Venus in Taurus Man (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Venus in Taurus Man

Magic happens when Venus moves through Taurus hence the man born at that moment is a work of art and possesses the radiance of the planet Venus.

The Venus in Taurus man is filled with energy that flows through his veins and he is always ready to spread it out to those lucky enough to cross his path.

Venus in Taurus Man Personality

It is very easy to establish a friendship and even live with the man born under the Taurus Venus once you figure out his strengths as well as weaknesses. They are as follows;

Venus in Taurus Man Strengths

1. He’s Patient

Unlike most signs, the man born under the Taurus Venus is very patient and he has the ability to remain calm while waiting.

If you make a promise to him, do not dismiss it just because you are thinking that he forgot.

The fact that he does not inquire about it does not mean he let it slide but it is just an indicator that he is giving you all the time you need. Even if you need ages to fulfil your promise, he will not nag you concerning it.

When it comes to achieving his goals, his patience enables him to be persistent thus he continues to work hard without getting demotivated even when he cannot see the fruits of his labour at that time.

If you hire him as an employee you can be certain that he will not just wake up one day and quit his job thus inconveniencing your operations.

As a Venus in Taurus man, you are a rare gem because most people lack the virtue of patience.

Your strength lies in patience because it means that you work hard believing that one day your efforts will bear fruits. Once they do, you will be present to enjoy them, unlike someone who is impatient and gives up just before they reap their benefits. 

However, you need to draw the line and learn when to stop because although waiting is a good thing, it is vanity to wait for something you know will not actualize.

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2. He’s Full of Life

Like the planet Venus, the Venus in Taurus man is full of life such that he spreads joy to those he encounters.

You can be sure that you will not be bored by being around him since he is filled with positive energy. As a matter of fact, if you are bored or in pain, he has the ability to convert your sad state and ensure you get back your smile.

As a man born under the Venus Taurus, make use of the positive energy that surrounds you.

Spread happiness but ensure it does not go overboard because just as you have the chance to spread positive energy, it is easy for you to absorb negative energy which may deplete you thus distracting you from your mission.

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Venus in Taurus Man Weaknesses

1. He’s Possessive

The Venus in Taurus Man tends to be very possessive which may bring out a narcissistic aspect to his personality.

If he gets into a relationship with a woman, he becomes very possessive and insecure in the sense that he seeks to find out where she is all the time and who is in her circle.

In worst-case scenarios, he may snoop on her just to be assured that she is loyal to him. This can be very dangerous to any relationship as the woman will begin to feel suffocated by his presence hence she may immediately ghost him.

As a Venus in Taurus Man, you need to learn to trust the people around you. Once you begin to snoop on them, they will lose the respect they have for you which will automatically mean that they will distance themselves from you.

If something is meant for you, do not suffocate it by putting it in a cage. Let it go and if it can find its way back to you, then it was meant to be yours.

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2. He’s Overly Cautious

The man born under Venus in Taurus tends to be extra cautious in all his matters. 

Although it is good to “look before you leap,” he goes overboard to the extent that he doubts everything around him. It tends to become toxic when he exhibits this behaviour to the people in his circle.

As a Venus in Taurus Man, take it easy on yourself and open up to the possibility of experiencing new things beyond your normal zone. Most of the time you avoid taking risks because you want to be cautious only to end up losing more opportunities.  

Anyway, you would never experience the beauty of the forest if you were afraid of coming across wild animals and plants.

Venus in Taurus Man Ideal Careers: Fashion and Design

With his amazing personality, the man born under Venus in Taurus has the ability to excel in different careers as long as he is determined. However, his natal placement indicates that he is most likely to venture into fashion and design

By absorbing plenty of radiance from the planet Venus, this man is very creative thus he is able to come up with unique designs when placed in the fashion industry.

He enjoys making people look good and also feel good about themselves. To him, fashion is not just a cloth making industry but a space that gives him the opportunity to make people smile and get more confident in themselves.

Venus in Taurus Man Compatibility with Other Signs

The Venus in Taurus is most compatible with the Venus in Scorpio and least compatible with Venus in Leo.

1. Venus in Scorpio (Most Compatible)

The man born under the Venus in Taurus craves for love and passion. Being a romantic being, he is attracted to a woman who falls so deep in love with him that she treats him like her king and remains loyal forever.

The woman should be beautiful both physically and internally. The beautiful woman born under Venus in Scorpio catches his attention because of her unmatched wits and beauty.

She is attractive and so charming that she draws attention to herself without seeking it. On matters of intimacy, she enjoys physical and emotional bonding which makes them very compatible.

Regardless of her personality, once the Venus in Taurus Man gets into a relationship with the Venus in Scorpio, he can trust her because she is loyal for life.

2. Venus in Leo (Least Compatible)

The woman born under Venus in Leo appears to be very proud and egoistic. She has a powerful aura that most people perceive to be intimidating.

When looking for a partner, she wants a responsible man who can take care of her and the family. She tends to be very choosy in love because she knows her worth and her self-respect does not allow her to settle for anybody.

In reality, she is a good woman who most of the time tends to be unlucky in relationships. When it comes to Venus in Taurus Man, he tends to feel that this woman is out of control.

He least catches her attention because most of the time she is in pursuit of someone she considers serious yet the Taurus Man may appear too playful to be taken seriously. However, if they are willing to put aside their differences and get to interact well, they will automatically form the best relationship.


Dear man born under Venus in Taurus, you are brilliant and outstanding.Seek to always spread the radiance flowing inside you so that you can make the world a better place.