Sagittarius Midheaven (5 Great Careers & Public Image)

Sagittarius Midheaven

Sagittarius Midheavens are wild at heart with a zest for life. They are passionate about exploring the world and all that it has to offer.

They will sacrifice money and success for the ability to travel and explore all the life has to offer. They value enhancing their knowledge and gaining an open mind to all cultures and people.

They come across as outgoing, positive and spontaneous, and can even be perceived as too reckless or careless.

Sagittarius Midheavens value genuine relationships with those around them and make friends easily. They are independent and want the freedom to explore the things that make them the happiest, but enjoy adventures with a companion if they do not hold them back. 

Note that your midheaven is a small factor overall. Your personality can be influenced by a range of other placements on your natal chart which may overwhelm the following points. Furthermore, astrology acknowledges the role of free will and your environment in influencing who you are over and above the innate tendencies ascribed by a natal chart.

What does the Midheaven Mean in Astrology?

The Midheaven sign is one that often is forgotten amongst the sun, moon and rising sign. However, it is important to consider when trying to understand your astrological chart. It is the highest point in your birth chart and expresses your public life and image.

Your Midheaven sign is the outward expression of who you are as a person. Rather than focussing on how those around you perceive you, it is directed towards your career and public image.

Your Midheaven is the way in which you show who you are to those in your personal and professional life and looks at what makes you individual and unique professionally.

Knowing your Midheaven can help you find a career best suited to your personality and enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Sagittarius Midheaven Meaning

As a Sagittarius Midheaven you love being alive. You want to spend your time exploring the world and meeting new people.

You have a genuine zest for life that leaves others perceiving you as constantly happy, friendly and carefree.

Working a regular 9-5 job in one city would not suit you, you need to nurture your adventurous spirit. You would happily forgo financial security and material possessions if it meant you could travel the world and do what makes you happy.

Whatever career you enter you are seen as confident, charming and positive. You think big and are open minded. You likely bring with you many different perspectives thanks to your travels and experiences.

You can consider big picture ideas on a smaller scale and connect dots that others may not consider. You are bold and bright and charming to those who meet you. You allow yourself to broaden your mind to new things and as such you retain new information with ease. You are very intelligent and often underestimated.

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3 Things Sagittarius Midheaven Means in your Natal Chart

1. You are adventurous

As a Sagittarius Midheaven you are an adventurous spirit. You enjoy travelling, trying new things and meeting new people.

You seek out a challenge and adventure and would be happiest whilst exploring new places. You take knowledge from each place you visit and are able to apply different perspective to things thanks to your open mindedness.

Connecting with different cultures and people makes you feel energised, and you enjoy learning the new things they teach you.

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2. You arean optimist

Sagittarius Midheavens find joy in simply existing. This is not to say you never have bad days or experience stress, but you appreciate the gift of life and want to live it to the fullest.

You likely find school or corporate environments boring unless it provides you with the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places.

You can see the bright side of situations and thanks to your ability to see things from different perspectives you can overcome even the toughest of obstacles.

3. You are intelligent

As a Sagittarius Midheaven you are naturally very wise. You retain information easily and enjoy learning new things.

People may assume that your disdain for formal office jobs means you are not intelligent, however your life experience makes up for that.

You are a great judge of character and make informed choices about things. You have a broad range of knowledge and enjoy contributing to philosophical discussions and debates.

5 SagittariusMidheaven Careers

1. Philosophy

As a Sagittarius Midheaven you are wise beyond your years. You have an open mind and enjoy expanding your knowledge with thought provoking questions.

A career in philosophy would engage your mind and allow you to consider deep ideas and concepts.


As a Sagittarius Midheaven your favourite things in life are travel and adventure.

Working in the tourism industry would allow you to share your passion for travel with others and provide the benefit of travelling while you work.

You would be able to explore new areas and partake in adventurous activities. No two days would look the same and you would always be meeting new people from different backgrounds.

3. Higher Education

With a Sagittarius Midheaven you are intelligent and ask tough questions.

You love to connect with people, and many may find you inspiring and engaging. A career in higher education would see you working with hundreds of students from across the world.

Finding an area that you are passionate about would leave you fulfilled and curious. You also have opportunities to travel and teach in different countries if you wanted to.


What better way to travel and explore than by flying the plane yourself. Sagittarius Midheavens are excellent pilots as they enjoy the entire travel process.

You would quickly understand the routes and destinations and would enjoy the layover times between flights. You would be able to meet many different people and explore different cultures with each shift.

You are independent and want to be able to live life the way you want to and being a pilot would give you the autonomy you need without cutting you off from people entirely.

5. Archaeologist

Archaeology could be the perfect match for a Sagittarius Midheaven.

The combination of exploration, investigation and uncertainty makes the perfect cocktail of excitement for you.

As an archaeologist you are constantly travelling to new sites and trying to uncover pieces of history. In this field you would not only learn about the world today, but also the cultures and people of thousands of years ago.


Sagittarius Midheavens are the free spirits of the zodiac. They love adventure and do not shy away from new opportunities. They value exploring and excitement above security and want to spend their days living their lives to the fullest.

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