in their life.

They may get involved in conflicts when their dignity is hurt and when others do not respect their bound. Taurus. In arguments they can be more passive but they are extremely stubborn and no one will be able to change their mind.

If someone disrespects them they are unlikely to ever forgive that person. Although they are not the type to show their anger directly, their behavior will show their disdain for the other person and they are likely to do things that will help them to get back the other person.

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Leo vs Taurus Fight: How They Argue

Leo is a fixed fire sign so they have a passionate and stubborn nature.

In arguments they can forgive and forget easily unless their ego has been hurt. Then they are unlikely to want to fix their relationship with the other person. They value their pride.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so they have the same stubbornness as Leo but in fights they can be a bit more passive and conscious. They do not seek conflict unless they have been seriously offended.

A fight between the two can be draining for both of them as well as the people around them. Although a small fight may get resolved fast, a bit one will require a lot of energy and effort from both of them.

Taurus and Leo are both extremely stubborn so fixing things between them can take a long time and their relationship may not ever be the same as before.

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How to Handle Leo when they’re Angry

When Leo is angry they will be dramatic and they are likely to create a scene.

They may enjoy public fights or involve other people in their arguments. Although they are passionate, they aren’t impulsive and can control their actions.

Even if they are loud and express their emotions during a fight, they are unlikely to be unnecessarily mean and say hurtful things to the other person, unless it’s something serious.

They may create fights to get attention from the other person, so a fight with them can be easily resolved as long as the other person caters to their needs.

Although they are very stubborn, if they truly love and value the person they will make compromise for them.

How to Handle Taurus when they’re Angry

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so naturally they are very stubborn and changing their mind is impossible.

Taurus is ruled by Venus so in arguments they aren’t the type to get aggressive and attack the other person.

When they are hurt or want to get back at someone they will be quite passive in their approach. They are unlikely to be direct with their plan, but they will take their time and do their best to get revenge slowly and surely.

Taurus has a hard time forgiving others. They aren’t typically vengeful, but they aren’t the type to forget those who have wronged them. They hate disrespect and people who do not value their boundTaurus.

Leo and Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility

Leo and Taurus are fixed signs so despite their initial differences they have similar values in love and relationships.

Both signs value loyalty and commitment. They seek someone who is truly supportive of them and willing to work on the relationship no matter what.

Leo is a fire sign and is ruled by the Sun so they want a partner who will provide them with a lot of attention and reassurance. In love they are generous, but could be quite selfish at times.

Taurus on the other hand is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus. They are romantic and always seek ways to show their appreciation for their partner.

The two can be attracted to each other even though they are very different at first. They can have a very romantic relationship.

At times Taurus may find Leo too inconsiderate and selfish and Leo may find Taurus too stagnant and passive. Despite that, they will be willing to make some changes in order to the accommodate the other person into their life.

Leo and Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Taurus could form a lasting friendship.

The two share very similar priorities in life and both signs value loyalty in friendship. They can easily rely on each other during hard times.

A friendship between the two will require effort and patience as both signs are extremely stubborn. The two can have a great bond as long as they are willing to make compromises for each other.

They will bring out a new side of the other person and once their friendship is truly secure, they can form an unbreakable bond. They will be there for each other during difficult times and will provide each other with the support they have always needed.


In a friendship or a friendship between the two, Leo and Taurus will have a lot of respect and admiration for each other.

Both are fixed signs so they share similar values and priorities in life, but they express them very differently from each other which can be the cause of conflict in their relationship.

Leo can be a dramatic fighter and they enjoy making a scene. They can be very stubborn, even if they are in the wrong. Taurus shares the same stubbornness but they may find it difficult to deal with Leo’s love for drama.

A fight between the two will require a lot of energy – something Taurus may not feel ready for. An argument between the two is more likely to be won by Leo as they are more passionate about winning the fight.