Capricorn Midheaven Meaning (Best Careers & Public Image)

Capricorn Midheaven Meaning

Capricorn Midheavens are go getters. They do not have to worry about motivation because they are naturally driven to succeed. They value money, success and hard work.

They are also career oriented and work hard to achieve their career goals. Their successes are the culmination of their hard work and determination.

Capricorn Midheavens can struggle finding a work and life balance, and my isolate themselves unintentionally when pursuing their career goals.

Colleagues or friends may find them a bit standoffish when they are working, however they do not intend this.

Capricorn Midheavens value practicality and can get caught up in deadlines and projects, however they crave a secure and stable home life as well as a deep and honest love connection.

Note that your midheaven is a small factor overall. Your personality can be influenced by a range of other placements on your natal chart which may overwhelm the following points. Furthermore, astrology acknowledges the role of free will and your environment in influencing who you are over and above the innate tendencies ascribed by a natal chart.

What does the Midheaven Mean in Astrology?

The Midheaven sign is one that often is forgotten amongst the sun, moon and rising sign. However, it is important to consider when trying to understand your astrological chart. It is the highest point in your birth chart and expresses your public life and image.

Your Midheaven sign is the outward expression of who you are as a person. Rather than focussing on how those around you perceive you, it is directed towards your career and public image.

Your Midheaven is the way in which you show who you are to those in your personal and professional life and looks at what makes you individual and unique professionally.

Knowing your Midheaven can help you find a career best suited to your personality and enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Capricorn Midheaven Meaning

Capricorn Midheavens excel in almost any career they choose. This is because you give anything you do your all.

You do not half do things, and place great pride in your quality of work. You push yourself to do the best you can and do not stop until you are pleased with your efforts.

You enjoy structure and order and can work well alone thanks to your passion and dedication; however you enjoy collaborating with your peers to gain a wider perspective. You have a clear sense of what it is you want and know the path you need to take to get there.

You can be ruthless in your pursuit of success and have the ability to ice your loved ones out – even if it is not intentional.

You are competitive, with others and yourself however this enables you to embrace challenges and stay motivated. You push those around you to aim higher and reach the potential you know they are capable of.

You are responsible and trustworthy and work hard to consider things others may overlook. You are not often considered warm or loving – except by your closest loved ones. Moreso, people find you cold and calculated thanks to your preference for logic and reasoning.

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3 Things Capricorn Midheaven Means in your Natal Chart

1. You are not afraid to work hard

Capricorn Midheavens are arguably the hardest workers in the astrological chart. You are relentless in your pursuit of success and will do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be.

You have big goals and ambitions and the work ethic to get you there. You do things right the first time and leave no room for error. You are extremely dedicated and throw yourself all into any work you do.

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2. You arepatient

As a Capricorn Midheaven you know good things come to those who wait. You are willing to put in the hard work for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

You do not rush things and do not expect things to come quickly. You work away at things in both your personal and professional life and find great pride in knowing your success is the direct result of dedication and hard work.

3. You are reliable

Whilst some may see you as cold or unwelcoming, those who you trust know that you are reliable and dependable.

You are honest in your communications with the workplace and with your loved ones and try to be as upfront and transparent as you can.

You are trustworthy and deliver on your promises and do whatever you can to make things happen for those you care about. Relationships based on loyalty and respect are of great value to you.

5 CapricornMidheaven Careers

1. Entrepreneur

Capricorn Midheavens are patient, determined and ambitious. You are not afraid of failure and know that hard work will eventually be rewarded.

Being an entrepreneur is something that feels natural to you. You are full of ideas and enjoy creating tangible things that show your hard work.

You appreciate it may take time to find your feet and are motivated and hard working enough to stick it out.


Capricorn Midheavens will often dream of becoming a CEO. Upon entering a workplace, you will likely develop big goals and ambitions.

You know that things do not happen overnight and are willing to work hard for as long as it takes to succeed. Your determination and passion for your work would see you as a perfect CEO. 

3. Banker

Your diligence and determination would see you immensely successful in the financial field.

You are destined for success and financial gain and working in finance could see you accelerating your success beyond your imagination. You command respect but are analytical and driven in what you do.

4.Property Owner

Many Capricorn Midheavens will be relatively young when they purchase their first home.

You are realistic in doing so and do not go beyond your means. You may find a natural drive to renovate and sell the home for a profit or rent it out.

Generating a property portfolio would be an excellent way to accelerate your wealth at a young age. You are patient and intelligent and know when to take the leap, you are not afraid to fail and know that you will come out on top eventually.

5. Surgeon

You are stern and intimidating, however you remain calm under pressure and give your all to your work.

Specialising as a surgeon is a great fit for you. You will be able to excel in your area and continuously develop your skills.

You will work with others but be the one making decisions, and your determination and dedication to your career will see you being an excellent surgeon.


Capricorn Midheavens are some of the hardest workers in the zodiac. They are determined to succeed and work hard to achieve their goals. They take their career incredibly seriously and want to make a name for themselves.