Leo Midheaven: Public Image and 5 Great Careers

Leo Midheaven

Having a Leo in Midheaven means that you are the centre of attention, and all eyes are on you the second you walk into a room. As a fire sign a Leo is fierce, competitive and determined, but always in a light heated way.

Leo Midheavens are often the first to apply for a management position or speak up in a group setting. They are not afraid of rejection or of what others may think of them and are almost always considered the fun one in a group.

Note that your midheaven is a small factor overall. Your personality can be influenced by a range of other placements on your natal chart which may overwhelm the following points. Furthermore, astrology acknowledges the role of free will and your environment in influencing who you are over and above the innate tendencies ascribed by a natal chart.

What does the Midheaven Mean in Astrology?

The Midheaven sign is one that often is forgotten amongst the sun, moon and rising sign. However, it is important to consider when trying to understand your astrological chart. It is the highest point in your birth chart and expresses your public life and image.

Your Midheaven sign is the outward expression of who you are as a person. Rather than focussing on how those around you perceive you, it is directed towards your career and public image.

Your Midheaven is the way in which you show who you are to those in your personal and professional life and looks at what makes you individual and unique professionally.

Knowing your Midheaven can help you find a career best suited to your personality and enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Leo Midheaven Meaning

Having a Midheaven in Leo means you are energetic and unapologetically you. You do not stick to the status quo and are bold and true to yourself.

You can come across as flamboyant or careless at times, however you are almost always considered the life of the party. As a Leo Midheaven it is important for you to find an energising career that you can throw yourself into. You energise those around you and inspire confidence in even the shyest of people.

You want people to see how successful you are. It is important that you get a chance to explore your self-expression and have people love it. Whilst many people may think you are free-spirited and self-confident naturally, you likely are very careful with what you share to the world and think before you act.

You keep your cards close to your chest and do not share many personal things with the world. Despite your outgoing nature you value privacy and don’t enjoy sharing secrets or speaking about issues you are facing.

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3 Things Leo Midheaven Means in your Natal Chart

1. You are confident

As a Leo Midheaven you have a natural confidence that you exude wherever you go. You are fearless in being your authentic self and do not shy away from a challenge or conflict.

It is important for you to maintain your confident and energetic persona to those around you, even if you are feeling unsure. The people in your life are inspired by your confident energy and likely perk up whenever you’re around.

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2. You are charismatic

Whilst some people may think you are over the top, they will almost always consider it a fun part of your personality.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the centre point of the solar system, so it is only natural that as a Leo your charisma and charm makes you the centre of attention.

Your charm and attitude will get you far in your life and you will likely find it easy to get people to like and trust you. 

3. You are ambitious

Leo Midheavens are highly ambitious and driven to succeeding in their lives. As a Leo Midheaven once you find a career you are passionate about you will likely throw yourself in headfirst.

You are not afraid to take risks and be bold to achieve your goals and many people would likely shy away from some of your career choices. You always see the bigger picture and do not box yourself into a category.

5 LeoMidheaven Careers

1. Sales

Salespeople are required to be confident and charismatic if they wish to succeed. Many people may fear sales and find it causes great anxiety, however as a Leo Midheaven you would likely thrive.

Working in sales would open the door to many different career opportunities and has the potential for high financial gain to reward success. Your achievements would be acknowledged, and you would be able to throw yourself in to achieve higher targets.

2. Entertainer

You are naturally the centre of attention, so it only makes sense to consider a career in entertainment.

You likely have a magnetic energy about you that people feel drawn into thanks to your bold energy. You are likeable and trustworthy so would likely become very successful in any entertainment pursuit.

3. Personal Training

As a Leo Midheaven your energy rubs off onto those around you. Your bright and outgoing personality would make you a perfect personal trainer.

People come to personal trainers for encouragement and motivation, and you have plenty of that to go around. As a personal trainer you have opportunities to start your own business and accelerate your career with hard work and returning clients.

4. Politician

As a politician it is crucial that you are trusted, respected and liked by the public. Your confidence and ambition would see you become a successful public face for the greater community.

You thrive when you are given the opportunity to be a public presence and a career in politics could see you travelling and meeting with influential people from all around the world.

5. Motivational Speaker

Your energy is infectious. As a Leo Midheaven you are lucky in that your natural confidence and charisma is something that does not come easy for many people.

As a motivational speaker you would have the opportunity to be seen and applauded by auditoriums full of people. You would encourage and inspire those who come to see you and be acknowledged and praised in return.


Leo Midheaven’s are bold, unapologetic and ambitious. You are the centre stage in every aspect of your life and like to be praised and reminded of your success. It is important for you to find a career that lets you be a public presence and utilises your confidence and charisma.

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