Rowan Tree Meaning and Symbolism (Protection & Freedom)

Rowan Tree Meaning and Symbolism

Rowan trees have deep symbolism in our cultures. In Celtic culture, rowan trees are viewed as a symbol of protection.

Apart from protection, rowan trees can also symbolize freedom, courage, wisdom, and strength.

Because of their significance in many folklores and cultures, rowan trees have some unique meanings which can be interpreted by the reader.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What Does a Rowan Tree Symbolize?

1. Protection

In the Celtic tradition, a rowan tree is viewed as a symbol of protection. It is believed that it keeps the evil spirits away and protects you from danger.

Some people believe that negative spirits are always trying to harm you. Having evil spirits around can have a negative effect on your mind.

But having a rowan tree near your home and workspace is believed to help ward off evil spirits so you can keep a clear head.

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2. Courage

Rowan Tree

The rowan tree is a symbol of courage. It inspires people to be bold in every choice that they make.

Oftentimes, we face situations in life when we have to be courageous and act bravely. The hardest times when you need to maintain courage are times when things are not going your way.

Some believe that having the rowan tree nearby can be a reminder to be courageous during the toughest of times.

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3. Wisdom

The Rowan tree can also be viewed as a symbol of wisdom, perhaps because it is an ancient, majestic tree.

Wisdom comes from the lessons learned from all the good and bad things in life. So, it is important that you learn from everything in life, and only then can you be wise.

Being wise does not mean always being right. Instead, it is the ability to learn from mistakes and make better decisions next time.

Make sure to observe everything carefully and before rushing to anything, think rationally and you will make wise choices in life.

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4. Beauty

Rowan Tree

The beautiful shape of the leaves of a rowan tree is viewed as a symbol of beauty by many people.

The thing about beauty is that it always has a special appeal. No matter what type of person you are, beauty is something that attracts or gets attention from everyone.

The physical beauty of a person is something that is naturally gifted. However, it is the internal beauty that never fades away.

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5. Freedom

The rowan tree is viewed as a symbol of freedom. Its feather-like leaves resemble the feathers of an eagle and inspire you to be free.

Many people associate freedom with the ability to make their own choices. However, the concept of freedom goes way beyond that.

Being free also means accepting responsibility and that is a big step. When you take responsibility in life, you can’t assign blame to other people.

All of your actions come with consequences and you have to face them.

Make sure that you are ready for freedom before you ask for it.

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6. Blood Drops

Rowan Tree

The berries of the rowan tree look like little drops of blood. According to mythical tales, gods sent an eagle to fight with evils and wherever the eagle shed blood drops, a rowan tree sprouted.

This story suggests that every good thing comes with a price and struggle that people often do not see. But these struggles also have some handsome rewards that make the struggle worthwhile.

If you are going through a rough phase, hang in there and the end results will be good.

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7. Toughness

The wood of a rowan tree is hard and tough and that is why it can be viewed as a symbol of toughness.

Being tough does not mean that you can’t be sensitive. It is all about making the right choices in times of crisis when other people can’t make them. 

8. Magic

Rowan Tree

The rowan tree is believed to have magical properties. It is said to help in healing, although western medicine does not support this claim.

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9. Clarity of Mind

The rowan tree is said to clear your mind of negative thoughts and fill it up with positive energy.

When you have clarity in your mind, you can think more smartly and rationally and this results in better decisions. Having clarity of mind requires an honest nature to other people and being honest with your own self.

Make sure that you are being very honest with everything you do in life. 

10. Inspiration

Rowan Tree

The rowan tree also inspires us to do great things in life. It motivates you to do the right thing in tough times.

Everybody can do the right thing in good times. However, the real test comes when people have to make tough choices in times of crisis. It is the test of your character and the strength of your nature.

Making the right decision is not always easy and some people might even resent you for that. But you do not have to get affected in any way.

11. Positive Energy

Rowan trees are a symbol of positivity and harmony. They spread positive vibes around them.

Having positive energy around yourself motivates you to do the right thing. Anything you do will have positive results. Just keep the positive vibes alive and do not worry about it.


Seeing a rowan tree can have a lot of positive meanings and hidden messages in your life. It symbolizes protection, freedom, toughness, courage, and a lot of other positive things. Seeing a rowan tree inspires you to do better things in life.

If you see a rowan tree then it can be a good symbol for you. All you have to do is interpret the hidden messages carefully by keeping the current aspects of your life in mind. Once you do that, there can be a lot of positive changes in your life.