Shooting Star Meaning & Symbolism (Change & Luck)

Shooting Star Meaning & Symbolism

Stars are the map of the universe and have been relied on to foretell the future and other things in many cultures throughout history. To see a shooting star can mean that change, luck, fertility, and love are on the way to you.

Shooting stars have been good omens throughout history and rarely mean anything bad.

People in many different cultures have relied on the stars to see the future, they have been used as compasses, and to even foretell what kind of harvest that year may bring.

Some believe that shooting stars are a connection to the gods, to purgatory, and to the rest of the universe. Others believe that they are new souls, while others believe they are the souls of the deceased reminding us that they are still here.

What does a Shooting Star Symbolize?

1. Change

Shooting Star

Seeing a shooing star can be a sign that something significant in your life is about to change.

Shooting stars are bringers of change, and not just any change, but big life altering moments. If you are facing big decisions at the moment and are not sure what to do, seeing a shooting star means that you are on the right path and whatever choices you need to make will be the right ones.

If you are facing some difficulties at work, are unsure of your relationship, or anything else that may be bothering you, this is a great time to come to a decision and make drastic choices.

The universe is giving you a sign and it is on your side.

2. Luck

Shooting Star

It is a long-standing tradition that one should wish upon a shooting star and for good reason. Wishing on a star can make your wish come true and bring you good luck in your endeavors.

In ancient times the stars were considered our connection to the gods. People believed that the gods used the stars to communicate to us which can still be true today. This is where the belief in wishing upon stars came from.

Some may believe this is nonsense, but it is the intention you put behind it. If you genuinely  believe what you are saying the universe will listen and the stars will align just for you. Next time you see a shooting star make sure to make a wish, it might come true!

3. Fertility

Shooting Star

For a woman who is trying to conceive, seeing a shooting star is a sign of fertility in many cultures around the world.

There is a long-standing tradition in many cultures across the world that if a couple who is trying to conceive find themselves standing underneath the sky when a star falls, they will bring a child into the world.

This comes from the belief that shooting stars are new souls that have been created by the universe and the gods. When these stars fall they are believed to be coming down to earth to be born as a new human life.

Some cultures also believe that these shooting stars may not be new souls at all, rather they are old souls. Meaning that they are being reincarnated and being sent to earth to start their new journey.

4. Love

Shooting Star

To see a shooting star can mean that love will enter your life, or if you are already with someone it can mean that this person is your soulmate.

Regardless of your relationship status, a shooting star has been an omen of love entering one’s life for many years. If you are single and see a shooting star it could mean that the stars are aligning for you in your love life.

If you are in a relationship and happen to spot a shooting star while you are out with your partner, this could indicate that this person is your soulmate. This is also an indication that the love you share is growing and getting stronger.

Superstitions About Shooting Stars

There are many superstitions and tales surrounding shooting stars throughout history.

Many people believe that a shooting star is a sign from someone that passed away. If you know someone who has crossed over into the other realm, then seeing a shooting star may be a sign from them telling you that you are not alone.

Throughout history, shooting stars were also believed to be a way to foretell what kind of harvest they would have that year.

There were ways in which people mapped out and looked to the stars to foretell the weather for the following months.

Sailors in ancient times also used the stars as a map and compass to get to their destinations.

Seeing a shooting star on a ship can mean that the journey would be a fortunate one and that they would come home with plenty of bounties.

There is also a belief in some cultures that shooting stars are souls that have escaped purgatory and are coming back to earth to finish something that they didn’t get to finish in the time that they were here.

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There is no doubt that stars, in general, have always fascinated people as they are a constant reminder of how big our universe actually is. They are used in astrology, fortune-telling, and so much more.

They are our constant connection to the world outside of our own and are something that we may never truly understand. One thing is for certain though and that is that shooting stars have always been considered good omens.

Rarely are they considered to bring misfortune to those who see them. There is a long-standing superstition that it is unlucky to count the stars, but seeing a shooting star is different. Catching a glimpse of a shooting star can bring fortune, love, luck, and good changes to one’s life.

If you are at a crossroads in your life at the moment, it may be wise to find a dark space away from city lights and try to catch a glimpse of a shooting star. Its luck may just fall on you!

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